1. Nelson78

    Macro affected by automatic opening of Microsoft Support

    Hello everybody. I have a couple of macro that grasp data from the web via IE. Sometimes, in launching them, a page of Microsoft Support opens automatically altering the job of the macro. How can I inhibit this inappropriate opening...
  2. I

    Userform textbox date input

    Hi, I would like that when i open the userform the dat would automatically be shown in textbox 1 I thought the below code was correct but upon opening the form textbox 1 is still empty. ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("POSTAGE").Cells(LastRow + 1, 1).Value = TextBox1.Text = Format(Now(), "MM/DD/YY")
  3. K

    Protect SharedWorkbook

    Dear All, I have a workbook which has to be shared between 3 to 4 people, who will update data at the same time. but depending on the user opening the file, certain sheets to be hidden and visible. How do i achieve the same. Kindly suggest. Regards Krishnamoorthy S
  4. K

    Excel vba to transfer data to closed excel file

    Hi Team, Is there a way to transfer data from one excel file to other closed excel file. Like we do from excel to access without opening access file/database by creating connection. I tried to create connection between two excel file. Its working fine for extracting data without opening main...
  5. B

    VBA opening another database and bring the new database to front and old one behind.

    Hi and thanks in advance if you reply. I have an intermittent problem! Have 2 access databases (2010) say 'A' & 'B' If I open 'B' from 'A' sometimes 'B' appears on top but other times 'A' appears on top. The two questions I need answering are:- a) What code do I have to include to make 'B'...
  6. J

    Calculate only working hours between two dates with several constraints (includes weekend, excludes holidays, working hours ranges different each day)

    Hi all, I have read many threads regarding the calculation of working hours between two dates, including the following thread and the great answers from member barry...
  7. U

    How do I prevent my macro from hanging when Opening or Closing a workbook?

    I have a macro that opens workbooks collects information and closes the workbook. It runs perfectly when I have a break point in the program, I just have to hit F5 to continue. I am running a UserForm as vbModeless to show where I am in the process. When I let it run it locks on a few...
  8. N

    Prevent mac from opening file with data connections

    I have a file with an ODBC connection that works just fine on my windows computer. When my boss insists on using his mac to edit the file, the data connection is disabled. Not only is it disabled, I cannot get the connection back. So my question there a way to prevent a mac from...
  9. P

    Opening other workbooks and ignoring their vba message boxes

    Hi I've got a macro that opens hundreds of files and pulls data from them. A few of the files contain a message box that pops up on opening to alert the user that "this file hasn't been updated for over a week" When this happens it pauses the code of my macro until OK is clicked. Which means...
  10. N

    Opening a csv file to avoid corruption WITHOUT creating a query

    Hello A csv file I need to open contains quite a number of foreign characters. By default, opening it in Excel corrupts them. I have been using this to open it (successfully, without corruption): Sub Open_CSV_Correctly() Dim wb As Workbook Dim strFile As String strFile =...
  11. C

    Prevent Display of PageBreaks before opening a Workbook - VBA

    Hi all, I have 300 spreadsheets that have 10 worksheets, each opening on PageBreak view. This slows down the opening of each spreadsheet. From ~42 seconds when displayed to 3 or 4 seconds without. This slows down my VBA code by a similar factor. I'm trying to figure out how to disable this in...
  12. M

    working with multple users

    hi I have several excel files with vba code, using 1 data file. how can multiple users work with 1 data file? also, how can i work with data file without opening it each time i need to read some data from it? i will explain: 1st excel file read some cells from sheet1 on another excel file. if...
  13. M

    Opening Excel file via SharePoint

    I have a file that has been developed via my Office 365 subscription which I have placed in a SharePoint folder of one of my clients (I have an admin login to their Office 365 subscription). When I try to open this file in Excel rather than the browser, the only option available is to open in...
  14. S

    Display contents of a worksheet in a listbox without opening it

    Hi, I have a piece of code with which I can display the required range or a worksheet in a Listbox. However, for some audit purpose, I want the contents of a workbook to be displayed in the list box without actually opening it. Is this a possibility? Please advise. Below is my code for...
  15. A

    Daily Checklists In excel

    Hi, i'm kind of going in circles. I'm pretty good at watching training videos and learning how to do most things in Excel. I am kind of unsure how to phrase what I'm trying to do. Looking for some direction. I created a digital form that sends responses to a google sheet. (I am including a...
  16. P

    Workbook open event unprotect and refresh

    My workbook, one of the sheet is protected and having all graph and a pivot table. Other sheets are not protected , but I am getting error while opening due to protection in that one sheet . It is trying to refresh while opening. Can someone help me having a VBA code to solve this when opening...
  17. mhenk

    64b Excel 2016 Files Crash

    I've got a weird problem. I have an XLSM file (with some VBA) that works fine 95% of the time. The other 5%, it crashes on opening, and then will continue to crash on opening - until I open and save the file with a different version of Excel (2016-32bit). Anyone ever resolve this issue? Even...
  18. H

    VBA Code Stops on Downloading File message

    So I have this code below. It is opening a text file and pasting its contents into excel. Simple. This particular workbook loops through around 1000 text files and compiles them into a single sheet. The problem is that the code has been stopping at the code below when it opens the file...
  19. J

    VBA: Auto Userform when Opening Workbook

    How do I have my Userform appear automatically when opening my excel workbook?
  20. E

    Opening and Modifying Excel with Access VBA

    Hello I am trying to open and modify an Excel 2016 file using VBA in Access 2016. I pieced together the code below, but I keep getting "Compile Error: Sub or Function not defined" at the bolded section of the code below. Does anyone know how to correct this error or if there is a better code to...

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