1. C

    Copy Multiple Columns and Paste to Different Sheets based on Header

    Hi All! I'm creating a dataset type of spreadsheet where I monitor data of three different types for example distance , velocity and acceleration. Each has its own sheet and results are logged for different years 2015,16,17,18 etc. Id like to program an input data tab where i can paste the...
  2. W

    Need Help on excel data processing & copy paste via VBA

    Hi Friends, below i provided necessary details for excel data processing & copy paste 1. Excel Before running VBA Macro 2. Excel After running VBA Macro [Expected result]...
  3. S

    If ...else if statement using cut and paste to another WS

    I am trying to create a If...then....else if statement loop with a cut and paste function to another worksheet. I have one master data worksheet "CAS_PPDR" and I have a column E that has the GL category in it (Regular, BB, Overtime, Premium). Based on the information in that column, I would...
  4. P

    Deleting Lines with a Macro Command

    Hello guys, I have an excel file with some records that are copied/pasted from a website. Due to the site's structure when I paste the data on excel, some cells cause the line to split (see an example below) and the surname of the person goes to the below line which except this cell all the...
  5. B

    Error if only one row to copy and paste to another sheet VBA

    Hi, I have a VBA here that would copy data from one sheet and paste it to the next empty row in another sheet. However, i keep getting error message if there's only 1 row to be copied and pasted to the sheet. Here is my code: Sheets("Bryan").Select Range("A2").Select Range(Selection...
  6. D

    Trouble Pasting Into a Table

    I have an excel spreadsheet that has worked fine...until today. The spreadsheet contains a lot of data. Cells J1:BN3313 contain a large table (with a name, etc). I am having issues copying data (no matter how big or small) inside this table. If, for example, I copy a word from cell A1 and...
  7. P

    copy/paste 16 digit number

    When pasting numbers Excel converts any digits after 15 digits to "0" so 1234567812345678 becomes 1234567812345670 I need to cut and paste from an email. Is there a way to paste so the 16th digit shows correctly (without going manual) Perhaps with a auto prefix of comma? Thanks
  8. I

    Copy & paste value from / to worksheets

    Hi, Long story short. A code used say 4 months ago has now raised a problem so i need to fix 4 months of worksheets. Ive now sorted out the worksheet & all is ok. My task now is to copy the values from one worksheet to another worksheet. Sounds easy but sometimes i see a message about source...
  9. G

    Copying Column

    Is there a way to automatically copy and paste a column from one sheet to another formulaically? (not using a macro) That is to say, if I copy and paste data into sheet A, a column of my choosing automatically populates in sheet B. Thank you
  10. M

    What is the quickest way to Paste Values by Transpose without using the mouse?

    Is there a keyboard shortcut to paste Values with Transpose?
  11. A

    Copy & Pasting Data Into New Sheet

    Hi, I have a simple ask. I have an excel workbook that is broken up into 3 different sheets. I would like to have a VBA code that lets me take all those 3 sheets and consolidate it into one sheet. All column fields are the same, they are just broken into 3 different regions. However, sometimes...
  12. T

    VBA for copy/paste values of all workbooks in a folder

    I'm trying to find and figure out the vba code needed to copy selected cells from all workbooks in a folder and paste the values only into the new "master summary" workbook, incrementing each pasted value to the next available line. I've tried several different codes but still can't seem to get...
  13. U

    Copy paste block with hidden rows

    I need to add code to a macro to copy and paste a block of cells that include hidden rows of data, sample code Selection.SpecialCells(x1CelltypeVisible).Select Copy Range(A4:B10).select Application.CutCopyMode=False Range(A4:B10).select Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=x1PasteValues...
  14. D

    VBA to Paste Copied Values to a Separate Row

    Hello, Thank you in advance for any help you may provide. I have cobbled together a VBA code that seems to be working, I just cant get it to paste the copied data correctly. VBA uses a search box for a user to enter data, it searches Column M for a match and if found it copies a range of cells...
  15. M

    Code sometimes not working on Workbook_SheetChange

    I am trying to make it so if the user copies & pastes anything in my workbook, it will only do a Paste Values. I found an answer to a post on Stack Exchange from a few ago that recommending putting the following code in the Workbook_SheetChange sub. Private Sub Workbook_SheetChange(ByVal Sh...
  16. D

    Paste formula in empty cells next to a variable range

    Im looking for a vba solution to paste a formula on the empty cells in Column D next to a variable range in column A, any help will be very appreciated.
  17. M

    Active sheet, text box copy, check if cell empty

    Hi. I use the blow code to paste data from a textbox in a user from to a specific cell on sheet 1. I would like to refine this to: Paste to the active worksheet, instead of just Sheet1 and Paste to Cell N15 (of active sheet), only if empty. If not empty check if N25 is empty and then...
  18. T

    Can I run a macro after i've pasted?

    Hi Everyone I'm having a few problems with people wanting to copy data from word and paste into a single cell in excel as excel wont do this the way they want to so i've created a textbox for them to paste into. but what i need is for a macro called "Tide_up" to run after they have pasted is...
  19. M

    protect conditional formatting

    I have a sheet that has a ton od conditional formatting. I need to let users add data in all areas, but want to lock all the conditional formatting and still be able t paste into the cells etc. Is there a way to do that?
  20. S

    VBA Pasting as picture not as data!!??

    Hi all I'm at my wits end so I really hope someone can help! I have a macro that I recorded that simply needs to copy the content from the active sheet (using copy and paste as I need the command button to copy as well), create a new sheet and paste the copied data there... but it's pasting it...

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