pay period

  1. K

    Pay Period Total Hours from Weekly Schedule

    I am trying to have the number hours that employees work per pay period. Each day has a different number of hours and clients that we work with. Because each pay period ends on a different day of the week, I'm having trouble figuring out how to do this. I would also like to have the number of...
  2. L

    Bi-weekly pay period

    How can I calculate the last pay day in a given month based on a bi-weekly pay period, for example July 1st was the 1st pay day of this month, how could I automatically calculate what the last pay day would be?
  3. L

    Bi-weekly pay

    I'm trying to calculate how many bi-weekly checks total in a given month, how many have past month and how many are remaining. For example I used the formula "=3-(A3-MOD(A3-P$3-1,14)+41 >EOMONTH(A3,0))" to calculate total # of bi-weekly checks in any given month, A3 being the date of month in...
  4. L

    automatic date calc

    Per example below, this is really racking my brain! How could I make the "Due Date" if it's not in between the pay period, for example, since today is Jan 24th, the 1st 4 bills should read "Day"FEB"16" and the last 2 should still read Jan as they are withing the pay period...
  5. charlesstricklin

    Calculate number of paydays in a month?

    If I give Excel a date (say, January 1, 2015) and assuming I get paid every two weeks on Thursdays, how would I go about finding the number of paychecks per month? (I know it'll either be 2 or 3, of course.)
  6. S

    Creating User Form to input payroll hours for a 2 week period

    I am wondering if this is even possible. Here is the scenario: I have a workbook with 3 sheets: Employee and Rate; Date,Pay Period, and Month; and then a third sheet to capture data which has Employee, Date and HoursWorked. What I would like to do is create a user form that can input the...
  7. S

    Restart Numbering - 08-26 to 09-01 format

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet where I keep track of information for a bi-weekly payroll system. Most years there are 26 pay periods in the year. I want to have the pay period number reset the suffix to "01" when it reaches 26. I also would like it to switch the prefix to the next year. Here...

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