1. I

    need a formula or a vba code to count rows based on criteria

    Hi, I need to count the number of times a test is analyzed where one should only count new cases at 1 month intervals for each patient. See attached image. The X’s are only there to illustrate which rows I want to count. I have tried using an if-formula but to no success. Hope there is...
  2. M

    Count only Unique criteria

    Hello, I am trying to figure out a IF formula to say how may criteria mach with some codes. I have made a simple graph. Goal is to find a patient with two Codes specific codes, which is 96365 and J0984 <colgroup><col span="2"><col></colgroup><tbody> Location Patient ID Code Hospital 1 1...
  3. R

    Converting vertical data to horizontal data in rows

    Hello. I'm fairly new with VBA. I have data that is more of a vertical format, but I need to move it to a new worksheet, and put all of the data for one patient on a single row. Please look at the following data example to understand my explanation. Each new patient record always starts with...
  4. J

    VBA code to convert/encode multiple cells

    I have a worksheet with several 000's rows of data, holding information about patients' visits. Each row holds the information of a single visit. Each patient can have multiple visits (i.e. appear in multiple rows). The table is sorted by patient name, and the left-most column holds the patient...
  5. S

    Duplicate Rows

    Good afternoon: I have 10,000 rows of data and I want to search for duplicate rows but I don't know how to. I do NOT want to delete duplicates, just highlight them. Sample spreadsheet: <tbody> <tbody> Date Claim Number Patient Name Code Patient ID Number Date Bill Submitted Amount...
  6. S

    Locating duplicate rows in Excel

    Good afternoon: I have 10,000 rows of data and I want to search for duplicate rows but I don't know how to. Sample spreadsheet: <colgroup><col width="64" style="width: 48pt;" span="2"> <tbody> <colgroup><col width="98" style="width: 74pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt...
  7. D

    Next available row

    Please help before I go mad. I am working on a patient assessment form - there's going to be approximately 80-90 columns of data in each row when it's done. The first part is patient demographics. All I am trying to do is get the next available row. I can't get past the run time error. "Method...
  8. M

    for a column of values, search file that contains the value and another piece of needed data - Vlookup?

    I have a file A that contains a column of 50 patient IDs for which I need the matching doctor. I have a file B that contains a column of patient IDs, including those I'm looking for, and a column of associated doctors (as well as other columns). Each column in file B has 3000 values. For each...
  9. S

    A name list / not searchable by windows

    Hello I try to create a patient list (As I am doctor) patient has a different diagnosis. I will create an excel file for each patient. So whenever I search a patient with one spesific diagnosis, windows search finds all of these diagnosis, not the one I selected. Is there anyway to stop it...
  10. C

    Cross-referencing a large set of categories pair by pair

    Hey guys, let's say you had to compare a very large group of categories, each with a set of defined traits. The goal is to compare every category against every other category and identify the pairs that are MOST SIMILAR in terms of their trait set. That is, all those category pairs that are...
  11. L

    Converting multpile rows per patient to one row per patient

    Hi, I have a table of patients and their diagnoses where eachline contains a separate diagnosis and there can be many lines per patient. I need to convert this to one row per patient with all ofthe diagnoses ordered Primary 1 diagnosis code, Primary 1 DiagnosisDescription, Secondary 1 diagnosis...
  12. J

    Converting Multiple Rows into One

    I need to reorganize data output as listed below: Source export: Column A | Column B Patient A | Diagnosis Code 1 Patient A | Diagnosis Code 2 Patient A | Diagnosis Code 3 Ideal Output: Column A | Column B | Column C | Column D Patient A | Diagnosis Code 1...
  13. M

    Semicolon Creates A New Row In Excel

    Hello everyone. After running a query in SQL Server 2012, and copying the results with headers to Excel 2013, I have some cells containing semicolons that are inserting a new row. For example, if the cell has a value of patient copay 81234567, when pasted into Excel it is shown as patient...
  14. M

    Index match with multiple criteria

    Hey All- I believe I am looking for a simple index match function based on two criteria, but I must be missing something basic (typically rely on vlookups). I want to return the ticket number for a specific NPI that the Patient Services team is working on. The intent is to combine this weekly...
  15. D

    Access Form data Input partial clearing of fields

    Hello. I am creating a form for standard patient data input. I have a button that clears all the fields when the user is to enter a brand new patient. However, there are times when the patient stays the same. There is other data to enter for the same patient. How can I clear fields and leave the...
  16. B

    Unexpected results from a SUM COUNTIFS formula

    Trying to count instances that meet the following criteria: =particular Month, =particular Doctor, =valid patient name. The column with patient name also contains entries such as "Off", "Out", "Break", etc. and these need to be NOT counted in this formula. (But need to stay in the source feed...
  17. C

    Removing lines based on multiple criteria

    I am trying to eliminate certain rows in my workbook automatically based on a few fields. The file contains patient encounters with hospitals. Patient can either be discharged from the ED, admitted to inpatient, or discharged from inpatient. If a patient is transferred to inpatient from the...
  18. T

    What formula would return the date on these two sheets

    I have two sheets, the first one is called "Forecast" and the second one is called "Patient Visits". I want to complete cell B3 with the corresponding date from the patient visits tab on the forecast sheet once cells on patient visits have been matched to the patient number 002/40349 and the...
  19. W

    Calculator based on differing variables

    I am hoping to be able to calculate a date range when an initial scan would be required for a patient treatment by working backwards from the date of a patient treatment and factoring in different variables. Variables would include varied timeframes based on differing complexity and staff leave...
  20. H

    Message Box

    Hi - Is there a way to have a message box pop up when the macro starts to run that just says please be patient? I've tried UserForms, but they stall the macro until you close them. Thanks!

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