1. gravanoc

    Outline Feature Broken on particular sheet.

    A company file needs to have some of the columns grouped via the outline & group feature, but when I use it on the first tab, the outline is not shown (only the bare tips seem to be visible). Google said to look under Advanced options under the View tab for the worksheet. I did and the box was...
  2. dannyok90

    VBA Automatic Outlining - Half way there

    Hi all, ? I found this code online and its almost exactly what i need. Sub AutoGroupBOM() 'Define Variables Dim StartCell As Range 'This defines the highest level of assembly, usually 1, and must be the top leftmost cell of concern for outlining, its our starting point for grouping'...
  3. C

    Outline.SummaryColumn = xlRight triggers error if Excel Table is Grouped

    Using Microsoft Excel 2016 MSO 32-bit from Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016. I have a workbook that contains several sheets, one of which holds a structured Excel Table used to record individual investments. The table includes various data entry columns as well as several...
  4. B

    Is there anyway to keep outline headings visible when filtering?

    I have data in the form of headings and text in a single column. The headings have an outline format and the objects are grouped under the appropriate heading. I want to filter for text in the column and i want the results to display the related parent headings. can excel do this with groups?
  5. S

    VBA make outlines for row classess

    Hi Guys, I dont know that I correctly described the idea but let me show what I mean: <tbody> Name Type Pcs Random name 1 A 1 Random name 2 A 6 Random name 3 B 3 Random name 4 B 4 Random name 5 C 6 Random name 6 C 8 </tbody> Now I want make a macro which will be separating rows...
  6. L

    Linking sheets with equations

    Hi I am reading excel course outline and I read the following: Linking sheets with equations Linking files with equations What does that mean? how to link sheet/file with an equation? Thank you so much. Course outline is here http://www.ctccomputertraining.com/excel2010trainingcourses2.html
  7. F

    can't see the grouping area to the left or top.

    I am trying to group some rows. When I group I don't see the plus or minus area I just see a white line. See the attached pick. I have checked the Show outline symbols if an outline is applied and I still see the white line to the left. See image. Thanks I can't seem to add a pick.
  8. K

    Step by step task database

    Hello, I'm trying to create a database of step by step instructions on how to complete different tasks. This looks like individual, separate outlines. I'm open to other ideas of formatting. I will need a way to search for specific words and have excel bring the related task to the front of the...
  9. S

    Outline (Grouping) Level change causes incorrect filter selection

    Issue summary When you change from one level of ROW Grouping to another (drilling in or out) - the filter selection remains the same, but is not reflecting in the data that shows. You have to click back into the filter (change nothing) and then it will display Issue Detail Data - Autofilter...
  10. H

    Active Cell Outline Bug

    Hello, I've attached an image below to show what is happening on my worksheet. About half the time, when I open my file, there seems to be a display bug. If the bug occurs, I can still select cells and enter information, but the green outline around the active cell disappears (I have the same...
  11. F

    Group rows based on indent level

    I need help with some VBA to loop through a spreadsheet and Group rows with an indent level > 0. Indent level 0 is the highest level summary for the data, detail is broken out at indent level 1, 2 etc.. A data sample follows: Cash & Short Duration Cash and Money Market Money Market 1 Money...
  12. B

    Grouping outline symbols tab is not visible/hardly visible

    Hello there! (Obi-wan like pun intended) As you can deduce this is my first post and surely, at least in my honest opinion, concerns a not trivial issue. Namely, I have encountered a problem where the tab with outline symbols is almost not visible in excel. To be precise, I must emphasize it is...
  13. D

    Outline numbering & blanks between cells

    Hello,, I am trying to create an outline numbering list from a data table which look like below: <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> # of Criteria Numbering Category 4 1.1 3 1.2 4 1.3 4 2.1 </tbody> Result to be as follow: 4 1.1 1.1.1 4 1.1 1.1.2 4 1.1 1.1.3 4...
  14. D

    Select 1, 2 or 3 on an Outline with Keyboard Only

    I just discovered the keyboard shortcuts of Alt+A+J for show detail and Alt+A+H for hide detail for an outline. I was wondering if there was a keyboard shortcut to select the numbers 1, 2 or 3 on an outline, for example a subtotal outline. Thanks!
  15. M

    Outline parent-child records

    I have a spreadsheet of records from 2 database tables in Excel (one row per joined record). I want to be able to outline and hide the detail part. I can't seem to do it. I don't need or want subtotals or anything like that. I have (simplified): Account Name Date Amount 123...
  16. P


    Can you make multiple outlines? I can make an outline by grouping and ungrouping, and when i do this i have a (1) and (2) selections to hide and unhide columns the outlined columns. BUT if i want to make another outline, it seems that when i ungroup columns in the middle of the outline it...
  17. H

    From heading levels in columns to vertical (indented) textflow

    Hi, Short version: Someone knows about a VBA way to structure data under indented parent-tree when parent name is on same row in columns to the left? (Se bottom example) Long version: This is my first post here so please let me know if I'm writing this wrong. (Tried to read rules and search...
  18. S

    Subtotals on filtered range do not create outline (despite checking the box in Advanced Options for displaying outlines)

    When applying subtotals to a filtered range, I do not see the outline controls on the right as I should according to multiple sources on the Internet. I verified that the "Show outline symbols if an outline is applied" checkbox is checked in Advanced Options. I use Excel 2010. Any advice on...
  19. P

    How to expand the vertical data groups one by one?

    I can able to show the different levels on the outline through but not the vertical data groups.How to do it? I tried expanding the "+" sign one by one using record macro but no code was trapped.I want to individually expand, read data and close the vertical data groups. File attached on the...
  20. E

    Outline numbering - non-VBA solution preferred

    Hi everybody I am working on a sheet for scoring KPI's in which I need to have a three-level outline numbering: Themes, sub-themes, and indicators. The format should be "1", "1.1", "1.1.1". I need to be able to use the data for pivot tables, so each row should include name and number of theme...

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