1. I

    Email via VBA in Excel

    Hello, so I want the following thing to add to this (I am very new to VBA and learning this since last friday): - Send Mail from a specific Mail adress (emailItem.To does not work here) - Have a Signature automatically drafted e.g. when I click the Checkmark the Mail Editor opens but my...
  2. R

    Help with outlook

    Does anyone know of a way to add a template of events to an outlook calendar? we are going to track important dates for an email campaign and instead of making them up each time I would looking for a faster way to add them to a calendar as a bulk item of events on specific dates depending on...
  3. J

    Importing Outlook Data

    Hi, Apologies, I know this is a very long-winded and convoluted post, but it's hard to put into succinct words. This query is both VBA related and Power Query related. I'm trying to loop through emails in an Outlook folder and save and rename all attachments. I'd also like to modify the code...
  4. C

    How to VBA things for weekly email

    Hi all Learning VBA slowly on my own and I have managed to write a script for me to send multiple emails weekly, however there are 2 things I would like to do…. when referencing a cell in the email body which is a negative value, I would like that text to be red, and a positive value the text...
  5. M

    VBA Macro to Extract Outlook Attachment Excel Data and Paste into Specific Excel Worksheet Range

    **Please move if this is in the wrong thread group** I believe I have finally spliced a VBA code together in order to do what I'm trying to accomplish however I can't seem to get the specifics correct. Scenario - I receive 3 emails every night at 8pm that contain 1 excel/csv attachment each. I...
  6. B

    VBA Email Outllook Item .Send does not work

    Hello, I am working with a macro to send an email, i can get the email to draft and display. But the .Send doesnt seem to work. I essentially am needing this to just automatically send with no display or screen updating. I'll share my code below, any help is greatly appreciated, thanks. Sub...
  7. J

    Visual basic code for email reminders

    Hello guys, How can I make excel send email reminders in outlook based on the given dates In one column. I would like to make it send the reminder with 6 months in advance, do you have any ideas? I have seen it is possible to do so with visual basic but I do not know how to code.
  8. B

    Selected cell data to outlook calander

    I have a column of dates in column D and I would like to create a macro that when I enter data in a selected cell in column E and run the macro it will add that data to outlook calender. I have found several threads about this but nothing that work just for the selected cell. Any help would be...
  9. J

    Save outlook attachment without file extensions

    Hi all, Hoping this is a simple fix. I have the below script that I found on another forum that runs as a rule in Outlook to save .pdf email attachments with a timestamp that come from my printer. That part all works fine. The problem I'm having is that it will save the file with the .pdf as...
  10. B

    Automating Outlook Using Custom Tags in Email Templates

    I'm trying to create a userform dashboard in Outlook that utilizes several templates (.oft) with custom tags in them. For many of us, our emails are quite redundant: open a template or recycle a previous email, change some stuff, and send. What I'm hoping to achieve is eliminate as much...
  11. J

    VB Macro for extracting Excel email address data to Outlook email draft

    Hello, I do found a VB formula in order to extract a set of email addresses from Excel to an Outlook email draft, so email drafting will be way easier especially if we maintain a lot of distribution lists for different email communications. My problem is I want to implement this to a...
  12. U

    add signature in vba outlook

    Hi, I have the below running, but for some reason it doesn't include the user's signature? Any ideas? Note, different users may be using this, so would like to include whatever their default outlook signature is: 'Send Email Set OutApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") Set OutMail =...
  13. catscantuseexcel

    VBA to send sheets based on column values

    Hi, I currently have vba to send multiple sheets in an excel as a new excel file as seen below. However, I am trying to add the following function: - Instead of putting the sheet names in the vba (Test Sheet, Sheet Test), I would like the vba to take the name from the open sheet. So for...
  14. M

    Error 91 when pasting into outlook from excel using vba

    I have this posted in stackoverflow as well, link: Error 91 when pasting into outlook from excel using vba I am a novice coder, use it to automate my business life :-( I have this code that creates an appointment in outlook and pastes a range of cells. The odd thing is that the code always...
  15. J

    VBA Macro - Adding Outlook HTML signature and Referring specific cell for email body text

    Hi guys, I am trying to add my Outlook signature that has an image with text (i.e. HTML format) and refer specific cell (i.e. .HTMLBody = Range ("B5"). Value) using Macro to return the Outlook Signature with Email body text that is written on cell B5. I used Ron de Bruin's code (Insert Outlook...
  16. C

    Outlook is crashing when macro displays data from Excel in mails

    I am using for a longer time macro, that I managed to create with help of Internet community. It generally pick up data from Excel and populates in Outlook mails. As I have marked option DISPLAY, I want first check if content is good and then accept for sending. It works fine, but lastly...
  17. Y

    How do stop VBA pasting content under default signature in Outlook

    Hi all, I'm completely new to VBA but have managed to piece together a few things I found online, and mostly understand what it's doing. In order to copy specific cells from Excel and paste them into an Outlook email whilst retaining their appearance, I have the following code: Private Sub...
  18. R

    Mail merge to insert the picture in the mail body and schedule the email

    I have an excel sheet with all the details required and my requirement is to email customized birthday cards to staffs. I want the picture to be inserted in the outlook mail body rather than add as an attachment. The email should go on the birthday dates at the specified time. I have the...
  19. U

    Getting pop up in outlook with vba/excel integration

    Hi! I'm getting a pop up in outlook when I run vba code in excel. "A program is trying to access email address ifnformation stored in outlook. If this is unexpected, click deny and verify your antivirus software is up to date..." it has me allow, deny, or allow access of X minutes. If I click...
  20. L

    VBA: create separate emails for each unique address in selection

    Hey We have a database which we update daily and need to send an email to separate people based on the input. My code check selected cells per rows creates the emails. My problem is we need to manually check if we select cells from the same person otherwise we send it to the wrong person. For...

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