1. C

    Conditional formatting

    In conditional formatting I would like to highlight the whole row when yes is entered into cell M2 then each row after that. Sorry cannot paste table into here Thank you for any assistance <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody>...
  2. E

    Data Validation Circles Blank Cells Even With 'Ignore Blanks' checked

    I have a large spreadsheet that I have pasted values into from another worksheet (I literally used 'paste values' from the context menu). The sheet I'm pasting into is set up with drop down menus that the data i'm pasting needs to match. I am attempting to us data validation circles to find the...
  3. E

    Data Validation Circles Blank Cells

    I have a large spreadsheet that I have pasted values into from another worksheet (I literally used 'paste values' from the context menu). The sheet I'm pasting into is set up with drop down menus that the data i'm pasting needs to match. I am attempting to us data validation circles to find...
  4. J

    VBA Copy & Paste Data Loop

    Hello, I am looking for VB code to copy data from one sheet, and paste it onto another sheet in a different format. Here is the current format: <colgroup><col width="70" style="width: 53pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 2560;"> <col width="88" style="width: 66pt...
  5. A

    Chart expanding

    Hi Folks, I am currently working on pivot tables and charts. I have charts on one sheet and when I copy a pivot table and paste it onto the charts sheets the charts expand. How can I prevent the charts from expanding when I copy the pivot table or for that matter any text. The expansion is...
  6. T

    Macro to go up one line

    I have a form that adds data to a table, I have a macro that adds a new line to the table, but I would like to copy and paste as value the previous line once I've added a line. When I record the macro though it puts a specified range in but I would like to just have it say go up one line and...
  7. A

    VBA - Paste Data AS a table

    Hi all, Im using the below macro to copy filtered data from a table on one worksheet, and paste it on a new worksheet, below the last used row. This all works perfectly fine and as expected, but ideally i want the PASTED data (on Sheet4) to be pasted as a table. Is this possible and easy to...
  8. V

    Copy active sheet range and paste into new workbook

    I've seen various threads where many different variations of what I'm trying to do are explained but all seem to be just a tad bit different. What I'm trying to accomplish is write a script that will copy columns A:L in the active worksheet and paste into a new workbook. I would also like to...
  9. C

    VBA To find match of cell value and copy adjacent cell when match found

    Looking for vba code to see if data from 2 different cells on 2 different sheets if it matches then it copies the cell to the right on sheet 2 and pastes it to the cell on the right on sheet 1. All the data in sheet 1 column M is present on sheet 2 column A. So when it finds a match in column M...
  10. D

    Need help to find formula to replace copy and paste when handling massive data

    Hello Guys I need help to copy information from one column to another using an appropriate excel formula. I want to do away using cut and paste methods because am dealing with lots of data hence want to save time. My excel skills are basic but catch up quickly. So a step by step guide will do...
  11. K

    Combining multiple cells into one

    Hello! This is my first post on Mr Excel :) I am trying to collate a list of numbers so they have an exclamation mark at the start and a semi-colon at the end. I wish for these to all end up in one cell so I can copy and paste them into a business intelligence system that requires this format...
  12. J

    Help with VBA

    Hello Folks Ive had help to get as far as I have from people on this forum, thank you. but I'm after a little more help please. the code does what I need it to I just need a little tweak. it allows me to copy but when I select the next cell but it won't let me paste because it locks the cell...
  13. T

    Copy Row 2 and 3 from a closed workbook and paste it into my active workbook

    I'm trying to create a macro that sets up my reports with a header and spaces above and before the data Essentially what I want to do is add a column in the front of my data, add 6 Rows above my data, turn gridlines off, and open my workbook that contains my header and copy and paste it into...
  14. C

    Copy Multiple Columns and Paste to Different Sheets based on Header

    Hi All! I'm creating a dataset type of spreadsheet where I monitor data of three different types for example distance , velocity and acceleration. Each has its own sheet and results are logged for different years 2015,16,17,18 etc. Id like to program an input data tab where i can paste the...
  15. W

    Need Help on excel data processing & copy paste via VBA

    Hi Friends, below i provided necessary details for excel data processing & copy paste 1. Excel Before running VBA Macro 2. Excel After running VBA Macro [Expected result]...
  16. S

    If ...else if statement using cut and paste to another WS

    I am trying to create a If...then....else if statement loop with a cut and paste function to another worksheet. I have one master data worksheet "CAS_PPDR" and I have a column E that has the GL category in it (Regular, BB, Overtime, Premium). Based on the information in that column, I would...
  17. P

    Deleting Lines with a Macro Command

    Hello guys, I have an excel file with some records that are copied/pasted from a website. Due to the site's structure when I paste the data on excel, some cells cause the line to split (see an example below) and the surname of the person goes to the below line which except this cell all the...
  18. B

    Error if only one row to copy and paste to another sheet VBA

    Hi, I have a VBA here that would copy data from one sheet and paste it to the next empty row in another sheet. However, i keep getting error message if there's only 1 row to be copied and pasted to the sheet. Here is my code: Sheets("Bryan").Select Range("A2").Select Range(Selection...
  19. D

    Trouble Pasting Into a Table

    I have an excel spreadsheet that has worked fine...until today. The spreadsheet contains a lot of data. Cells J1:BN3313 contain a large table (with a name, etc). I am having issues copying data (no matter how big or small) inside this table. If, for example, I copy a word from cell A1 and...
  20. P

    copy/paste 16 digit number

    When pasting numbers Excel converts any digits after 15 digits to "0" so 1234567812345678 becomes 1234567812345670 I need to cut and paste from an email. Is there a way to paste so the 16th digit shows correctly (without going manual) Perhaps with a auto prefix of comma? Thanks

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