1. N

    Search multiple criteria for item

    I'm not sure how to word it, but here goes... I have two spreadsheets (1 old & 1 new) I need to compare specific criteria. I need to search the old CSV of parts and compare to the new CSV of parts and tell me if we have old parts that match the dimensions of the new parts. The CSV headers in...
  2. J

    Combine a single list of unique parts with a list of 35 components that belong to each part

    I have list of unique VINS. I also have a list of 35 parts that belong to each VIN. I need to combine these list so that i have A VIN, then 35 parts, then ANOTHER VIN with the same 35 parts, then a 3rd VIN, etc. Seems like it should be easy . . . but stuck. A macro would be nice . . . but...
  3. M

    VBA Delete Entire Row if Doesn't Contains Certain Text

    Hi guys, Any idea of a quick macro that will help me, I would like to delete all rows that doesn't contains at least IN, CH, EL on column A I do have many items in my stock list and I would like to keep all parts # that start by IN, CH and EL and delete all the rest that doesn't contains those...
  4. U

    Help with Pulling in List to copy Dates

    I have a set number of dates that I need to forecast. Some of the months I have dont always have a Forecast but I want to be able to at least post a 0 still in that date. What I need is to be able to use a list of parts IE 301080.01 301081.01 301082.01 301083.01 Etc ( this parts will be...
  5. C

    Macro/VBA to present user a look up box, and then add rows depending number of rows needed.

    Hi - first time caller, long time listener. In my world, I have a long list of parts. What I want to do, is create a macro, that will when run, ask me what part # are you looking for. When found, it looks up the part and inserts the necessary # of rows. What I have is service kits that are...
  6. 2

    Parts lists pop-up

    Hi there, i made a small parts list. In column A 1-99 each cell will have an item. Ex. A1 saw, A2 hammer, A3 screwdriver. When i click on an item such as A1, I would like a form with labels and text boxes to pop-up. i know i can make a form that matches my headers but i would like certain...
  7. CsJHUN

    ERP advice

    Hi guys, I have to make an ERP (by day it looks more complex) like a database in excel with: production type, ok PCs, ng PCs, time and other losses; key machine parts replacing, these parts lifetime; employes's on the shop floor with their leaders; lines, processes; ..... (for abbreviation and...
  8. I

    Creating sunburst charts

    Hello. I try to make a chart, but I have a problem I can not solve. I need a little help and I'd be glad if you help me. The chart should look like I did in the picture. I divide the diagram into 8 parts, which are divided into five more. My idea is that these 5 parts represent a percentage of...
  9. S

    Display set range of numbers between an upper and lower limit

    I've got a sheet that works out the lower and upper limits of parts based on certain criteria, I want to display the parts available between and including these numbers. The 13 available numbers are based on the strength of the part, so 35, 40, 63, 65, 80, 85, 100, 105 etc. If the cells show 63...
  10. T

    Lock form on a given time period from adding new records

    Morning from everybody! I have an electronic requisition DB that the production department uses to enter the parts needed on the shop floor. Warehouse people then print the req and take the parts down. This DB is open 24/7/365 I need to limit the time that production folks can issue new reqs to...
  11. J

    Insert Rows Based on Cell Input

    Hey all, I have a workbook that use to estimate costs for my customers. I'd like to be able to add a number of rows underneath "Weight" to correspond with the "Number of Parts" and still maintain the formula functionality in that range of cells so that my totals near the bottom will still be...
  12. P

    Search results Multiple Rows

    Hi, I'd really appreciate if you can please help me construct the formula needed to bring multiple results from many rows. (I know that a regular VLOOKUP will only bring the first result but here it's possible that there will be up to 6 required results). I received a file "Current", which lists...
  13. D

    Sorting and grouping identical BOMs

    Morning all, One of my colleagues has come to me with a huge list, which contains various bill of materials (BOMs), some of which are identical, but all of which are uniquely labelled. We can't change the software that they're using, so we have to adjust the output afterwards. I've uploaded...
  14. J

    two numbers to one cell

    Let's say I have two numbers in cell A1 (1,1A ) is there a way to construct a formula in B1 something like this =if(a1="1A",if(a1=1,1,"")) unfortunately they have to stay in the same cell.........the cell is used in other parts of a bigger worksheet. Thanks everybody
  15. C

    CSV Fie import with leading 00's

    Hello, I have a CSV file that we use to import files into our ERP system. I have some parts that I need to import that are numbered parts which have leading 00's to start them. Ex. 005566770007. Saving as CSV does not allow me to save this as text as far as I know so the two 00's at the...
  16. gheyman

    Find the Max date for an item that is listed multiple times

    I have a list of parts all listed down a row (A). Then I have a date column that shows the last time I purchased that part. The parts are listed multiple times in the list and the last purchase date isn't going to be towards the top of the list. I cant sort the data for various reasons. Is...
  17. J

    Overwriting fields

    I have an input menu that allows users to input the serial number of a product and then check off what listed parts are either missing or pulled from said product. However, I want to be able to update certain serial number's fields without creating a whole new row for the same serial number...
  18. S

    Executing an increase on a basket based on turnover

    Hi, I need some help please, I work with a basket of products that fall under different groupings (a,b,c) I want to execute a price increase on my turnover and of x percent but I want to make group "A" increase by a certain percentage only and then be able to calculate the increase on the rest...
  19. U

    Divide Month Into Four Equal Parts

    Hi all, Using Excel 2016. How can I divide any given months into 4 equal parts so I can determine if a task was complete in part1, part2, part3 or part4? I tried dividing 3/31/2019 into 4 equal parts of 7.75 hours each, but I don't like the way this is heading. There has to be an easier way...
  20. T

    Issue with finding results, not sure what formula to use

    Hi Everyone I am currently trying to use a data base to find out which parts go onto which machines I currently have a list of all the parts that i am using and next to each part i have each machine number that uses that part. <tbody> Description 34562 Brown Link wire 53456 45366...

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