1. T

    Using ActiveX CommandButton to create random password

    Hello everyone. I am trying to create an ActiveX CommandButton that will create a randomly generated password. I have searched and cannot find anything about using ActiveX to create passwords, I can only find how to create the option in Excel only. Is anyone able to assist me with this?
  2. K

    Add message box when wrong info entered

    Hi.. I am getting tied up on something. I have a protected worksheet that only allows data in to be added to certain cells. I want to add a macro button to unprotect the entire sheet that required the user to enter the correct password. That is working, but I want to add a pop up message box...
  3. G

    Excel protection: allow specified people to use/modify macro, but prevent them to change protection

    This question is a bit complicated. My ultimate goal is to prevent other companies from using our macro-excel, but employees in my company can see/modify the macro. This includes preventing employees in my company to remove/change the protection system. So far I can allow specified people to...
  4. HobbesIsReal

    Hide Formulas when others will know the protected password

    I am creating a spreadsheet that I will be sharing with another company that will cross reference both of lines of products. I want to hide the formulas I developed but at least a few employees at the other company will have the password for the protected spreadsheet as well. Is there a way to...
  5. S

    How to hide VBA Code on a Protected Sheet?

    I am using code to add a double line that requires me to set the same password as the password to protect the sheet. And I don't want someone to be able to view the code on my protected sheet. How do I do this? Also, I don't want to hide the sheet, just protect it. Here is the code, if needed...
  6. L

    Password Protect Tabs (or only able to view a certain tab)

    Hello all! New user to Excel (previously Google Sheets). First of all, I have tried to check other posts that are similar and google, but don't think I have found exactly what I am looking for as each seem different. I currently have a spreadsheet to review Pay Rises, Overtime etc. I have...
  7. C

    Excel VBA - Split files and password protect

    Hi all, I have some code which allows me to split a workbook into multiple based upon a specific column. The code currently is dynamic in the sense that it asks the user to define the column number (Col A = 1, Col B = 2, Col C = 3, etc.) and define the row where the data begins. The names of...
  8. M

    How to manage ODBC connections

    Hello everyone, I have an Excel application (like an end user computing app) used by employees to communicate with a remote database through ODBC calls. The ConnectionString use a generic account and a password stored in a third-party file, when users open the Excel tool the connection is...
  9. A

    My codes to open password protected workbook doesn't work

    Hi everyone, Below is my codes. It does try to open the file, but it keeps asking me for password although I already include the password in the codes. What have I got wrong? Sub openfile() Dim wb As Workbook Set wb = Workbooks.Open(FileName:="C:\...", Password:="password") End Sub...
  10. R

    Help on how to block unauthorized distribution of excel sheet

    Hi Guys :) I'll explain my problem to better understand, so you can recommend the best approach to fix this problem. Sometimes a I deal with the sale of some analysis excel files that I created. What I need is a method to keep them from being spread or shared by customers, as many represent...
  11. B

    Macro to unlock and lock file

    Hello, I'm trying to create a macro that will unlock and lock a source file saved in a different folder from the file I'm running the macro. It keeps giving me an error and I'm not sure what's referring to. The error says: "<Method 'Range of object'_Global' failed>". Please see screenshot...
  12. C

    Password Protect?

    Hi everyone :), Is it possible to save my workbook on to the organizations network so that anyone may access it for viewing purposes only? But i want to be the only one who can go in and make changes. All help is greatly appreciated, I am going into excel right now with very little to no...
  13. F

    Referencing a password protected sheet while keeping the password secret

    I have a workbook that will sit in a folder that anyone in the company can access and which needs to be modified by supervisors, let's call it ProductionWB. Management is able to pull a report from our timecard system that has everyone's raw data in it, let's call it TimecardWB. I need to have...
  14. A

    VBA hiding passwords in code

    I have a hard coded password in my macro, but I don't want it to be visible if someone chooses to go look at my code. Is there a way to have it hard coded and hidden from view?
  15. Jaafar Tribak

    Lock-UnLock VBAProjects Programmatically without SendKeys

    Hi all, I Have recently written this piece of code so I just thought I would post it here for future reference should anyone be looking for vba code to lock\unlock a vbaproject programmatically without needing to use the unreliable SendKeys method. workbook example This code requires that the...
  16. G

    General Question. Is there a way to distribute (sell) an Excel File but protect the contents from being hacked, copied?

    I enjoy writing Code for Excel files. Is there any way I can ever sell an Excel file and protect it so that it can't just be copied and distributed freely to anyone who wants it?
  17. E

    On error try different password VBA

    I have a piece of VBA code that opens a workbook that is password encrypted, but could be one of three different passwords: Workbooks.Open Filename:="\\Drive1\Folder1\test.xlsx", Password:="Test1" Workbooks.Open Filename:="\\Drive1\Folder1\test.xlsx", Password:="Test2" Workbooks.Open...
  18. S

    Temporarily unlock VBAProject password to run code

    Hi Experts, I have a number of workbooks (20+) that are being used by multiple users, and the code is password protected in order to hide sensitive information. Currently, I'm working on implementing a UserForm, that will be the same for all workbooks. The form is be imported on open, and that...
  19. P

    Workbooks.Open in VBA - Getting Password Popup Window

    I have the below code, which I will use to open a file. I will then gather data about the file and report back in a master workbook. My issue comes when I am trying to open a file which has a password: The first Workbooks.Open method presents me with a pop-up window, which I expect, although I...
  20. I

    Password a folder

    Morning. I have some zipped files that I need to keep for future reference. I wish to keep them in a folder on my pc & this is for my web site. I don’t wish to use google drive etc. Can the folder be password protected ?
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