1. C

    Pull through data from table based on oldest date

    Hi all, I have a three column table, one column with a name, another with a date/time timestamp, and a third is whether that row is completed. I basically need to pull through a name to another sheet, but it has to be the oldest uncompleted. I just can't suss how to do it! Someone has...
  2. S

    Determine the oldest date of debit transaction in account, that hasn't been summed to 0 yet

    <tbody> User ID Amounts Posting Date 11 $500 2017.07.24 11 -$150 2019.04.05 11 -$200 2019.05.10 11 $200 2019.06.24 11 -$350 2019.06.25 11 $600 2019.09.03 11 -$100 2019.09.07 11 -$200 2019.10.03 </tbody> I there a way in which I could automatically...
  3. G

    VBA Moving Objects

    Hello, I am new in the forum, I am having a problem with VBA, I have an excel file, with an N number of shapes which are all the same and increase with the time, lets say there is one extra shape a week, All the shape are aligned in 4 columns from the newest to the oldest ( 1 is the newest...
  4. P

    Formula to find latest & Old date from a column based on criteria

    Hi All, I have 5 columns of data. In which A to D columns are text and E column is date. I need 2 formula in F & G column to check latest and oldest date in column E based on criteria from A to D Column. For example: In Column E I have dates from 2017 September( In 2017 I have only 2 dates...
  5. H

    delete oldest duplicates

    Hi All Is there a way to delete duplicate values BUT only the oldest duplicate lines? I have attached a worksheet similar to the one I am wanting to use . I would like delete all but the latest date IPO's - duplicate values in column B with the latest date from column C. Hope that all made...
  6. F

    extract year value and rearrange

    Hallo! i have a column with dates (eg 1/1/2019) and want to extract the years, and put them in a row from oldest to newest. eg. i have in a column these dates: 1/1/2017 1/3/2017 1/1/2018 2/1/2018 1/1/2019 5/1/2019 and want to extract the years in 3 consecutive cells in a row from oldest to...
  7. C

    VBA doesn't seem to be recognizing my AutoFilter status

    I'm self-taught, and apparently not a very good teacher. I have a workbook with multiple sheets that contains my tasks list. I have buttons that perform specific filters and sorts and, up until I tried a few days ago to resolve the problem I describe in another thread...
  8. S

    Automatic Filtering

    Hi there, I need a VBA code to check for the date in the AI4:AI9999 and to move the entire row of oldest date right to the top, ideally setting it all up in the order from the Oldest to the Newest date. All my data is in C4 to AQ9999, Any ideas? Thanks
  9. A

    Need to find the "other" date

    Hey guys, I have a row with three dates. I can use min and max to find the oldest and newest but I need to find the date that sits between them (as it is written in the cell not as an exact date between the oldest and newest). Hope that makes sense
  10. A

    VBA color code on oldest date

    Hi Can someone please help me, i need a vba code where it should green color on oldest date with in one ID. below is the sample of data. <colgroup><col width="64" span="2" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> ID Date 338583883 08/11/2005 338583883 06/23/2003...
  11. A

    Color code on oldest date

    Hi Can someone help me with below data. i need to color code whichever is oldest date for particular ID. <colgroup><col width="64" span="2" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> ID Creation Date 783393464 10/11/2005 783393464 03/03/2017 744976874 12/29/2004...
  12. G

    Power Query 2nd Oldest file in folder

    I am trying to do a comparison between the latest and previous file in a folder. I can pull the latest file in the folder easily, but is there any way to filter to the second oldest (by create date) Thanks for assistance
  13. K

    oldest date

    I currently have this code: myDate = Sheets(Sheets(activeSheetName).Name).Range("B" & iDefault) But I need it to pull the oldest date in column ignoring the time.
  14. M

    Dates in pasted CSV sortable Oldest to Newest but A-Z only in 'lookup' sheet - today??

    Hi there, New to this forum - joined hoping somebody out there can help me with an issue I'm encountering for the first time today? I have a workbook, set up years ago, with a 'lookup' sheet and multiple tabs which have CSVs pasted into them daily from which the lookup sheet is populated. I've...
  15. H

    Is sorting by top 10 items in a group in Pivot Table possible?

    In my sample file in the Dropbox link below, I have a table of plants with unique ID number, the families they belong to & their age. I created a Pivot Table and Excel groups plants from the same families together for me. However, I cannot seem to filter the oldest plants by families. When I use...
  16. D

    Formula Issues - Trying to show oldest figure in 'Days Old'.

    Hello all, and thank you in advance for your help. So I am trying to make a spreadsheet to fill in daily email totals for work. I have attached an image of a small section of the spreadsheet I am struggling with. I'm looking for column C7 to display the oldest day from the range in C8 -...
  17. R

    Conceptual Question

    I'm struggling with how to build out something in an application I'm building. There are 5 services that a Client can sign up for. Payments for each service are tracked on separate sheets (each named after the respective service). Each service can have different due dates, payment amounts and...
  18. M

    Oldest date with day 1 on column

    hello is this possible on excel formula giving the date of the oldest date with day 1 on colum example <tbody> 12-6-17 2-7-16 8-2-17 3-1-17 12-26-17 6-1-17 </tbody> on the given table the date that the formula that i need will find 3-1-17 because it is the oldest date with day...
  19. W

    Sort by row, then automatically repeat for each following row.

    I'm sure this is ridiculously simple but I can't figure out how to do it. I have a list of locations in my A column and then each subsequent column has a date I visited that location. Currently, each row is oldest to newest as that is how I have been adding them. I figured out how to sort by...
  20. G

    Choosing Oldest Date From Multiple Occurences of Same Category

    Thanks for taking the time to try and help solve this problem I have been struggling with. I have two sheets. The first sheet 214 S contains data. The second sheet 214 Lst is where the output goes. I was looking for a formula or macro that can do the following in excel 2013 for win7: I was...

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