outlook and excel

  1. blackorchids2002

    excel vba for sending calendar invite in outlook

    Hi Masters, Good day! I need your expertise on the how to loop by using range in my excel sheet. I have check boxes where I assigned the ff: Check Box1 : Full day ( Date From : input field is found in column D20) and Date To: input in column E20) Check Box2: Half Day ( Date From : input...
  2. blackorchids2002

    Outlook VBA in Excel

    Hi Masters, This is the first time I will post this particular forum "General Excel Discussion & Other Questions". I have created a vba code in excel to send an appointment/meeting in Outlook. I have a leave form request that I want to automate. For monitoring purposes in my calendar for...
  3. I

    Meeting reminders smiplified

    I have a spreadsheet with client names, email addresses, and appointment info. I export a .csv file from outlook. I have been doing a mail merge in word and then coping and pasting into an Outlook message and sending it out. I did some reseach and found code that I have made changes to. Of...
  4. A

    Click Here

    Can someone help with this simple task please. I'm trying to get the hyperlink in the outlook body just to read; "Hi Please Click Here to view the [B7] - [B8] event sheet. [B9]" where "Click Here" would be the hyperlink. The code I have at the moment is Private Sub CommandButton3_Click()...
  5. M

    Outlook to open excel

    Hi all again, Ok so my code snippeting has gotten me this far. I open a workbook from outlook via this code: Sub XL_Test() Dim myXLApp As Excel.Application Dim myXLWB As Excel.Workbook On Error Resume Next Set myXLApp = GetObject(, "Excel.Application") If myXLApp Is Nothing Then 'No instance of...
  6. P

    Attach workbook to email

    Elsewhere in this board, I found a reference to http://www.rondebruin.nl/sendmail.htm which taught me to attach an Excel workbook to an email. And using the code below, it worked perfectly... except - Outlook creates a box before it sends asking the user to "allow" or deny permission to send...
  7. B

    Linking Outlook to Excel

    I found this code to link Outlook to Excel but I keep getting a compile error. It says "User-defined type not defined." Please help. This is the website i got the instructions from. [URL="http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/msoffice/quickly-export-outlook-e-mail-items-to-excel/744"] Sub...
  8. A

    Lookup Outlook Contacts

    I made an excel function that will return employee names stored in MS Outlook by referencing their employee ID numbers. The function works ok, but it's too slow. I'm sort of blathering my way through VBA and could use some ideas to speed things up. Any help is appreciated. Here is what I came...
  9. P

    VBA Mails - Getting created, but not sent

    Hi Guys, I have a code which sends the files from the computer to different vendors. The code works fine sometimes, but sometimes, the mails get created but are not sent. Can someone look at the code and let me know a way out of this problem? Sub SendFinalReports()...
  10. T

    Excel 2000 - Outlook Object Model Help

    I have a Macro written for Excel 2007: Sub CreateJobEmail() Dim WSS As Worksheet Set WSS = Worksheets("Sheet1") myitem = CreateItem(olMailItem) 'Creates a new e-mail item and modifies its properties Dim objMail As Outlook.MailItem 'Create e-mail item Set objMail =...
  11. D

    Use Excel to send email with proper subject title

    I need the subject name of the email to reflect a certain cell value in Sheets("Master Appraisal").Range("B65"), rather than the attachment name that goes with the email currently. Below is the code that I have to email the saved name of the attachment as the subject: Sub Mail_workbook_1()...
  12. G

    send mail through Outlook

    Hi all, I need to send a mail to 250 person. the content of mail will remain same for all concerns but i want to address each one of them individually. i have stored the individauls name in Column A and their mailing Address in column B. i want to create a macro who sends mail to all...

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