1. S

    Conditional Formatting of Partial Data

    I’m looking for help on how to conditionally format several worksheets in a workbook. Each worksheet already has a different type of conditional formatting in areas that I would not want affected by the new conditional formatting. I have two columns (A and B) with approximately 50,000 cells...
  2. I

    Partial match index match with array values shorter than match value

    Problem: Trying to run an index match_partial match on a long column of values to return the desired result but have been getting an #NA. Current formula without changes: =INDEX(level,MATCH("*"&J3,title,0)) So I'm trying to match these values to return "Middle Management" for values that...
  3. S

    sumproduct - multiple criteria that includes partial text

    Hi I have a table of data with many rows an columns and I'm trying to count the number of records that meet numerous criteria. I've managed to get a lot of it to work but am stuck when it comes to one field that contains one or more partial string elements. My current formula is: -...
  4. M

    Excel Sumproduct formula with Wild Card

    Hi Team, Need your help , in sumproduct formula, I want Count of Partial Match. and also how to use not Equal in Partial Match using wild Card. Below excel formula gives correct result. for Exact Match. Need some change in Third Criteria. highlighted in bold...
  5. D

    Returning Partial Data using Vlookup

    Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone might know how to return only partial data using Vlookup. I would like to only bring back the first name instead of the full name when doing my vlookup. Thank you for any help anyone can give me. Thank you. D.
  6. M

    Items picked per partial hrs not full hrs ( items / time)

    Hi I'm using excel 2016, with data running down the columns Q,S,T it calculates items divided by hrs, but I'm stuck as i have partial hrs and this over inflates the value in T1, is there anyway i can make it more accurate say to the nearest 15 minutes also how do i remove #DIV/O! as my...
  7. S

    use reference cell to return dropdown list of partial matches

    Hello, I am trying to pullup a customer# based on their name in cell D1. There can be many customers with similar names. I am looking for help to populate a drop down list which the user can select to get the exact match. The cell D1 is populated by a designer, who may use apostrophes...
  8. S

    Find and Highlight Partial Matches in ONE COLUMN

    Hi, I have a list of people in Column (A) followed by their home addresses in column (B). I would like to find a formula that will look at ONLY column B and highlight any cells that contain partial matches of home addresses to another cell in the same column B. I only find formulas that work if...
  9. R

    SUM with partial cell content in a range

    I need to SUM a range where some of the cells contain partial text as below: 5 6 2 L5 4 SUM should be 22 taking the digit from second last cell also.
  10. X

    Excel partial match from unequal columns and assign value to new column.

    I want to assign a category to a table so that I can eventually create a pivot table. I need to do a partial match to get my category values. "num" i want to match to "number 111" and "numeric 321" and then assign both of those as category1. "form" i want to match to "Form 1" and "formula" as...
  11. S

    Protecting Partial Rows and Columns

    Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to protect partial rows and columns. As an example, I have a spreadsheet that has data in Columns A - F and through Row 3. I don't want that data to be editable except via a password. However, I would like a user to be able to add more columns after...
  12. E

    Subject: reverse partial lookup.

    Hi, we need to do a “reverse partial lookup”. i.e. we have a list of old_product_codes (Col A) and new_product_codes (col B). And we need to know if any of the new_product_codes contain (or equal) any of the old_product_codes We have found ways of making this work on smaller lists, but we...
  13. S

    VBA Macro to open Find box and search multiple worksheets

    Hi all, great to be here in the community ad thanks for having me. I am basically wanting some VBA code that can be used as a macro to open a find box, then input either a partial text or partial number. This in turn then searches specific worksheets (example worksheets: MON01, MON02) of which I...
  14. M

    PO wise supply issue

    Hi all, I have a problem in issue the products on the basis of PO wise ( PO means purchased order issue by Hospital with all term and condition QTY, PRICE ,Supply, etc. ). We can’t serve complete PO qty on a one day with different reason but issue to hospital on demand basis. There is a problem...
  15. P

    Lookup and partial match to Filtered visible cells

    Hello. Please refer the attachment. The Data List is in column A with multiple words in a single string in each cell A14:A17 Column A (starting at A13) <tbody> Data List JohnMarySue SueJoeNathan KellyBobThomas ShaunSisterMale </tbody> The Filter list of unique words are in F1:F10...
  16. K

    Help with Date formula

    I posted here and got some help, but not exactly what I need: I will do my best to explain what I need My company went to a monthly calendar reporting period with 12 reporting periods...
  17. GomaPile

    How to find partial duplicate vs no duplicate values in a column

    Hi Guys, A common problem question (I'm sure its been mentioned here before). How to find partial duplicate vs no duplicate values in a column. For instance both of these 2 shift times have the same shift code at the end "ED1" - 0630-1500 ED1 & 0700-1500 ED1 (one is 30mins less). I can't...
  18. A

    Partial Vlookup Wildcard not finding match but returning #N/A

    Hello there. I have two worksheets. One with partial data (example = 80151006) and the other worksheet with entire data (example = Lif HCCCLAIMPMT 186027 0063143 TRN *1* 0080151006*124389766). I used the formula =VLOOKUP(A7&"*",database!$A$2:$A$227,1,FALSE). And all I get is the #NA in the...
  19. L

    Searching within a cell for ANY match.

    I have a script that searches for data using a userform, it's working great except for one thing - I would like to search anything within the cell and not search from an exact match like it's currently doing. For example - One of my entries is "BEHAVIOR HEALTH SPECIALIST ASST (BHSA)"...
  20. U

    Vlookup - create new list from existing list based on partial match

    I'm trying to use formulae only to create a new list of data from a master data set using criteria in a lookup column. I'm hoping for my formula to follow these steps: 1 Take value in lookup list (cell will be locked i imagine). 2 Lookup cells in B1:B15 partially containing value in $D$2. 3 When...

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