or function

  1. B

    Why wont the OR Function Work in this Formula?

    I've tried to make this formula more concise using the OR function, but it doesnt need to like it. Have I done something wrong? Any ideas how to make it work? Before OR Function (Works): =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("M&E",D$41)),"Electrical &...
  2. H

    I don't understand why my formula won't work?

    Hi! If anyone could help with this, that would be very very helpful! I am trying to identify in Cell U2, people who either missed a class many times in once month, or consecutively missed classes in the following months. So I would like Cell U2 to say "TRUE" if either S1 or T1 say "TRUE". I...
  3. K

    Whats wrong with my formula

    Hello, anyone want to take a stab at what is wrong with my formula? =if(and([@inches]=0,[@[Length feet]]=6),6,if(and([@inches]=0,[@[Length feet]]=8),8,if(and([@inches]=0,[@[Length feet]]=10),10,if(and([@inches]=0,[@[Length feet]]=12),12,if(and([@inches]=0,[@[Length...
  4. K

    CountIf Function with range

    I have two different columns on different worksheets that I want excel to count. currently I am unsure on how to add another logic to this formula please help. So basically I want excel to count if 'Upload New Class'!$B$2 is found in table 1 with range's X-Z OR table 2 with ranges X-Z...
  5. M

    Challenges with Countifs function

    Using excel 2016. I am working on a call schedule and trying to make some calculations based on assignment and day of the week - specifically the weekend. The following formula works great - =COUNTIFS(Vertical!G11:G27,'Names and Values'!J11) When I run this the formula returns the assignment...
  6. N

    Using IF, AND, OR together

    Since you are all so wonderful at helping, I have another question. I'm trying to nest IF, AND, and OR together. I want to tell it IF Q2<12, OR R2<12 AND B2=V are TRUE, then A5, if false then A4. My current working formula is however it doesn't have the AND function in it because I'm not sure...
  7. N

    Using the OR function

    I'm trying to add an OR function to an IF function. I want to say if Q2 or Q3 <12 then A5 otherwise use A4. I can get it to recognize when I say just one-like Q2, but can't get it to recognize both Q2 and Q3. I've got =IF((OR(CSV!Q2<12)),.... Which works fine, but when I put...
  8. S

    Minifs with OR criteria

    I'm trying to create a list of unique project numbers that have outstanding invoices. I have a data query which pulls data into my Data! tab, the query returns the age of the invoices in date range buckets (eg <60 days, 61-90 days, >90 days). That is, column L has the amount of money owed that...
  9. T

    OR function in an array

    So I am trying to add an OR function to my array but I either get all False or all True. Compared to a certain date, I want to display the date of when an item is upgraded with either: Type_1 Type_2 with Ver_1 Type_2 with Ver_2 If any other item type comes up (example: an item has an upgrade...
  10. P

    IF, AND, and OR Formula #VALUE error

    Background: I'm working on a constructed language, and wanting to use an Excel formula to check that the rules are being followed as words are created. So the first rule I'm trying to check is that the first letter of a word, depending on the type of word (Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb, and...
  11. N

    Trying to build an ARRAY formula with OR conditions that returns result based on a range of numbers

    So I've got this far: {=IFERROR(INDEX($B$9:$B$496,SMALL(IF($C$9:$C$496>G$507, +IF($C$9:$C$496<g$508,row($b$9:$b$496)-row($b$9)+1)),rows($b$9:$b9))),"")} We are dealing with a list of Standing Order payments from customers. Each has a different day of the month. I need a way of finding which...
  12. B

    Can anyone help me fix my formula?

    =IF(OR(IF(MONTH(B25>B24),C$3+F24,F24),(IF(MONTH(B25=B24),F24,C$3+F24))) Basically I want a result for the or function, not true or false. However it keeps saying I don't have parenthesis in the right spot. The 2 IF functions are different but the answers for the IF function are the same. Can...
  13. M

    Nested IF AND OR Function

    Hello - I'm trying to evaluate the contents of two cells with 4 possible values. I3 can contain either Active or Inactive J3 can contain either YES or NO IF I3="Active" AND J3="YES" OR IF I3="Inactive" AND J3="NO" THEN "Match" ELSE "No Match" I've tried several combinations and am not getting...
  14. T

    IF, OR FUNCTION with dates

    =IF(OR(C111="YES",D111=""),"YES","") Hi all i am trying to create a formula that will return the word "YES" if criteria is met in cells C111 and D111 C111 either has YES or NO filled in the cells, while D111 has different dates, with some cells blank. I am struggling with cell D111 as i dont...
  15. 2

    Counting certain text in a selection

    Hi all, I've got this code, & it's not bringing back the results I'm after. =(IF(OR(COUNTIF(K7:M28,"No - Major")>0,1,COUNTIF(K7:M28,"No - Minor")>2,2),"")) K7-M28 are the cells (columns K, L & M are merged cells on each row). Basically if any of these cells have a "No - Major" in them then...
  16. bepedicino

    Need Help with Two Condition Combination Formula

    I need some help creating a combination formula that checks for two conditions to be true. Column A and Column E in my spreadsheet will contain random values of which may or may not be listed below. My current formula in cell E* checks to see if the value in Cell F* meets the condition of...
  17. K

    IF/AND/OR Functions HELP

    Good Morning. I’m having a hard time writing a formula. Every time I do it get it kicked back so I needed some additional help from people. I am attempting to write a function that states if a person is located in the USA and hit their target of 0% or higher they get 10 points. If not then...
  18. Whylucky

    Using OR in SEARCH String

    Hi All, So i wrote an excel equation to spit out a date based on 2 criteria. If it has a 1, 2, or 4 in one column then an A, B, or C in the next column it gives a result. Then if it has a 5, 6, or 7 in another column and a A, B, or C it gives a certain result. I have the equation done other...
  19. E

    Networkdays Formula IF/OR Cell has Open or Closed

    Hello Excel Gurus! I am befuddled over an IF/OR function in Column M (M2) of Networkdays where if Column L (L2) has "Closed" as a status Networkdays calculates the difference between J2(start date),K2(end date),HOLIDAYS in M2. But if Column L (L2) has "Open" as a status Networkdays calculates...
  20. S

    Looking for solution for using SUMIFS and perhaps a nested OR function ...

    Hi, I wanted to ask if there is a way to use a SUMIFS with a criteria set that can “vary”??? Need to “SUMIFS” with multiple factors (DATE, ROOM NUMBER, ROOM USED FOR, etc) such that the ROOM IS USED for either ALL TYPES OF PROCEDURES(ELECTIVE, URGENT, EMERGENT, Add-On), ELECTIVE ONLY or...

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