1. sparky2205

    Invisible cells

    Hi folks, I ran a Workbook Analysis on a spreadsheet using the Inquire tool (very useful). It tells me one of my cells is invisible. Sure enough when I type into the cell the text is hidden. I can simply Format Paint from another cell and then my text is visible. But I would like to know how...
  2. K

    Calculating based on variables

    I have a column of numbers showing gallons of paint, (column 1) they are 6 (white paint), 8 (blue paint), 9 (green paint), 11 (purple paint) this is what is needed to mix and obtain a certain cover. The paint supplier gives me varying quantities of each of those colors. It is not the same...
  3. S

    TextBox backcolor

    So I have a Geographic Heat Map with Textboxes for all 50 states and 1 for DC. I need to see about adding to the following code to make the Textbox backcolor/fillcolor equal the state color. Sub Paint() Dim i As Integer For i = 1 To 50 'First, paint the state shapes...
  4. D

    Conditional Formatting

    When I format paint cells using Paint from a cell that has conditional formatting applied, the results seem to be fine, but the conditions for the copied cells don't change - see attached. In other words, the Condition value doesn't change, but it applies to the entire range I copied it to...
  5. W

    Index match - V look up....

    Not sure witch feature I should try to learn. I have a spreadsheet with 500+ accounts. And a second spreadsheet with 338 accounts. I would like to match the company names form both sheets and if they do cut/copy ten columns from sheet two into sheet 1 for that company. I am also concerned as...
  6. J

    Assistance appreciated for how to get started on a project

    Hello! First, I want to say how much I appreciate this community... it's been a huge help with my Excel questions! Input data example <tbody> Customer Name Date Product QTY John Doe 1/24/2016 Paint, Standard Green 2 1/24/2016 Shelf, H1 6 1/24/2016 Backer, H1 6 5/14/2016 Shelf...
  7. J

    Index/Match Non-linear Logic

    I have the following table structure. I am attempting to pull in the Planning rate associated with the Part No. The structure (if you look towards the bottom of my table) is not stable - sometimes a product may have 1, 2 or 3 lines (they could, conceivably, have 10). The structure may have...
  8. S

    Summarize Date by Week

    Our HR department wants me to create an easy way for them to summarize the following data: Sheet1 <tbody> A B C D E 1 Name Home Dept Dept Worked In Date Hours Worked 2 Garrett Assembly Injection 11/7/2017 4 3 aNgela Assembly Paint 11/1/2017 6 4 Travis Injection Assembly 11/2/2017 8...
  9. W

    offset match with multiple criteria

    hiyas all, Ive looked around the searches and cant seem to find anything that does what I am looking for basically I have a cell with model of car i.e. focus and a cell which recognises if standard metallic or dualtone paint is selected with a 1 2 or 3 number produced from formula the table I...
  10. L

    Countifs and do not count zero

    Dear all, as I need to find out the top 3 Remedy in the list item, it show PAINT, FIX AND 0... but when it comes to zero, it will count a value for zero, but I would like to exclude 0 in my value data can anybody help, thanks, my calculation for Column No is...
  11. T

    Calculating a value using multiple criteria as a result of multiple drop down selections

    Im looking to be able to select multiple input options from drop down boxes then see the changes these selected values have on other values selected by additional drop downs if that makes any sense. To reference a previous post on this issue: I now need to be able to add/compare additional...
  12. H

    4 cell graphic into one via Paint using VBA, is it possible?

    I have a number of graph files in excel. Each graph is made up of four cells, header, graph pic and legends for X and Y. What I need is for the four of them to be merged into one item. Typically I do Printscreen, dump into Paint and cut it out from there. Is it possible to automate this with VBA...
  13. K

    Operating Ms Paint using excel-VBA

    I've written a code to copy the charts from a worksheet (in my excel workbook) to Ms-Paint and then saving the results. <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-family: Consolas, Menlo, Monaco, "Lucida Console", "Liberation Mono", "DejaVu Sans Mono", "Bitstream Vera Sans Mono"...
  14. Z

    Painting cells whose sum is zero

    I'm from Brazil and I need your help to solve a spreadsheet. I have the following values: 8881.92 -6,735.58 -196546.73 -10,229.00 -6,003.60 -69.60 211,632.56 -2,878.32 -4,856.83 -137.24 -8,031.08 I need to paint the cells whose sum is zero. Note that 8881.92 + -...
  15. E

    save as with sendkeys

    hi i try to use sendkeys when i open a paint file ' the problem : i cant "save" i wrote : SendKeys "~" but i cant save ...
  16. D

    Copy from Paint to selected cell in Excel

    Hi Everyone, I'm a long time Excel user, but I have a really simple problem that drives me crazy. In my job I sometimes put a lot of screen shots into Paint and then copy and paste just the seciton I want into Excel. I do this to document certain things when I am doing a cost estimate. It...

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