1. R

    Copy Specified Columns from Multiple Workbooks to one Workbook

    Hi i have more than 50 workbooks with same data but i need specified columns in one workbook example sharing for your Reference [Crazy Mart]-Workbook1 <tbody> Item Name Price Oranges 50 Apples 35 Banana 25 Pomegranate 60 </tbody> [Trail Mart]-Workbook2 <tbody> Item Name Price...
  2. E

    Formula to find new product and add to list

    I would like a formula to grab new products and add them to a list. For example, I have two tabs. In tab A, I keep track of how much we sell/buy by product (so we bought 10 apples and 15 oranges and sold 10 oranges) and in tab B is a sumif formula to add up the sum so we know how much of each...
  3. H

    If/Then with Multiple Ifs

    Hi - I'm wondering if I can define a letter, "X", to represent multiple values in an If/Then statement. The code is not complete and just an example of what i would like to do: x="Apples", "Oranges", "Pears", "Grapes", "Banana", "Strawberry", "Blueberry" If Sheet1.Range("A1") = x Then Rest...
  4. J

    Round Value Based On Criteria

    Hi, I would like to be able to take a quantity and "round" it based on a list of rounding criteria. I am having trouble trying to find an exact example of what I an trying to do nor am I having any luck myself with the different formulas. I have created an example using fruit if someone could...
  5. B

    Formula merging a countif with a second if statement

    Sorry for the vague description but not sure how best to describe this. Here is the situation below. I want column C to be a formula. Out of all of the occurrences of Oranges in column B, if any of them have a value of 5 or above in column A, then I want it to return a Y in column C for all...
  6. montecarlo2012

    VBA - Wrong results for a for next loop.

    Hello. This code do not give me any error return; but do not give me the right results either. I am trying to get the total of oranges sold only, on "C1". My data Fruit's names A, and quantity sold B and this is the code I tried. Sub Fr_Sd() Dim LastRow As Long...
  7. N

    Move to new cell.

    I have cells that have multiple lines of data that is seperated by a return. Is there any way to break these returns into their own cells? EXAMPLE: CURRENT <tbody> A1 APPLES BANANAS GRAPES A2 ORANGES MANGOS </tbody> <tbody> A1 APPLES A2 BANANAS A3 GRAPES A4...
  8. S

    Address formula

    Hello. I have the following table: Line1: Product | Minutes1 | Minutes2 | KAPPA Line2: Oranges | Africa | | 2 | 1 | 15 Line3: Oranges | Africa | 3 | 1 | 15 Line4: Oranges | Africa | 2 | 1 | 15 Line5: Oranges | S. America | 3 | 1 | 15 Line6: Oranges | S. America | 5 | 1 | 15 Line7: Oranges | S...
  9. K

    Sequence filling of table for order picking based on current inventory

    Hi all, I am trying to find the best way to fill up a dynamic table with the right values as easily as possible (hopefully one click) once I input the the order number and it's details. I am stumped not sure whether I'll need to use helper columns / vba. I wanted to get the answers to the "To...
  10. C

    vlookup base on a maximum/latest condition

    Hi guys, I am having trouble with a formula to determine the latest value on a vlookup. The following is an example: <tbody> Apples ordered 2/4/2019 Oranges backfilled 2/4/2019 Apples arrived 3/4/2019 Oranges arrived 3/4/2019 Apples backstock 4/4/2019 Oranges missing 4/4/2019...
  11. F

    Convert selection to SQL ANY() format

    I frequently need to convert a range of Excel data into an ANY() function format (table below) for PeopleSoft queries. Once I convert the format, I copy/paste into PeopleSoft. First column is an example of original data and the second column is the end result. Maybe I can just use custom...
  12. S

    Identifying duplicate values and then returning a combined value if duplicates exist

    Hi, can anyone help with with this problem. I have a list of data where I've done a conditional format to identify duplicate email addresses. I've tagged each email address relevant to the user's interest. So imagine you had a user who had three interests and another with 2 and another with 1...
  13. S

    Priorities in Excel

    Hi everyone, I have a data set like the following. Unfortunately, my data is a lot more complex than this so a simple Pivot won't let me analyse it :( <tbody> Name/Year Apples? 2016 2017 2018 John Apples Apples Oranges Emma Apples Apples Apples Dave Oranges Apples Oranges </tbody>...
  14. P

    Not sure if this type of search and display is possible...

    For example, I have the following data set: <tbody> Name Fruit1 Fruit2 Fruit3 1 Bob Apples Oranges Pears 2 Jill Oranges Apples Bananas 3 Biff Apples Oranges Pears 4 Tad Bananas Pears Peaches 5 Peg Grapefruit Apples Pears 6 Bill Bananas Pears Oranges 7 Don Oranges Oranges Oranges...
  15. Y

    extract data value from Pivot filter (Multiple Items)

    Hi Guys, i wonder if there is any way to extract the value of the filter on the pivot table when you select more than 1 criteria? For example: If my filter criteria has "apples", "Pears", "oranges" and I select "Apples" and "pears" in the filter criteria, the value of the filter is shown as...
  16. B

    IF and VLOOKUP to find column header for values in range greater than zero

    I am trying to setup an IF statement using a VLOOKUP to find a value in a range greater than zero and return that column's header label. I have a list of names and I am trying to find the first column that has an actual dollar amount instead of blank and then return that column's header label...
  17. A

    Stumped Again

    I can do a join/transpose with one column but nothing I have tried will do a join/transpose with the condition being in two columns. Below is a sample of what I am trying to do. Thanks for any help you may give. <colgroup><col width="65" span="4" style="width: 65pt;"></colgroup><tbody>...
  18. E

    Macro to copy date related date from one sheet and paste into new sheet

    Hi all, I'm a relative newbie to VBA, macros etc and am trying to learn a few things, was hoping you could help/guide me in the right direction. I am looking to create a macro which will copy data from one sheet and then sort into the correct sheets with the specified data. For example, i want...
  19. M

    Exclude numbers for cell that also has Text

    If I have the following all in cell A1 40 2 Apples and oranges How do I just get Apples and Oranges also the text could have varying number of text and the numbers at the beginning can also change to varying degrees. Thank you MM
  20. X

    IF statement to show value depending on two SUMIF results

    Hi guys, I'm trying to do an IF statement to show "Apples" if a certain sumif based on a range is greater than another sumif based on a different range e.g. Oranges. And then it should show "Oranges" if the total value for the cells that correspond to "Apples" is not greater. Here's what I have...

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