1. N

    Password protect column with unlock button

    Hello everyone, I am trying to create a simple VBA code so that a specific column in a worksheet is unlocked when a button is presses and the password is inputted. Then I would like it to lock the column again after saving. I am really struggling to get it to work right. Basically want the...
  2. F

    Excel Workbook Licensing/Security System

    Hey Team, Was wondering if anyone has had to use / build a security system for a workbook before? At our company we have a workbook that we make copies of for each project but we only want specific people to have access to it. We also do not want them to be able to take it outside of the...
  3. B

    Password protect the option to select a checkbox within a userform

    Hi I am not sure if this is possible.... I presently have a userform and within the userform, the user can check a checkbox to say that a process has been audited. I would like to control the users that can actually insert/remove a checkmark from that checkbox. The person would click on the...
  4. P

    Password Expires After 6 Months

    I have a User Form that appears when the workbook opens asking for Username and Password and I would like the program to check if the password was created greater 6 months ago, if so require the user to change to password. However, it would need to be a new password, not just putting in their...
  5. H

    VBA: auto-wipe all data when date is reached

    Is there some VBA code that can password protect a workbook when a certain date is reached so the data cannot be viewed or edited by anyone without the password?
  6. E

    Sheet protection does not work as expected when clicking macro button

    Hello, For a project I require to protect some of the cells in my document, however it is not working as the way it should be. I protect the sheet by selecting the cells that I want to lock and then protect the sheet in the following way. My sheet has some macro buttons that require code...
  7. O

    Holiday schedule privacy

    Hi All, I want to know how I could add permissions which would be password protected on a user level to a holiday tracker. The breakdown of groups will be: Upper management: permission to view and edit all levels. All other users: Permission to view and edit only their own row of data, such...
  8. 7

    Passwords Quit Working

    I have several add-in/macro files that we deploy to users in our company. We have password protected them to prevent users from manipulating the code. The passwords have been in place for 10-15 years with no issue. A couple of weeks ago all of a sudden we developers can no longer open the VBA...
  9. F

    VBA Script to automatically apply Password to Workbook when closing, prompt user for PW when opening and setting to read-only if input incorrect.

    Hello Everyone Been scouring these forums for a few days before deciding to make my own account... There's been many topics that come extremely close to what I'm looking for, yet none have been the exact same to my knowledge. So, I'd like for the entire workbook to be Password protected upon...
  10. T

    Using ActiveX CommandButton to create random password

    Hello everyone. I am trying to create an ActiveX CommandButton that will create a randomly generated password. I have searched and cannot find anything about using ActiveX to create passwords, I can only find how to create the option in Excel only. Is anyone able to assist me with this?
  11. K

    Add message box when wrong info entered

    Hi.. I am getting tied up on something. I have a protected worksheet that only allows data in to be added to certain cells. I want to add a macro button to unprotect the entire sheet that required the user to enter the correct password. That is working, but I want to add a pop up message box...
  12. G

    Excel protection: allow specified people to use/modify macro, but prevent them to change protection

    This question is a bit complicated. My ultimate goal is to prevent other companies from using our macro-excel, but employees in my company can see/modify the macro. This includes preventing employees in my company to remove/change the protection system. So far I can allow specified people to...
  13. HobbesIsReal

    Hide Formulas when others will know the protected password

    I am creating a spreadsheet that I will be sharing with another company that will cross reference both of lines of products. I want to hide the formulas I developed but at least a few employees at the other company will have the password for the protected spreadsheet as well. Is there a way to...
  14. S

    How to hide VBA Code on a Protected Sheet?

    I am using code to add a double line that requires me to set the same password as the password to protect the sheet. And I don't want someone to be able to view the code on my protected sheet. How do I do this? Also, I don't want to hide the sheet, just protect it. Here is the code, if needed...
  15. L

    Password Protect Tabs (or only able to view a certain tab)

    Hello all! New user to Excel (previously Google Sheets). First of all, I have tried to check other posts that are similar and google, but don't think I have found exactly what I am looking for as each seem different. I currently have a spreadsheet to review Pay Rises, Overtime etc. I have...
  16. C

    Excel VBA - Split files and password protect

    Hi all, I have some code which allows me to split a workbook into multiple based upon a specific column. The code currently is dynamic in the sense that it asks the user to define the column number (Col A = 1, Col B = 2, Col C = 3, etc.) and define the row where the data begins. The names of...
  17. M

    How to manage ODBC connections

    Hello everyone, I have an Excel application (like an end user computing app) used by employees to communicate with a remote database through ODBC calls. The ConnectionString use a generic account and a password stored in a third-party file, when users open the Excel tool the connection is...
  18. A

    My codes to open password protected workbook doesn't work

    Hi everyone, Below is my codes. It does try to open the file, but it keeps asking me for password although I already include the password in the codes. What have I got wrong? Sub openfile() Dim wb As Workbook Set wb = Workbooks.Open(FileName:="C:\...", Password:="password") End Sub...
  19. R

    Help on how to block unauthorized distribution of excel sheet

    Hi Guys :) I'll explain my problem to better understand, so you can recommend the best approach to fix this problem. Sometimes a I deal with the sale of some analysis excel files that I created. What I need is a method to keep them from being spread or shared by customers, as many represent...
  20. B

    Macro to unlock and lock file

    Hello, I'm trying to create a macro that will unlock and lock a source file saved in a different folder from the file I'm running the macro. It keeps giving me an error and I'm not sure what's referring to. The error says: "<Method 'Range of object'_Global' failed>". Please see screenshot...

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