1. A

    VBA - is this possible?

    Hello Gurus, I've just been asked if it is possible to create some VBA that sits in a master workbook (Excel 2016) that will collect or merge data from hundreds of identical files that get sent to an Outlook 2016 email account as attachments and then move the emails to a named folder in Outlook...
  2. M

    How to generate email draft to a shared mailbox's Drafts folder?

    Hi, The following codes are created to generate emails to a shared mailbox "abc@de.com" draft mailbox. However, at step "Set OutlookDestFolder = OutlookNS.Folders("abc@de.com").Folders("Drafts")", I receive the error message "run-time error '-2147221233 (8004010f)': The attempted operation...
  3. J

    How can I unite these two scripts to send emails with single or multiple attachments to a list of contacts?

    Hi all, The goal of the script is to display an email containing one or more attachments and a screenshot of the details of such attachments for each one of the clients within a column. The attachments tend to be Invoices and a single customer may have one or multiple. As of now, I have the...
  4. J

    Excel Macro for attaching pdf to outlook mail

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet with names in Column A and email address in column B. There are PDF attachments for all names mentioned in Column A, in a single folder. I found a macro that can send an email to all recipients mentioned in column B, and attach the corresponding attachments from that...
  5. N

    Post multiple calendar events in outlook, from excel

    I want to know if its possible to insert multiple calendar events in outlook, from excel, with an image, so that when the invite is sent, the user click on the image to go to the calendar event. Can someone please help me? Thanks in advance.
  6. H

    Automating Simple Email Forwards using VBA

    Hey Guys, I have a really annoying manual task I do everyday for work: Receive an email (always same subject and body format) into a shared mailbox in Outlook. In the body of that email it has a client name (again, always same format). I look up the client against the account manager name in...
  7. C

    VBA in Outlook (Office 365): pull PDF from link in email into a new email

    Hello - I receive an email every day with a link that takes to me to folder. That folder houses a PDF I need to share with colleagues. I've asked that the email contain the PDF rather than the link but have been told it will take some time. Is there a way I can run a macro in Outlook to click...
  8. C

    VBA - Create Outlook Meeting based on Data

    Hello - I'm trying to set up a Macro (or open to ideas) to auto create an outlook reminder from excel. The issue I'm running into is that it is a shared workbook and each row has different information. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O 1 Date Notified PSID Employee Name Job Title MA Work...
  9. D

    From excel rows to email

    Hi, I am hoping someone could please help me. My situation: I have to send information from excel via email, individually to different recipients. The subject lines change every day but are constant for across all recipients. The body of the email is always individualized. Example: email...
  10. R

    VBA code to send email when two cells in adjacent columns are contain specific data

    I have a code built that, upon clicking a command button, displays an email to a coworker when a cell in column P is "X". When a cell in column P is updated a date stamp is automatically entered into the adjacent cell in column Q. How do I update my code so the email displays only if the...
  11. V

    VBA to send email consisting of all visible cells (& not hidden ones)

    Dear Forum, I have this code in Excel VBA: Sub Outlook_Mail_Every_Worksheet_Body() Dim OutApp As Object Dim OutMail As Object Dim ws As Worksheet With Application .EnableEvents = False .ScreenUpdating = False End With Set OutApp =...
  12. S

    Code to only select outlook mails which are unread.

    I have below code where the Macro fetches mail from the source folder "Testing". But i want to add another logic where it picks only unread mails plz help Sub Save_Attachments_From_Emails_to_word() Dim folderPath1, folderpath2 As String 'Check and create folder for the word...
  13. V

    Duplicate Attachments when sending email using VBA

    Hi everyone, First time posting here. I am in no means an expert with VBA, I usually go through google and try to mix and match codes. I'm stumped with the current project I'm working on. What I'm trying to do is have a vba code wherein it will send the current workbook I'm working on as an...
  14. D

    Macro to pull data from an email

    Hi everyone, I get an email every week that has with a table in it that has numbers. I usually open the email, and just enter the data manually in my excel template that I use. I was wondering if there was a way or a macro which can pull this email, and copy the data into my spreadsheet? the...
  15. LegendaryCue

    VBA Outlook 2013 Calendar to Excel

    Good afternoon everyone! I am an absolute rookie when it comes to VBA specifically, but fairly strong with excel. I had a problem I was trying solve to help me determine what percent of my time I am spending during my weeks on specific categorical meetings via Outlook. Essentially exporting my...
  16. B

    Force mailto hyperlinks to use Outlook

    Is there a way to force mailto hyperlinks in Excel workbooks to use Outlook, perhaps using VBA? A user of one of my workbooks phoned me complaining that the link in the workbook, which should open a new email window with the email addresses pre-filled and a short message, opens up Google...
  17. N

    Excel range/cell or cell value/data to copy into a certain outlook OFT Template body

    Hey guys, I hope everyone is keeping well! I was just wondering if anyone might be able to lend a hand or point me into the right direction, please? 😊 I have been experimenting with a few different ways that I could send excel data using VBA but have been struggling with this for some time now...
  18. M

    VBA to Send Mass Emails with Individual Attachments

    Hi all, I need some VBA to allow me to send multiple emails (same standard email body but each with their own individual Excel attachment). I'm using Microsoft Outlook and Excel 365 Workbook Entitled: 'Raw Data' Sheet Entitled 'Sheet1' Column A: Email Address Column B: First Name (for email...
  19. D

    VBA to send a macro free version of workbook via Outlook

    Hello All, I am wondering if anyone can help to figure out how to send a macro free version of my workbook by email. I'm not too familiar with using other applications and objects in VBA, especially if I might need to create and delete a temporary workbook. I have seen other examples which...
  20. A

    Titus classification pop up in VBA (outlook item)

    Hello, I am currently trying to send automatic emails in an excel workbook, but every time an email is sent, since my company is subject to TITUS classification, I have to manually select it in a pop up. I use a regular outlook protocol to send emails I have not been able to find anything to...

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