partial matching

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    Insert *data* from a cell in SUMIFS formula

    Dear friends, I need to use formula =SUMIFS() and sum the results from two columns from one table matching with other two columns in another table. =SUMIFS('Active link'!$G:$G;'Active link'!$A:$A;$A4;'Active link'!$D:$D;"*crushed stone*") But if for the first column it should match the whole...
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    Compare part of text columnB with columnG

    Hi Friends, I spent few hours to findout a solution for my task. Trying to partial match first 2 or 3 words from ColumnB(B1) data with First 2 or 3 words from ColumnG(G1) If found the partial match then mark as "Yes", If not, "No". I do not need to input range like G1:G10 because the correct...
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    Partial match sheet1 in sheet2 get columnB

    Hi Friends, I am trying to do partial match but its not pulling correct abbreviations. Attached sample file. Used this formula but did not pull right one. <colgroup><col width="64"></colgroup><tbody> #=VLOOKUP(F1&"*",Sheet2!A:B,2) </tbody>
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    Partial data match from ColumnA and ColumnB in columnC

    Hi friends, Trying to do partial data match of ColumnA and ColumnB in ColumnC for example Here is the sample file with result and highlighted what text have to be partial match. I am not good in VBA macros. Tought that it is only possible VBA macro.
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    Partial Matching and copying over a separate column when a match is found

    Hello. I have two columns I and J that have some model numbers in them. Model J has model numbers that are longer than those in column I. I want to have another column F that looks at I2 and searches column J for a partial match (7 characters) and once it finds one, it copies the date from...
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    Index Match with wild card help

    I'm working on a project which provides two excel files. The first file, File1, contains a list of SKU descriptions under the header "SKU". They are somewhat long, and contain superfluous information. <tbody> SKU(A1) <tbody> M GEL-CUMULUS 14 M GEL-CUMULUS 15 M GEL-CUMULUS 16 BR W...
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    Match text and numbers from two spreadsheets based on common value

    Hi, I have one spreadsheet with two columns, with the headers: ID number and Chemical name. I have another spreadsheet with six columns: ID number, Chemical name, TEP 1, TEP 2, TEP 3 and TEP 4 (TEPs are numeric risk scores). I need to know what the TEP values are for the chemicals in the first...
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    Partial Matching In Excel?

    I've recently taken up a project for my internship that I thought would be fairly simple. Basically I have a list of companies with email addresses and another list without. I want to match the companies with email addresses with the companies without based on their name, then combine the data...

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