1. S

    How to assign a numerical value to a name

    Please help, I’m a excel beginner and have tried everything I could to figure my problem out. I am trying to create a spreadsheet for a team. I want to be able to get an average rating between my players. So I’m trying to list 1 players name and their rating and then be able to list all players...
  2. M

    Formula to arrange rows in numerical order.

    <colgroup><col span="5"></colgroup><tbody> 3 18 30 34 42 4 5 6 31 41 24 26 36 40 41 17 19 27 33 37 1 9 26 30 36 18 19 25 26 32 11 17 30 35 37 </tbody> <colgroup><col span="5"></colgroup><tbody> 1 9 26 30 36 3 18 30 34 42 4 5 6 31 41 11 17 30 35 37 17 19 27 33 37 18 19...
  3. S

    Text date converted to numerical date

    I have a text date, JUL/02/10. How do I convert to a numerical date? This is not a format issue.
  4. R

    Re: How to find the most SEQUENTIAL occurring numbers in 1 column

    Re: How to find the most SEQUENTIAL occurring numbers in 1 column how do i sort the numbers in a row in numerical order?For example the data looks like this and starts at C2 (I re-sorted it), so how do I get the data to read "1" on L2, "4" on M2, "10" on N2, "18" on N2, and "26" on O2. All of...
  5. xeven_

    Repalce letters with actual numbers

    My data columns have the market cap with $1.02B and $120.35M thus not allowing us to sort properly. Is there a formula or something that can be used to convert this back into numerical data so that it can be adequately sorted, we are using excel 2016 365 proplus? :confused: Thanks in advance
  6. D

    Finding a max value in range of cells and returning which sheet that value exists in

    Hello, I am creating a dashboard so that i can see who has the highest value of in a certain column. I can get it to return the value which is great, but is there anyway to get it to return the sheet name too? e.g. so far i have this...
  7. M

    Format of a Conditional Format IF statement?

    Hi everyone, I've acquired a spreadsheet and the conditional formatting is broken and duplicated. Can someone elaborate on what =IF(A2=2,5," ") would do? The output is it highlights yellow when A2 has a numerical value of 2. But I can't figure out what the 5 or space do. The numerical value of...
  8. K

    Formula Help

    Hi All - I'm looking for help with the following scenario: Let's A1 has a numerical value, if B1 is blank, then C1 should be 3% of A1. And, if B1 is not blank (some numerical value), then D1 should be 25% of A1. If B1 is blank, then C1=A1*3% Conversely, if B1>0, then D1=B1*25% Can anyone...
  9. L

    Using the result of a formula in another formula

    Hi, I have searched this forum and not found a solution to my problem yet, but everyone seems helpful here so I'm hopeful. I have used a VLOOKUP to return a numerical value from text data from multiple columns. I have then averaged these results using a simple AVERAGE. I would now like to...
  10. M

    Output based on a code

    Microsoft Excel 2007. Cell C5 contains amount in numerical. Cell D5 contains a code number either 1 or 2 in numerical. Cell E5 and F5 contain formulas to give interest based on C5 (similar formulas but with different interest rate). My request: Cell G5 should give output: Amount in...
  11. D

    List text in column without spaces from a spreadsheet if numerical values greater than 0

    I have a spreadsheet with text strings in some of one column with numerical values against the text in a neighbouring column, and with '0' values or blank cells against the empty text cells. I would like to extract the text data to another spreadsheet based on the numerical values being above 0...
  12. E

    What is the best way to take a cell that is non numerical for zero?

    Hello! What is the best way to take a cell that is non numerical for zero? thanks!
  13. M

    ISNUMBER is not working properly

    I have column B with either a numerical value or a letter text. In column M, I need to use only the numerical value and regard the text as 0. In M, I entered =IF(ISNUMBER(B5),B5,0) But, when B5=7, it returns a 0. When B5 is a T, it returns a 0 as well. Column B is formatted as a Number (0...
  14. R

    Finding logical relation between a series of numerical values

    Hi, Now i got struck and need your valuable help here. I need to find the next number of a series of numerical values listed below, 505018 344936 677723 131820 198043 225002 776386 333117 544280 688659 760158 808183 487860 143137 345895 208028 224946 564152 764905 ------ ------ ------ how do...
  15. G

    filtering only the maximal result from a column?

    Hi there! i'm conducting a retrospective medical research, and i got a chart with various numerical and categorical data. I have several columns in which most cells contain multiple numerical or categorical results separated with semicolons, for example - "14.71; 15.48; 17.22; 22.72; 7.03" OR...
  16. M

    Numerical value based on the contents of another cell

    Hi, Is it possible to give a numerical value based on the contents of another cell? In cell A1 would be any combination of the letters representing the days of the week; MTUWTHFSA For example, M would equal 2, TU would equal 3, W would equal 5, TH would equal 10, F would equal 20, and SA...
  17. P

    Count Unique Numerical Values that begin with

    Hi, I'm making a database right now that need a formula for counting unique numerical values that begin with a certain number, because of the amount of duplicates. All the formula I tried doing myself have resulted in errors :(
  18. A

    Need formula

    Hi everyone! If A1 has the text "Cement" then it should calculate and produce result in A5 like this (A2/105*100). A2 will have some numerical value. If A1 does not have Cement then A5 should show 0. Please advise and provide a formula for the above request.
  19. P

    locate and match numerical values on 2 and copy text

    I'm having problems finishing some large geo-location information based spreadsheets ive been working on for months. I seem to have hit a problem on what appears a simple task compared to some of the other bits ive got it to do so far my attempts have failed and any help would be most gratefully...
  20. D

    Relating SUM COUNTIFS to specific cells

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet in which we want to be able to log and track data quickly and easily. I have managed to get all formulae working, but was wondering if it is possible to relate my SUM COUNTIFS formuale to specific cells. E.g. Cells B3 to G3 will have the values that I want the SUM...

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