1. HappyChappy

    Impossible or Not

    Hi I have a problem which I don't think is possible in excel but thought I'd throw it out there as this site has some amazing members who have wowed me in the past. I have two sheets one has data which i want pulled onto the 2nd sheet but in a very particular way. the cell has two numbers in it...
  2. B

    formula for this lookup

    Hi, I have 2 columns with part numbers; Column A is a Master list of part numbers. Column B contains only the part numbers i need to work with. But Column A is in a workbook with links and formulas which i cant simply replace with Column B. So I need a way to identify the items in Column A...
  3. D

    Filter on row numbers not cell contents

    Hi, Is there any way to filter on a large amount of row numbers not the contents on the cells? Thanks
  4. S

    Keeping the "0" as the start of a string of numbers

    Normally I use the "'" apostrophe to keep the "0" at the start of a string of numbers, but I am impurting the sheet into an excel tool which is dropping the ' and the subsequent "0". Is there another way to keep the "0" in the string. Thank you, Jerry
  5. M

    Add #, ignore text, in specific cells (not columns) plus percentages

    I have 11 cells to add that contain text and numbers. I only want to add the numbers, and if possible insert the sum into a cell that also contains text. My other problem is creating a percentage using those 11 cells divided by 11 corresponding cells with only numbers to get the percentage in...
  6. S

    average last 5 values

    Hello, I want excel to find me the last 5 values so then I can do Average, Min, Max... I found this formula =AVERAGE(OFFSET(C3,COUNT(C:C),0,-5)) from site </pre> but the problem is my column is full of numbers and I want it to ignore the...
  7. C

    Searching a table with three filters giving an adjacent value back.

    Hello, I have a workbook with multiple sheets. On one sheet, I want to create a search box. This will have three cells to enter the numbers to match to (done via a drop down list). I need the result to look at a table on a different sheet, match the three numbers and return four different...
  8. L

    making a chart of the count of matched pairs and triples

    I have a spreadsheet with 214 rows til now, with 10 units of data on each row, 5 numbers and 5 letters. The numbers go from 01 to 1237 and 80 letters from A to CB. I need to make a table with the number of occurences of matched pairs and triples. I would like to know the number of times that 2...
  9. G

    INDIRECT function doesnt work

    Hi, I have a column B which contains numbers. These numbers correspond to worksheets in the workbook. I need to create a macro so that when activated will open the relevent worksheet in column B. I have hundreds and would take a long time to set a hyperlink to each one when the worksheet is...
  10. J

    Upgraded to 2016: Graphs are no longer animated running VBA

    Hello, I did some searching but could not find anything that seemed to work for me so I apologize if this has been asked before: Our office recently did a batch of Windows upgrades and I'm now on Excel 2016. I have numerous macros that will perform iterations and update numbers on the screen...
  11. C

    Re: Number Selection - Extension

    Re: Number Selection - Extension Hi All, Extending from another thread posted Re: Number SelectionOct 24th, 2019 I am looking to analyze multiple alternate groupsizes combinations upon a Number Table and performing a similar type of ROW andCOLUMN analysis undertaken in that thread. Please see...
  12. B

    Acquire 1st Two Non-Blank & Non-Zero Numbers in Row

    Is there a simple Excel function that will permit me to acquire the first 2 non-blank, non-zero numbers in a row? In the picture below, I'd like 24 to appear in 1st Score and 6 to appear in 2nd Score. As always, thanks in advance for your help! [/URL][/IMG]
  13. T

    Random numbers between two values with condition

    Hi all I'm stuck with a mental block here: I want to generate 20 individual random numbers between two values (-3.28 and 14.50) but with a condition that the average of the 20 numbers should equal a set value, in this case 5.61 Can someone help please?
  14. kelly mort

    Ranking Code Amendment With System Reserved Numbers -vba

    I want to set some numbers as system numbers to use against the ranking as done by the code below. Currently, I am using three numbers – 100, 95 and 90. In the future, I may reduce (say 2 numbers) or increase (say 5 or more numbers). And in each scenario, the aim is to make those numbers take...
  15. P

    Averaging numbers

    I have a row of 10 numbers and each week i add numbers. What i want to do is have a formula that will average the last 4 numbers in that row of numbers when i add numbers to the row of numbers. So what im saying is i want to be able to always adverage the last 4 number that have been entered...
  16. J

    Array question

    I have a array with 500 records and another array with 25 numbers. These 25 numbers are between 1-500. I want too clear all the records in 500 record array which are not in the 25 records array. Array1 10, 20, 31, 32, 45, 50 Array2 20, 45 After matching the result for array1 is 0, 20, 0, 0...
  17. I

    Apply space between numbers

    Hi, Can you advise a basic codce please to add a space between a telephone number. I have noticed that we have many telephone numbers entered like so, 01934820955 but it shoul;d be entered as 01934 820955 Also same for mobile 07899827427 should be 07899 827427 Information you may require...
  18. M

    SKUs not sorting by numerical order

    I've seen this asked many times on the internet but I can't seem to find someone asking how to sort part numbers that also contain text. For example, I have the following part numbers and want them sorted in this way: 5-part 7-part 156-part 691-part When sorting, from smallest to largest, it...
  19. R

    Stop Excel changing what it thinks is scientific notation to a long number.

    Unfortunately this was bound to happen sooner or later. We have a number of product codes that are 6-digit numerical or alpha-numerical codes. It can be like "206679" or "F3465D" etc etc. Owing to the powers that be, we now have numbers like "716E18" Excel sees this and automatically...
  20. C

    Re: Number selection

    Re: Number selection Hello All, Sometime back ( June 1st 2019 ) I put in a request in the forum for help on Configuring Number Groups. What I would like to do is to perform much the same task as the original request except for the...

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