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    Formula for Calculating Overtime and Premium Time

    Hello, I'm looking for a formula that will multiply a value based on the time codes of Regular (no multiplier), Overtime (1.5 multiplier) and Premium(2 multiplier). The download from our accounting software displays as follows: <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Type Hours...
  2. T

    Select Case - Squishy spot on forehead

    After digging through umpteen references - I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong here. Per the comments in the code: I have a workbook where on one worksheet there is a named range - _FST with a drop down select for yes or no. Based on the answer I want to perform a SUM of 40 -...
  3. O

    display specific data from a group of cells

    I have data is three cells (M15, M27 & M39). They may have various text in them, but only one cell will be either "Overtime" or "PointinTime". In cell M44 I would like to display the data from whatever cell contains the either the word Overtime or PointInTime. I am unsure how to do this. I...
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    complex if/then and also reference another worksheet

    Below is the current If statement that I am using-- Sample of file format: A B ColumnC ColumnD ColumnE ColumnF ColumnG 62 Task 1 $500 63 Task 2 $850 64 Task 3 $900 What I am trying to do: If ColumnC = "Yes" then "Recognize Revenue OVERTIME". If...
  5. B

    calculating worktime and overtime

    I'm trying to calculate overtime and working time based on the start time and stop time given. The criteria are: Valid working time is between 07:00 and 17:00 all other time outside this slot is overtime. to calculate the time is not the issue, it is when somene starts or stops the time outside...
  6. H

    How to make automated hour calculation

    Im trying to build a way, how to derive from overtime hours regular working time. The rationale is that the regular working hours would be clearly visible. Example: I enter overtime work info 18:00-21:00 (3 hours), and excel calculates that work start time must have been 09:30 and end time...
  7. S

    Using SUMPRODUCT to look up a date in a range and return a value???

    Hi there. I am attempting to create a loop using SUMPRODUCT to find a date within a date range for an employee number and returning a value. This is my situation. I have an overtime workbook that list the dates (Column B) and hours of overtime worked (Column E) by employee number (Column A)...
  8. B

    Calculate Overtime with multiple criteria

    I am trying to make a timesheet that calculates overtime with the following criteria... 1. Overtime is after 8hrs on any given day. 2. Overtime is after 40hrs/week...consideration to the after 8hr criteria to ensure not duplicating overtime. 3. The after 40hrs/week overtime criteria changes if...
  9. B

    Calculate dates and times for regular time & overtime ...and also consider weekends and holidays

    Subtract dates and times for overtime ...and also consider weekends and holidays PLEASE PLEASE HELP I need help with a formula to deduct ie dates and times to calculate regular time and overtime and multiply the regular time with the basic salary of R18.75 (Rand)....and Saturdays with...
  10. D

    Include a Dropdown List in a Conditional Statement

    Hey guys, Here is an example/breakdown of what I am trying to do. If C1 says Overtime, then I want D1 to display a dropdown list of the codes in (A1:A4). If C1 is blank, then I want D1 to be blank as well. <tbody> A B C D E 1 CodeA Overtime 2 CodeB 3 CodeC 4 CodeD...
  11. P

    Formula Based Scoring Time Between Two Dates

    Hello all. My work is instituting an incentive plan to encourage overtime when needed. They decided on a point system where you earn points for each hour you work of overtime. Each hour of each day may be worth a different point. As an example: Working 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM on Tuesday would be 1...
  12. R

    Sum up to certain value ???

    Hi there, it's been a while since had such a hard time figuring out what I need to do with certain formulas. My question is this. I have a sheet with days and the overtime that is worked on those days. The overtime is split up in 4 categories. OT, DT, PPH, PPH OT. Now the target for the...
  13. L

    calculating overtime idea

    Hi I want to write a formula to calculate overtime. If the total hrs worked is more than 8 then that is overtime I thought abut this formula but did not work. It only work if the difference is 1hrs and above. if it is 1/2hr then I get garbage number. = max(A1-8,0) <tbody> total hrs worked...
  14. J


    Hi all, I have an overtime spreadsheet that calculates the cost and productivity of the overtime hours per salesperson, per month. Up until now the overtime rate has been 1.5 which was easy to calculate using SUMIF using month and then the ‘hours worked’ column to calculate. I use this...
  15. A

    timesheet formulas

    Hi All, Would someone be able to help me in designing a timesheet in excel, I do not know how to do the formulas for all the rules below. I guess to have seperate columns that splits the hours worked into the following categories and seperate columns for the rules? I appreciate this is a lot...
  16. P

    Time difference formula on 24hr clocks over midnight

    Hi Guys, Been stuck on this one for a while. Need to figure out some turnaround times for overtime (while filming we get overtime for however much we break an 11hr turnaround). So times are logged in 24 hr format, so I need to work out some time differences but having a huge amount of trouble...
  17. W

    SumIf and Sum by color

    Any help in this would be greatly appreciated, I am setting up an Overtime Equalization Spread sheet that tracks numerous pieces of data throughout the fiscal year. I. E. If employee worked overtime , if they refused overtime, what shift I was for ( Day Afternoon or Nights) and the reason...
  18. S

    Formula requesting

    i want one formula for finding the value . i want to find overtime hrs . eg: Mr A has 1 day overtime 6 Hrs. but actual his OT is only 2. Because 4 hrs fixed hrs. after above all OT Hrs. How i can make this automatic
  19. R

    formula to calculate multiple overtime rules and include double time, odd scenarios

    Hello all , I have been struggling for months to get this just right and can not seem to figure out how to do it, I was hoping maybe some of you had some ideas. here is the scenario: our company uses odd overtime rules for daily work they are as follows: any work done between midnight and 8 am...
  20. S

    I need assistance with calculating Reg and Daily/weekly OT

    Hi everyone, I need some assistance calculating regular and OT hours by day and week. Anything over 12 hours in a day and over 40 hours in a week. If the hours were already counted as OT for the daily over 12, they should not be counted for the over 40 hours for the respective week. This is an...

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