1. S

    get rid of an error occurred trying to save import/export specification ''

    How do I determine what is causing this error when I try to import into a brand new access db? It also occurs in other access db's as well. The file name is short and all together and the file size is small 120kb. Has no characters in the fil ename.
  2. W

    Biggest change occurs in which year?

    Hi, I am trying to check a table/range for what the maximum change in percent is and to get the year, ex. 2019, in which the biggest change occurs in. I am tying to use MAX and MATCH formulas w/o success. In my dataset I have more years and more values but it seems fitting to post 3 values...
  3. B

    conditional format

    hello excel experts i like to ask you that how we can do the date which occurs more than 1 time and for different dates different colours
  4. B

    running private sub from another form

    Hi all, I have two forms; frmTelephoneSearch and frmAddNewContact On frmTelephoneSearch is a button that opens frmAddNewContact in frmTelephoneSearch i have a private sub named; UserForm_Initialize() I got a button on frmAddNewContact with this code in it; Private Sub...
  5. W

    Count times a specific day occurs between two dates

    I'm Looking for a formula that can count times a specific day occurs between two dates. example: Count the number of times the 11th day of the month occurs start date - Oct 11, 2018 end date - Jan 11, 2019 answer would be 4 -thanks for your help
  6. R

    cells selection vba

    hi Guys Please find my drop box link https://www.dropbox.com/s/t87ax5n6l6exa8o/testing2018.xlsm?dl=0 When sanction letter is selected, sheet sanction letter is opened and cell A2 is activated.Same applies for other menus Today's date is inserted in A2,SL inserted in B2 ,002 is inserted...
  7. M

    Count number of times 1 specific day occurs in a date range

    Hi, not sure if anyone will see this, but here goes. This formula is exactly what I need as well, except that it doesn't account if the year is not the same (i.e. beginning date of 10/1/17, end date of 11/26/18, trying to account for number of times 15th day of month occurs). This formula...
  8. L

    Rounding up or down depending on...

    When it comes to rounding I use excel like everyone else. I’ve recently come across an engineering specification that rounds up or down to an even decimal place if the second decimal ends in a 5. i.e 2.45 to 2.4, 2.75 to 2.8 and normal rounding occurs otherwise 2.44 to 2.4, 2.74 to 2.7 and 2.53...
  9. N

    VBA error handling

    Hi! I'm trying to add code to my macro inside a loop, where if an error occurs on a certain line of code it will do a different action and then resume loop. I'm not sure where to place code. For example: Loop start code code code Line of code that I want to skip if error occurs End of loop...
  10. L

    VBA excel emailing with windows10

    Hope you can assist with a problem I am experiencing. My work have recently re-placed all the PC’s in the office from Windows 7 to Windows 10, as such certain vba code now fails to run within Excel routines The Code in question was ‘emailing a specific excel sheet via Outlook’ which...
  11. B

    Userform tab rows disappearing

    Hello, I have created a multipage userform that because of the number of pages and the caption for each tab end up with three tab rows (or button rows should one choose that option). When the userform opens, initially it only displays two tab rows. But when you click on one of the tabs...
  12. J

    vlookup date or date

    HI What I am trying to do is a lookup using 3 dates. <colgroup><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:2596;width:53pt" width="71"> <col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:2925;width:60pt" width="80"> </colgroup><tbody> Date Part 1/8/18 2287...
  13. D

    Return All Row Numbers Of Minimum Value

    Hi all I was hoping someone could help me with the following Excel problem. I have list of numbers in A and I want to find the row number of the Min value in that column, if the minimum value occurs more than once I need all the row numbers of the minimum value. For example:- Row 1 15 Row...
  14. H

    in-filling a column with 1's & 0's

    Good day all, I was having some trouble and wasn't sure if i needed a VBA solution or could actually achieve the result I want with a formula of some kind. basically i have a column of 1s and 0s like column A in the table below. What I need to happen is to create a new Column B that recognized...
  15. S

    Location of value in 2d table...

    I have a value which occurs in a table. Lots of rows and columns. I just need the row number in which the value occurs. I don't think Match can handle a 2d array. Dave
  16. E

    N-th time a value occurs in a column

    Hi all, I'm looking for a formula that gives me the n-th time a value occurs so far in a column. I have in a table of about 12,000 records about 200 different values, so average of 60. I'd like to give the formula me the 'how manieth time' this value has occurred so far. Hope this is a clear...
  17. I

    Formula to calculate how many times a digit occurs in a given range

    Hi I would be very grateful for a formula that will result in the number of times a single digit - e.g. 6 - occurs in the range 001 to 500. Many thanks!
  18. J

    On Error

    Hello, I have a macro that might refer to nonexisting sheets. I want the macro to, let's say, select the A1 Cell on the sheet a if an error occurs. How do I implement this with On Error Go To?
  19. S

    VBA help to select value with most occurences

    I am looking for some assistance with VBA code for Excel to help me find the value of a range of cells that has the greatest number of occurrences of a number. Not sure I explained that correctly so here's the data in column A 734 734 827 277 198 124 350 182 734 734 837 199 201 734 What I...
  20. D

    Excel Formula help to count rows once a value occurs but not when a second value occurs

    I could use a hand here on what I think is a sumproduct need. I have a table where I'm only interested in counting the row when a value occurs for the first time. See the top row of the picture here for the formula solution needed. The end goal is to get a running total of the number or rows...

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