1. D

    Relating SUM COUNTIFS to specific cells

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet in which we want to be able to log and track data quickly and easily. I have managed to get all formulae working, but was wondering if it is possible to relate my SUM COUNTIFS formuale to specific cells. E.g. Cells B3 to G3 will have the values that I want the SUM...
  2. T

    Display value if in numerical range

    I am trying to create a formula that will show a display a value ( a score between 0-3) dependent on the value entered in the adjacent cell based on numerical range e.g 0-8 scores 1, 9-12 scores 2. Many thanks
  3. M

    Sort array

    Hi, I have a 2 dimensional array xx(1 to 10, 1 to 100) with numerical data. Do anyone know how to resort the array by the first dimension? Thanks!
  4. D

    Macro to find cell, copy and paste the last 4 numerical values into new sheet

    Hey guys, I want to create a macro that will find all specific text, copy the last 4 numerical values and paste this into a new sheet. I get data sets that will contain mutliple cells with the string "Manders' M1 (Above zero intensity of Ch2), X.XXX". I am specifically interested in the...
  5. V

    Make mathematical operations with numbers from a string

    Hello! I have a table (Table 1) with more numerical (C+E) and text (A+B) columns. The column D is a combination of number and letters . My question is whether (and if yes, how?) I could make mathematical operations with the number(s) only from the string of D column, so that it may result...
  6. A

    Additional mail merge items dependent on value

    I have a list including two columns which I use to mail merge in Word to print labels. One column contains names the other numerical values. Is it possible to tell the mail merge to print each label the number of times equivalent to the numerical value against that name? For example two cells...
  7. T

    Index Match multiple criteria returns incorrect value

    Hi there, I am trying to use Index Match multiple criteria function in excel but the value being returned is incorrect. Not sure how to fix it. this is the array formula: ={IF(OR($AE4="PRIMARY";$AE4="MGDC...
  8. D

    Sort issue with 1,1a,2,2a,2b etc

    Hello, Looking for solution to sort some data, I have 4 columns with numerical numbers from 1 to 500 with in this range i have a.b.c.d.e. next to various numbers in the last column. When i use the sort function it will sort the first 3 as normal as they are only numerical when i sort the last...
  9. S

    Values with spaces

    I have a list of amount but it contained spaces before and after figures how can I get only numerical value. like 100,000 78,900 23,000
  10. B

    dropdown to populate numerical value of cell in formula

    Is it possible to split the cell value of a formula, to make the numerical part selectable from a dropdown? As an example ='sheetA'!Q(value of C3 on sheetB which is a dropdown list numerical value) Hopefully this makes sense... Thanks in advance
  11. J

    Sumproduct (I think)

    Hi I have a problem, I'll try and explain it best I can, I have 2 identical size tables; one containing text values and the other containing numerical values. The text values are football team names in position 1-4, the numerical value is the teams points in positions 1-4. Basically I've...
  12. M

    Convert Numerical Grade to Letter Grade

    I am asking for assistance with a formula that is related to school grades that are both numerical and letter grades. In cell, A1 I will manually enter the numerical grade (Example: 84.25) In cell B1 I need a formula that returns a letter grade from a table that corresponds with the numerical...
  13. C

    Date is in numerical format

    I have created the following: ="Data as at 5pm "&TODAY() and it results with the following: Data as at 5pm 43172 Have formatted the cell to date. Doesn't work. Why is the date defaulting to its numerical value? Thanks
  14. C

    Posting Data to Summary Tab

    I have a spreadsheet with 10 tabs, not all tabs have data, but those that do, I am moving specific information to a summary tab. Identifying data all goes in the same two columns. That part was easy. However, numerical data consisting of 4 columns must also be moved to the summary tab, but it...
  15. K

    Index Match to return second matching value from row 12

    I'm working with a survey dataset that needs to be aggregated for analysis purposes. Right now I'm looking to identify all instances where different respondents answered a question with the same numeric answer from a multiple choice list, the number of respondents who answered with the same...
  16. J

    Max value including negatives

    I have a list with -.2, 0.5, 0.8, -0.9 I want a formula which can always take the maximum numerical value in this case -0.9?
  17. stovvy

    Copying, then deletion of value dependent on another cells value

    I can find similar posts on the forum but not exactly what I would require. I have exhausted all of my slim knowledge in both Excel and VBA in trying to complete the task so please is there someone out there who can help? I have a spreadsheet and in column B2 it would show a numerical value...
  18. M

    Deleting Cells Based on Numeric Values

    Hello Guys, I want to delete the cell contents in H column that doesn't contains numerical value(Should keep only numeric and alpha numeric contents). Thank you.
  19. F

    Showing a Record in my Spreadsheet

    I'f I'm trying to show records like 1-0 2-0 3-0 etc without it changing to another numerical format how do I do that? Appreciate the help.
  20. W

    Prioritising an index match lookup function

    Hello all, This is my first post on this forum, so let me know I haven't described my problem well enough. I have an index match lookup function which returns the position of the last cell in a row containing a non-numerical value, to thus match the row number with the corresponding company in...

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