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    VBA Send Reminder Email For Outlook Email From Excel

    Hi Excel gurus, Do you have any thoughts on how to get an alert based from due date (date today) from excel to outlook? I can't seem to find a definite one. See below what I have on excel sheet. <tbody> 02/14/2019 (Today) Date Owner Subject Type Email CC Status x 02/14/2019 Sean...
  2. S

    Importing Emails into Outlook when Parent Folder is Not the Inbox

    Hello, I am using the following code to import Outlook 365 emails into Excel. However, my parent folder is NOT the Inbox. Right-clicking on the account name, I created a folder called "PROJECTS". This would be at the same hierarchy (I believe) as the Inbox (much like in principle the Deleted...
  3. L

    How to Change my code to late binding?

    Sub CommentsEmail() Dim template As Workbook Dim dashboard As Worksheet Dim comments As Worksheet Dim OutApp As Object Dim OutMail As Object Dim olApp As Outlook.Application Dim mymail As Outlook.mailItem Dim objSel As Word.Selection Dim commentsrange As Range Dim branch As String Dim Sendto...
  4. B

    Script to email specific workbooks to corresponding email addresses

    Hi all, I have multiple workbooks that are created weekly which needs to be sent out to the corresponding parties. This is very time consuming and sometimes workbooks are missed in the process. There are about 100 workbooks. The workbook contains the name of the supplier and then a date is...
  5. T

    outlook sharedmailbox all mails to excel-vba macro

    Guys need some suggestions/idea on how to get all mails from inbox folder(including sub folders-folders) of shared-mailbox. Current code I have will get me only inbox folder mails. Is there a way to get all the mails from inbox, other folders, sub folders of shared mailbox. thanks in advance...
  6. M

    Emailing from excel with vba - error 429 on Windows 10 pcs

    Hello, My firm uses a number of macros to send excel files to business partners via outlook. This works wonderfully on Win 7 computers. We recently started deploying Windows 10 PCs, and we're getting error 429 on the following line: Set OutApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") The full...
  7. Y

    How to Find and open an outlook email from its subject and get the date of reception to a cell

    Good afternnon Mr Excel's forum, I am trying to #1 Open the last email received containing a specific reference in the subject #2 Save it in a specific folder in windows (let's say my documents) #3 Store it in a subfolder in outlook( which is a shared mailbox, different from the defaultforlder...
  8. G

    VBA Copy Screen Shot of Excel Sheet into Email and Send

    I am not the nest with VBA so I have searched around the internet and come up with the following code that allows a user to press a button, a screen shot of the worksheet captured which is then pasted into an Outlook message which can then be sent to myself. This is being used for training and...
  9. D

    Macro For Reminder Notification in Outlook From Excel Data

    Need help for the below I am having the data in the excel with the columns as below 1. Event Name 2. Frequency of notification ( Daily or for specific days) 3. Dates from 1 to 31 ( in which date notification required I will fill that cell with "Y") 4. Time to be notified As per this data...
  10. J

    Email excel with color

    Hello, this is my first post so I apologize if i make any mistakes I have the following code that emails the status of a workbook so there is some HTML and VBA coding. I am very new to coding as well, learning as I need. When the macro runs it brings back a number in cell B7, though this number...
  11. F

    Can't Find Bug in Excel to Outlook VBA Code

    Hello! I have a code that is essentially copy/pasting excel data to the body of an Outlook email. It works correctly 90% of the time, but I have had some users experience issues with ONLY the headers copying over to Outlook (no input data) and then the Excel spreadsheet data is cleared out. What...
  12. J

    combine code into one button

    Is there a way to combine this code into one big button. I had one before that called each macro but it stopped working for some reason Sub SavePDF() Dim strFileName As String Dim UserName As String UserName = VBA.Environ$("username") strFileName = Range("A52")...
  13. N

    Integrating 1) Outlook VBA to Save Excel File to Drive 2) Excel VBA to Create New Sheet and Manipulate Data

    Hi All, I have Outlook VBA which saves a daily file to the shared drive. I set up an email rule to run the below script upon receiving emails. It loops through the emails and attachments to find and save the daily file. I also have Excel VBA which I can run with in an active Excel workbook to...
  14. D

    macro not always working? writing outlook calendar appointment

    When Outlook is open: both appointments of MB are created. (=good) When Outlook is closed: one or no appointments are created. (=not good) And then, even if Outlook is open, is creates no apoinments anymore. ( MsgBox says it did..) Macro creates Outlook appoinmentments for MB if date in column...
  15. W

    VBA Save Worksheets as values and draft emails

    there seem to be lots of codes for this out there and I'm really close to getting it figured out.. I have a workbook that has 26 sheets, I want to create a macro that saves all sheets as hardcodes (completed) and creates a draft email in outlook with each sheet as an attachment. Created a...
  16. M

    VBA to conditionally email via outlook based on filename?

    Hello all. I'm trying to get some straight-through-processing set up for a bunch of EOD reports my team sends to various banks. As it stands, I have some great code that will automatically save a file based off the bank the data pertains to as well as the date of the information. I also have...
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    How to change VBA code for excel 2013

    Hello All, I have a VBA code that is written for excel 2003. Now we work with Excel 2013 and the code does not work. I do not have any experience about VBA codes. Any help is appreciated! Code: "With Application.FileSearch .LookIn = sPDFPath 'arama yapılan dizin .SearchSubFolders =...
  18. K

    Macro to compile data from multiple excel files (all with the same format) into one spreadsheet. Please help! Overwhelmed!

    Hi! I've never posted anything like this before but I'm totally in over my head and would be eternally grateful for any help I can get! They sent out an excel file for people all over the company to fill out (like a form) and return with information about events they attended and who attended...
  19. E

    Saving an .xls file link from an email to hard drive and saving with the date included

    Each day a receive an email containing an .xls link which has various tabs of data. What i would like to do is, when the email arrives, to automatically open and save the sheet to the hard drive, in a particular location with the date added on the end! ie: newfile010416.xls im very new to...
  20. J

    Automation of web Outlook

    Hi, I have multiple accounts on Outlook.com webmail. I need to list them with username and passwords in cells Username (A2-A6) and Passwords (B2-B6). What I would like is a button next to each to open the said account on explorer:- A B 1 Outlook account...

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