1. R

    Copy error - range is cutting and pasting to wrong sheet

    My code below: Sub arrange() 'all declarations for wkshts and wbs stated at top unless stated here Dim g1 As Range Dim g2 As Range Dim g3 As Range Dim g4 As Range Dim g5 As Range Dim g6 As Range Dim g7 As Range Dim g8 As Range Dim g9 As Range Dim g10 As Range Dim g11 As Range Dim g12 As Range...
  2. A

    Run time error 9: subscript out of range when opening a workbook in VBA

    I am trying to open a new workbook in VBA. I have pasted the relevant part of my code below. I'm new to VBA so bare with me :) I have tried various .open formats, but each time I get the same run time error. The file I am trying to open is a Excel 97-2003 file (contains macros). Any help would...
  3. SkyGod

    Open a Folder Depend Textbox Value

    Hello there, I've a main folder named "main". I bring the image on userform by textbox1.value. Dim obj_fso As Object Dim myPath As Variant Dim folderPath As Variant folderPath = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\main\" & TextBox1.Text & ".jpg" Set obj_fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Dim...
  4. J

    Determine If a Excel Workbook is Already Open

    I have this code to determine if a workbook is already open but having trouble figuring out to have it wait 5 seconds and try again and if after 3 tries then send the msgBox database is in use. If wBook.ReadOnly = True Then MsgBox "Database is in use. Please try after sometimes."...
  5. K

    Run Macro on Open

    Hi all, I've got the below macro, if I run it once, then the timer starts and it will keep saving every 10mins but unless I first run the macro, the timer doesn't seem to start. How do I set it so the macro either runs straight away when opened (and so kick starts the timer) or start the timer...
  6. S

    Open dialogue box - not working

    Getting a "Run-time error '91'" when running this code. Thoughts? Sub OpenNewCSV() 'Dim fDialog As FileDialog, Result As Integer 'Set fDialog = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFilePicker) Dim fDialog As FileDialog, Result As Integer Set fDialog =...
  7. P

    VBA open excel workbooks (without them popping up), and then copying one line item to a master sheet.

    Good Afternoon, Hoping for some help here, I clearly don't know what I am doing. Here is the goal: To update my master spread sheet. I am trying to implement a new project tracker, this will be an excel sheet, named exactly the same thing, for EVERY job. It has a table in it on a hidden...
  8. T

    Displaying Userform Crashes Excel ONLY if it is the First Action After Opening the Workbook

    I have a userform called "ProductDBForm" that uses a multipage to provide detailed data on all products in our range. I use a "Homepage" of sorts with a few images and a transparent box over each with a macro assigned to launch the relevant form or function. One of these is used to launch the...
  9. A

    I can't open my Excel file

    I have a really important Excel file. But I can't open it now. I can open other files normally. When I try to open it it, nothing happen. But the weird thing is Excel acts as if the file is opened. For example if I click on another copy with the same name it would say "Can't open 2 files with...
  10. A

    My codes to open password protected workbook doesn't work

    Hi everyone, Below is my codes. It does try to open the file, but it keeps asking me for password although I already include the password in the codes. What have I got wrong? Sub openfile() Dim wb As Workbook Set wb = Workbooks.Open(FileName:="C:\...", Password:="password") End Sub...
  11. A

    Application.Ontime switching workbooks

    This is a continuation of a post that is now buried. Application.OnTime continuously opening my workbook The Code @AlphaFrog helped with is working perfectly. Each instance of save, the workbook comes to the foreground and then to the background again after the save is completed. While this is...
  12. P

    Workbooks.Open in VBA - Getting Password Popup Window

    I have the below code, which I will use to open a file. I will then gather data about the file and report back in a master workbook. My issue comes when I am trying to open a file which has a password: The first Workbooks.Open method presents me with a pop-up window, which I expect, although I...
  13. S


    How to open a xla file easily?
  14. R

    Opening Hidden Columns in Excel Sheet

    I tried to open an old Excel sheet, and columns A through AM were hidden. I cannot open the hidden columns by using the Unhide action (highlighting the entire sheet). Any suggestions that would enable me to open these hidden columns would be appreciated. Thanks.
  15. S

    how to get a worksheet to update without opening another workbook and without using vba

    Hi All, I have a workbook that pulls data from another workbook. At present both workbooks have to be open for the data to pull through. What I am wanting is a way to pull the data from 'workbook1' to 'workbook 2' without 'workbook 2' being open. I cannot use vba as I also have another workbook...
  16. S

    Slight alteration to VBA code for renaming sheets

    Hi - hoping someone better than me can help with a slight adjustment to the below code. I think its easy for someone with the skills. So it currently opens all the files in a picked folder and renames the sheet to Sheet1, so long as there's only one sheet. Problem is I have a combination of...
  17. L

    log date when the file is open

    Hi I want to log the date that a file is opened. For example, If I open the file today and I entered case#2 then the date should be today date in date column but if I open this file tomorrow for case#3 then tomorrow date should be in date column at the same time case #1 and 2 date should not...
  18. S

    Open Another Application by Excel with VBA

    Signal is generated in Excel Either Buy or Sell. The Vba should Open the Another Application Perform Functions Like enter amount, name,.....From Excel Only then Submit and Close. Wait for next Signal and Repeat the same Process Again.:)
  19. S

    VBA to copy/paste data from already open chrome web page

    Hi, I have been searching with no luck to find a solution to copying/pasting data from an open chrome web page. I have chrome web page open (the web page has a title, so hoping to use the title). On the page there are columns with headers and columns of data. I'd like to select certain columns...
  20. V

    Vba macro to open workbook and then activate the workbook from which the macro wss started

    I have 1 macro that I use on different workbooks to pass data into a fixed workbook. So I want to be able to open that fixed workbook and then run my copying macro from the changing workbooks. The problem is when I use vba to open the workbook it makes it the active one and the macro copies the...

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