1. R

    Sequencing Numbers Not Working

    I have an Excel 365 worksheet that has a button I want to use to run a macro. When clicked, I want the VBA code to look for column A of the first empty row and generate an MPF Number in the format “MPF-yyyy-####” where yyyy is the current year and “####” starts with “0001”. Each time the button...
  2. G

    Skip blank rows and certain rows

    I have some data in one column (column B) as follows: Fruits Apple Orange Strawberry Snacks Chocolate Candy Ice cream Vegetables Spinach Beans ------------------------------------------- How would I do a numbering in column A that would exclude all blank cells and the text such as Fruits or...
  3. M

    A VBA code to Insert new row if sequential numbering not matching

    Hello I'm trying to figure out a code that could insert a new row where the sequential numbering mismatching. As you can see in the picture a row is missing for POS 2. I would like a code that could insert, in multiple places, during the sequence. For example, in some cases the sheet could be...
  4. A

    Code numbering invoice

    hi, expert i have userform connect with sheet i would show the next number in textbox3 the textbox3 connected with range in my sheet f9 i know this code range("f9").value=range("f9").value+1 but my numbering is coplicated contains letters and numbers and symbols here my numbring is...
  5. R

    Is there a way to dynamically continue numbering between tables?

    Hello I am trying to have a consistent numbering between tables since I am trying to have a consistent numbering of a general Operation ID that is present on all the tables (that number is like a transaction ID but its present on different tables because there are different types of...
  6. N

    Sequential Numbering Positive/Negative Amounts

    Hey all, I have column A containing positive and negative numbers and I am looking for a formula in column B for sequential numbering as follows col A col B 20 PS001 32 PS002 20 PS003 -20 NE001 10 PS004 20 PS005 -10 NE002 10...
  7. H

    Numbering Order

    Hi, I'm having difficulty getting a numbering scheme working correctly. I have a list of descriptions that I want to assign a number. If a certain description is used one time the number that gets assigned needs to be the same number that is used if that description shows up again later down the...
  8. Z

    Sort Dynamic Table with Condition

    Hi, I have the below table, what I need is to sort the numbering by ascending order, it's easy if I have a fixed table, but the challenge is this table is dynamic, it changes whenever I change the EE ID. Can you help me with the formula that solve this issue? <tbody> EE ID AAAA...
  9. M

    Custom Page Numbering in Excel

    Hi, I need to start page numbering from say 41 and so on, which need to be displayed at the bottom of each sheet i.e at the footer. please guide me how to do this. Regards
  10. O

    Automatic numbering in the unsequence's row for grouping

    Can any one please help to make a excel's formula for the automatic numbering instead of manual as below sample <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> description automatic numbering w1 1 w1 1 w2 1 w3 1 w1 2 w3 1 w2 1 w3 2 w3 2 w3 3...
  11. dannyok90

    Deciphering Formula!

    Hi All, please see the formula below. I obtained this formula some time ago and always use it to number cells. Id like to decipher it so instead of being 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 2.1 etc. When I set the top level number as 000 it numbers 001, 002 or when the top level is 100 its 101, 102 etc Any...
  12. B

    Using Dmax For Numbering

    Hello, I have a subform that I want to enter a number each time I enter a new record. I have it working i.e. say on 4098544.02 it will number 01, 02, 02, etc. However if I change to a different record say 30499000-01 then I want it to restart the numbering sequence again from number 01. This...
  13. A

    Sequential Numbering

    Hey guys. I am trying to write some code to do three things... 1. add a new row at the end of bottom of the sheet 2. copy all formulae with it 3. in column A, add Sequential Numbering I have sussed out the first two but the last one is killing me! to make it a tad more difficult for myself...
  14. J

    excel sheet numbering

    Have entered a pagenumber in the header for all sheets in my workbook: &[page]&[pages] For the time being the numbering continues though all sheets. However would like to restart numbering from 1 on each sheet.
  15. L

    Number Data in Excel Table

    I have names in a table listed multiple times and I want to create a formula that numbers each one and starts over numbering when the name changes. name1 1 name1 2 name1 3 name1 4 name1 5 name2 1 name2 2 name2 3 name2 4 name3 1 name3 2
  16. muhammad susanto

    sequential numbering 1,1,2,2,3,3

    hi all... how to sequential numbering like this : 1 1 2 2 3 3 etc.. any help...thanks so much m.susanto
  17. gheyman

    Count the number of Times a character is in a cell

    I have a column that has Numbering - WBS Numbering to be exact 1.00 1.00.01 1.01 1.01.01 I need a formula that I can run down the next column to count how many "." are in each 1.00 1 1.00.01 2 3 3 1.01...
  18. W

    Formula to numbering with terms

    I am asking for help in creating a formula that will give the results in the yellow box in cells D2 to O12 in the attached table. Description of the formula: 1. In column "A" "TYPE NUMBER" there are 3 different digits (target n-digits) and, for example: for "TYPE NUMBER" with the value "1" (in...
  19. W

    Excel automatic numbering

    Afternoon In Excel when I filter my columns I cannot drag down numbers to automatically do the numbering. It changes the numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.... to 1 1 1 1 1..... Is there another way to do this? Example: In my document I have 500 rows with different columns. I filter the one column to...
  20. M

    restart numbering based on formula

    I have set up a sheet with automatic numbering based on formula based on “flag” field. Flag “h” is for headings Flag “”m” and “s” are for Sl. No. field If flag is “m”, then the Sl. No corresponding to that item is incremented by 1 If flag is “s”, then the Sl. No is corresponding to that item...

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