1. D

    Count unique occurrence based on 2 column conditions

    Hello, I have 2 columns. Column A is 4 months (January - April), Column B is Years (2015 - 2020). Each Row has a different month and year, but some month and year combinations might repeat. I want to count the number of unique occurrences of repeating month and year combinations. For example...
  2. H

    INDEX MATCH 2 Criteria 1st Occurance

    Hello Friends, I am in need of an index match formula with 2 criteria to match and return 1st Occurance than 2nd and so on Here is a sample data with headings in Row 1 Data starting from Row 2 (Coumns A,B,C) REF#------Name----------Size 414--------Flat Sheet-----125x200 414--------Flat...
  3. S

    Need forumla for sum of duplicate occurance

    Need formula to "sum number of duplicate occurance between two dates with one criteria ".
  4. Grizlore

    Counting occurances in the same time range

    Hi All, Any help wound be appreciated. I have four lines, A,B,C & D and the times of when they start and stop. I am attempting to count (in column D) which lines are also on during the same time range. I have tried counts and sumproduct, but to not avail. Anyone have a suggestion please...
  5. B

    Replace text after nth occurance of character?

    I have a list of IP addresses: I am looking for a formula to take this column and generate the following in the next column:
  6. I

    Counting Consecutives

    I have a question re formula. I have a workbook that contains the % of accuracy for each entity.... I.e. Jan to Dec (75%,92%...). What I want to do is to count the consecutive occurrences where they have failed to meet a target (i.e. 95%) but if they meet the target its reset to zero until the...
  7. R

    Count the occurance of "1)"

    Hello Guys, While I was working on my scription, I needed to count the occurance of "1)" Excel finds it really hard to do this, I believe. This is a little piece of my data: <colgroup><col width="64" span="10" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> 0 (1,0) 1 (2,1) 2 (2,1) 3 (2,2)...
  8. M

    Counting Dates

    Hello Fellow Excellers! We are trying to create a table with the number of occurances of a date. We have a VERY long list of project dates (approx 3000), all in date order for each project, not necesarily in numerical order, and a lot of them repeated. We would like to filter out what dates are...
  9. A

    Number of the row with the first occurance

    Hi. I need to know the number of the row where 2 different columns specify to specific criteria. Here's an example of my sheet. It is not from the real sheet, but it represents what kind of formula I need. <table style="font-family:Calibri,Arial; font-size:11pt; background-color:#ffffff...
  10. D

    Vlookup is only pulling the first occurance. INDEX? How?!

    Problem I am facing: Vlookup returns a value based only on the first occurrence of the lookup_value. Based on the below example, when entering the vlookup formula into column C of Sheet2, using the corresponding column B value as the lookup_value, all three pull $2,352 - the first occurrence...
  11. J

    vlookup, returning the 2nd match,3rd match...

    I have a large data set of part numbers and descriptions (10,000 rows, 10 columns). This is not a unique list - there may be duplicates part numbers (up to 4) in column A. I am creating a unique part number list on a seperate work sheet and am using countif to determine how many times a part...

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