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    VBA to paste from Clip Board onto an Outlook email.

    Hi Guys I need help with the VBA. Here is what I have so far. THe first few lines copys some rows in excel (some rows are hidden, filtered out in a filtered cells by the way) I don't know how do I paste this into the body of the email?? I tried searching online but it came back with really...
  2. J

    Add a link in the body of an Outlook task created from Excel VBA

    I currently have a worksheet that creates Outlook tasks based on line data from a table. Works like a charm however i need to create a link in the body of the task. I can get the file extension in the body but i would like to hyperlink it. I have done some research but have become confused...
  3. D

    Table to Outlook mail message missing frame

    Hi! I'm running the popular Excel-to-Outlook VBA code by Ron de Bruin. Granted, this seems like a miniature issue (and it is), but it still drives me crazy. As the code stands, I'm missing the bottom end of the table frame in Outlook (screenshots from Excel table + 2 below from Outlook...
  4. C

    VBA Outlook place cursor after specific word in email body

    Hello, I need a code VBA Outlook to place a cursor in email body after a specific word Thanks
  5. J

    VBA with olMail Body Formatting

    Thanks in advance for any help. I'm trying to create an email from an excel file. Currently works fine, however I'm looking to BOLD certain parts of the .Body string. It was suggested that I use .HTMLBody for some quicker easy coding, but I'm not that HTML savy and haven't been able to simply...
  6. T

    Large Excel list of various email addresses that need to be deleted from Outlook

    Hi All, I have a large list of email addresses in Excel, I need to delete (ideally to the Delete folder) or remove the emails present in the list from my Outlook Inbox. I've searched the web to see if I can find a vba routine but have been unsuccessful. I'd appreciate any assistance. Many...
  7. P

    Outlook Subfolder Expansion

    Hello, I've got some code that is supposed to expand some folders in Outlook. It works fine for the first level folders, but won't expand the subfolders (in this case the xx Progressions folder). The code doesn't bug out: the subfolder simply does not expand. Could anybody tell me what I've...
  8. X

    Move outlook contacts to folder

    Hi all, I have my icloud account linked to my outlook, and all contacts are added to a folder called "contacts" I can then manually add folders to sort contactitems. However, when you "move" a contact from the main group to a different folder, it also stays in the main group. Therefor the main...
  9. P

    Want to send a range in a sheet with Outlook. But I want to give the user an option for attachment or copy

    Hi I have a tool in which the user clicks a macro button and it send out the range of the sheet in the body of an email in Outlook. We are having an issue that sometimes the range can be over 1000 rows long. The receiver will have to copy paste it in a workbook anyways, so I wanted to give...
  10. M

    VBA from MS Outlook to copy data from excel file and past it to email body

    Hi! I have excel file which is saved locally in OneDrive folder but is shared within office 365 so can't use VBA. So I need to run a macro from MS Outlook to copy data from the excel file and past it in the new email's body. Here is the whole routine I want to automate: 1) Open the excel file...
  11. P

    Excel VBA to Outlook Select Range lastRow

    Hey guys, I need for the code to stop copying at the lat line with data, but cant figure out how to code it. Pretty sure i need to use lastRow, but Im not sure how to replace the range. Sub Main() 'For Tips see: http://www.rondebruin.nl/win/winmail/Outlook/tips.htm 'Don't forget to copy the...
  12. Y

    VBA / Macro: Book Excel dates to Outlook Appointment.

    Hi Everyone, I'm in the final stages of getting this vb code finished to book appointments to my default outlook calendar in outlook 365 (desktop version). There are two calendar appointment types: - Type 1. Personal Appointments, "CreateOutlookAppointments()" - Type 2. Shared appointments...
  13. J

    Save Emails from Excel

    Hi There, I have a new specific problem with interacting with outlook. I have a sheet where I need to save approval for things that came via email. I will be using a userform to allow my users to select which row the approval should go in. I need the macro to look at the user's inbox (there...
  14. M

    Runtime error 1004 with "ActiveWorkbook.EnvelopeVisible = True"

    Hi all, I am trying to create a macro to send an email via outlook. The code works on my computer but it does not seem to work on another computer, where a Runtime error 1004 is returned. "ActiveWorkbook.EnvelopeVisible = True" being highlighted when I try to debug. Please see my code below...
  15. K

    Sending an automatic email when the due date is approaching

    Hello experts, I am quite new to VBA. Currently, I am working on a project where I want to send an automatic email seven days before the due date notifying that the due date is approaching. I want to get the date and the respective email address from two different sheets. I searched for other...
  16. C

    Email Hyperlink

    Hello: When I click an email hyperlink, it currently opens to the Mail app. Is there any way to have this switched to Outlook? Thanks OJ
  17. Y

    VBA Check existing Calendar appointments when importing from excel.

    Hey guys, I've already posted something similar but i replied to my own post and im concerned no one will see it, so here is the problem: I'm stuck trying to prevent duplicate appointments being created when i run the following code to import excel dates to outlook. I need the code to ignore...
  18. Y

    Check for existng appointments in calendar to prevent duplicate entries when importing from excel

    Hey Guys, I'm stuck trying to prevent duplicate appointments being created when i run the following code to import excel dates to outlook. Public Sub CreateOutlookMeetings() Sheets("sheet1").Select On Error GoTo Err_Execute Dim olApp As Outlook.Application Dim olAppt As...
  19. M

    Make a word document from range of cell and send as attachment from outlook

    I have this code to send PDF files but now I need to send word document instead of PDF, could someone help to adjust the code: Sub PDFXX() Dim SaveAsStr As String 'SaveAsStr = ActiveWorkbook.Path & "\" & ActiveSheet.Range("J1").Value SaveAsStr = ActiveSheet.Range("J1").Value...
  20. R

    Creating a single email from list

    Hey y’all, I am having issues finding a VBA that can create an email in outlook from a list of email addresses. The email addresses change fairly constantly and will sometimes have blank cells in between them. I would like it to create a single email but can only find VBAs that create...

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