1. H

    Macro for Auto Summing Values Identified by a Job #

    Not sure if this would be in VBA or not but here is the situation. On a worksheet I have titled "Job Numbers" I have in column c different job numbers going down by row. In column A I have bid hours for the job filled out. In column B I have used hours for the job that will need to be filled in...
  2. S

    Sort number data within a cell

    Sorting Data (Numbers) Within a Single Cell I'm using a spreadsheet to input a series of digits into a particular cell. I want to be able to use formula 。 For example, I input the numbers: 21, 10, 37, 2, 5, 44 into cell A1; the numbers will be separted by a space not a comma (,). After formula...
  3. D

    Code Particular Strings As Numbers, Then Sum Numbers

    Hello, I'm trying to assign numerical values to a set of particular strings; and then add the numbers. It would work something like this -- Category A = 0 Category B = 1 Category C = 2 Category D = 3 -- with "Category A", "Category B" &c. in a dropdown list. Then, a cell with this formula...
  4. M

    Extract selected number and move them into another locations

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> I got lottery results in the cells D6:J1000, and in the cells C6:C1000 I have numbers from 1 to 50.</SPAN></SPAN> In the area D1:J3 where I want to put the number, which I want to extract, could be any between 1 to 50 and copy past that all rows in the columns M:T the...
  5. M

    Combining data from 100 tabs into one

    is it possible to combine data from 100 tabs into one - these are all receipts from 100 customers, so each has a date invoice number payment numbers, amount on each tab i want to get all the data into one tab so i make analysis?
  6. D

    how does mod work with negative numbers?

    eg mod(4,-13) gives -9 does that work?
  7. S

    Find & replace duplicate digits with in a cell

    I would like to find specific digits in a cell and replace it with a symbol or some text like "duplicate", not the whole cell only the duplicate characters in the cell. I have one column with more then 2500 rows which contains contact numbers. Every cell contains more then one number. then i...
  8. K

    Fill colours as per numbers of characters

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> Columns L:N, I got numbers fills for the character 1, X & 2, my query is to fill colours in the columns C:I as per numbers of character, for example... </SPAN></SPAN> M6="X"=1 fill C6=1"X" with green fill and white font.</SPAN></SPAN> M7="X"=2...
  9. J

    Extract Data from Another workbook , Match data and Paste

    Hello Guys , I am Beginner in Excel VBA . I have 2 Workbooks with Bus Numbers and Locations . Workbook 1 Contains Bus Locations in A ,C,E,G and Bus Numbers in Column B, D,F,H. Workbook 2 Contains some Random Bus Numbers In Column A and Missing Bus Locations in Column I . Workbook 1 gets...
  10. E

    Finding number between range of numbers?

    Hello i'm trying to locate a number between a range of numbers this way: range of number for example 538000 - 538499. trying to locate the number 538125 that is the range of the numbers 538000 - 538499 and mark the cells with color. in addition to make things easier for me i names the cells and...
  11. K

    Calculating based on variables

    I have a column of numbers showing gallons of paint, (column 1) they are 6 (white paint), 8 (blue paint), 9 (green paint), 11 (purple paint) this is what is needed to mix and obtain a certain cover. The paint supplier gives me varying quantities of each of those colors. It is not the same...
  12. M

    Macro to search for a number and change it "red"

    I have a string of numbers in a cell and I need a macro to search for the number 530BA and turn it red. numbers look like the following: 422EDA 651GCB, 525TAA, 530ZBA, 411ZXP, 662MGA, 422EDA, 530ZBA, 411ZXF, 420LDA, 525KEA. There could be 20+ number in a cell. Is there simple macro I can...
  13. R

    How to make importing matching serial numbers Highlight a line?

    Looking for some help? I have a spread sheet with approximately 500 line entries that include (Make, Model, Serial Number, etc..) I want to take my monthly list of serial numbers from another source and apply them to the current spreadsheet so that the line items would...
  14. P

    Move Numbers in adjacent cells

    Hi all, Kindly advice me for a VBA code so that to move the duplicate numbers from credit side which is col. "J" to col "I". Note that the code should move the second number. I present below an extract of original data and expected result. Thank you all in advance Original data <colgroup><col...
  15. L

    how to count matched pairs and matched triples on each line of 10 data units, (numbers and letters)

    I have a spreadsheet of 116 lines of 10 units of data in each line. I m keeping track of a pick-5 lottery, so I write 5 numbers of reference plus another 5 numbers of another reference, totalling 10 units per line. I d like to process it into a statistic table. To avoid confusing two same...
  16. M

    formula to have a sequence of numbers

    So what I am trying achieve is a list of numbers starting from 001/20, 002/20 and so on
  17. L

    Count matched pairs and triples of the spreadsheet

    I have a spreadsheet with 115 lines of 10 units of data on each line. 5 different numbers and 5 different letters on each line. I m trying to find out how I write a macro to show me the matched pairs and matched triples on this spreadsheet. My other question is how do I count all the numbers of...
  18. J

    VBA: Extracting multiple strings from cells onto multiple columns.

    Greetings, Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm not sure if this is possible in VBA (I searched but didn't find anything close to my situation), but I have a spreadsheet containing invoice information in column A. In each cell, there are PKS numbers, which I'm trying...
  19. U

    Format the 3 numbers in a column closest to ZERO

    Ok so here is what I'm trying to do. Here are my numbers .. I want to highlight the three lowse numbers closest to zero. Which would be numbers 0.1 , -.08 and 0.9 ... I have tried several formulas but nothing has worked. Any suggestions or the right conditional format formula would be...
  20. U

    Conditional Format If this happens!

    Let's say I have 3 columns with 3 numbers in them. Example ... Columns R-S-T ... In these cells are the following numbers. 9-12-19 Now what I want to do is highlight the whole row of all 3 numbers IF: the very first number (9) is lower than both of the other two. (12-19) I can get it...

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