paste special values only

  1. S

    How to paste directly from clipboard using VBA

    Hi, New to VBA. My goal is to automatically paste (values only) copied from an external table into cell A1 of Sheet 1 upon opening the Workbook. I have figured out how to set the active sheet/cell and paste directly from clipboard using MS.Forms.DataObject. The problem I have is that multiple...
  2. J

    Add paste value only

    Hi I need to paste only the values but when I add it to my code it always gives me an error. With Rng .AutoFilter , field:=1, Criteria1:=STBT_Group_1.Value .Offset(1).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).Range(Cells(i, "A"), Cells(LASTROW, "D")).Copy _...
  3. D

    Copying over data for one column in readiness for the next column

    Hi,I am new to this forum (and new to VBA!) Here is my issue (which I'm sure will be simple on here!) I have a table with both period nos (ie 1-13) and weeks nos (1-52) across the top. I have a formula that copies data from from one file to another into each cell of a column of 20 items for...
  4. L

    Please help with code

    Hello, I am new to coding and I am having a problem with this code. I would like it to copy and paste special values and not formulas. Everything else is working fine. thank you Sub CombineData() Dim myDir As String, filename As String Dim lrdata As Long Dim masterws As Worksheet...
  5. S

    Replace the paste function with past special value

    I created a spreadsheet many years ago for my work place to assist with generating weekly paperwork. All the information in the spreadsheet is used in a mail merge to generate the weekly paperwork. My issue is this, starting last year we got a few stubborn new employees that refuse to use...
  6. K

    emailing a worksheet

    I am trying to write a "script/VBA" that would copy ONLY THE VISIBLE CELLS in a specified range (A4:H75) and paste AS VALUES into a new worksheet. Then email this new worksheet to the email address in the original spreadsheet's cell DW19. I have found some similar code so I am coming very close...
  7. T

    PasteSpecial - Value Only from temp file

    I'm trying to copy values from a temp file and paste to my active workbook. The macro is copying the formulas. See code below: Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim wbS As Workbook Dim ws As Worksheet, wsA As Worksheet Dim myFile As String Set wsA = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("overview") myFile =...
  8. N

    Paste Special Only Values

    I am trying make a form which contain cells with validation and conditional format. In these cells the user is required fill in the data. However, when the data is simply pasted, the validation and the format is erased, making the form unusable. Can anybody suggest a way as to how only paste...
  9. M

    Paste Special problem.

    Excel 2002 I have been copying and pasting calculated numbers from one excel to another the whole day today. I was using Paste Special to copy numbers only into a template. I had no problems. Now, all of the sudden, if I do it within the same Excel sheet it works, if I do it to the Template, I...
  10. D

    Problem with paste formats

    Hi Im using a modell where I need to save around 40 sheets to the location of the workbook. The sheets should be saved as values and that works fine but I would also like to transfer the formats, and I cant get this to work. I pieced together a code, like I said the paste special formats dont...
  11. girapas

    Code to copy only values from a cell with formula to another cell

    I have a sheet in which cells at columns A to F change through a formula. What is the code for the "Copy - Paste Special - Values (only, but not the formula)" when any value of cells A to F change? Thanks in advance...

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