1. B

    Using VBA to open Password Protected Files

    Hi very new to VBA and coding so all help would be very appreciated. So i have about 37 files which i need to open with VBA and then take some data and aggregate it into a summary however some of the files are password protected thankfully with the same password. I am using the Application.Get...
  2. G

    VBA event based password for one worksheet

    Hi All, I wanted some help regarding VBA for worksheet passwords. I have a worksheet named "Code" in my workbook. Cell A1 in this worksheet has the value COSPASS. I have another worksheet named "Logs" which is locked using the password COSPASS mentioned above. I wanted an event based VBA...
  3. W

    Password unprotect sheets - multi passwords.

    I have a number of workbooks with different passwords. Sometimes worksheets within a workbook. I am not allowed to change them. So what I would like to do is loop thru all worksheets an try all the PW's But I cannot get this to work. Sub Un_Protect_All() awsn = ActiveSheet.Name For Each...
  4. B

    Help with a macro for passwords

    I have a workbook that has 3 sheets. On sheet 1 cell D7 is where I enter a password to get into sheet 2. sheet 3 is where I store the names and passwords. I need help writing a macro to check if the password entered in Cell D7 on sheet 1 matches the password in the chart on sheet 3. the password...
  5. I

    Bypassing password entry

    Hi, I have a master documents that takes data off approximately 20 other workbooks, however some of these workbooks are password protected. Is there was way (coding or macros) that entering the passwords can be stopped - as its a pain having to click several boxes to either input (or not) the...
  6. N

    Erratic cursor behavior after applying edit range passwords

    HI, I have set numerous range passwords to enable certain people to edit. for soe strange reason, once activated the cursor will not move around the spreadsheet properly, its all over the place? Any ideas appreciated...
  7. J

    Random password selector

    I am trying to create a random password selector with the following parameters. I want to put a lot of passwords (around 5-10 columns with 100 passwords in each column) onto a worksheet and hide it I want the formula to say "when there is a value in B2, put one of the random passwords from the...
  8. J

    setting passwords for option buttons

    I am doing a dynamic chart with option buttons on excel. Is it possible to set passwords on the option buttons? Whenever I check one option button, I need to insert the password for that button to view the chart? Thanks.
  9. T

    replace cell contents with a word VBA

    OK a bit of a strange request I need to replace the contents in a cell example type in ''123'' into cell A1. and replace this with the word ''passed'' when another cell is selected. ''123'' kinda acts as a password in practice i will use more complex passwords and have a list of passwords...
  10. J

    VBA Securing Modules beyond Passwords

    I was wondering if there are any additional security tips beyond password protection for VBA modules since VBA passwords are pretty easy to crack? What others things have folks tried?
  11. J

    How to unlock a file

    Hello everyone, I have an Excel file that I am trying to unlock so people Do not have to type a password while entering… may i have your help pls...​
  12. P

    Multiple Password to open Excel Document

    Hi I have a large commissions spreadsheet that generates 1 sheet per employee... i then save each sheet to relevant employees shared drive and have allocated a password to each sheet for added security. The employee then accesses their folder online, opens doc and enters password to view...
  13. B

    Saving a password protected workbook without a password

    I have a workbook with a macro to save the file with a new name. However I can't seem to save it as a .xlsx - when I go to open it I get a message saying it doesn't recognise the format. And also it opens up as password protected. My code is: Sub FolderPicker_SaveAs() 'Aug 29, 2014 'file...
  14. L

    Security - Quickly protecting workbook with standard passwords

    I know how to protect a workbook in excel. My question is can I have a standard set of passwords that I can setup and then quickly choose a password for a workbook? I have 20+ customers and I want to password protect excel workbooks using a different password for each customer. The excel files...
  15. Fishboy

    Strange issue with sheet protection macro

    Hi all, I have been playing around with some ProtectSharing macros in my Excel 2010 workbook. I know Excel passwords are not worth the time if the user really knows what they are doing - but these users will not be a threat to the integrity of the password. I have made 3 macros for testing...
  16. E

    Dividing a work book among various groups, hiding sheets and passwords!

    I am new to Exel and have been dropped in the deep end with my new job and although my learning curve has been steep there are a couple of things I urgently need to do and I am confused to hell! And I quite like my job so please can anyone help me!? I am working on a large work book about 20...
  17. 9tanstaafl9

    Can't open MY .xls file, says it's protected, but I never protected it.

    I have a file from early 2012, where ironically enough I entered all the user names and passwords for all the new social networking accounts I set up for our business. I am FINALLY getting around to doing some marketing, but I can't open the file. It is asking for a password and saying it is...
  18. B

    Password Protection

    Excel 2010, Windows 7: Is it possible to password protect an Excel document at an "Administrator" or a executive level. I want to grant access to the document, and the ability to manipulate it as they choose, to everyone with the password but prohibit them from changing the password once they...
  19. W

    Force Enable Macros

    I also am trying to force users to enable macros, but the VBA code that I found searching Google conflicts with my cases for each worksheet. I thought a better alternative might be initially hiding (using VeryHidden) all the worksheets except my menu and then forcing the user to enter the...
  20. W

    Print Disable

    I have created a workbook that limits the visibility for each tab with a specific password. There is one thing that someone could do to get around this. Selecting multiple tabs at once allows a user to print the entire workbook or a select few. How can I prevent this? Thank you!

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