1. N

    COUNTIFS with blank cells

    Hi, I have a formula which works well to count everything but cells with 'Paid' in them: =IF(A5="","",COUNTIFS('Payment Tracker'!A:A,A5,'Payment Tracker'!L:L,"<>*Paid*")) However, I want to also exclude from the count cells which are blank, so I tried this: =IF(A5="","",COUNTIFS('Payment...
  2. T

    Subscription/Service Payment Calculator - Active/Cancelled and Pro-rata Payments

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum and thought i would register for some help please. I've actually browsed this forum as a guest for many years - but now im stuck and need assistance. Basically, ive been asked at work to produce an excel spreadsheet to help work out payments for subscription...
  3. S

    Counting late payment dates

    Hi all. I normally get paid on the 15th of every month, though sometimes this could be later. If I enter the actual payment dates in A1:A12, which formula can I use to count the number of times they were made late?
  4. J

    Monthly costs formula

    I have two sheets as follows; Sheet 1 forth forth User ID | Supplier | Payment Type |_______|_______|_______|_______| Sheet...
  5. M

    Nested IF Sttment

    Hi All, I am designing a spreadsheet to monitor clients payments for a 6 or 12 weeks programme. My Speadsheet shows Name Payment Programme Start Programme End top up programme New Programme End date like this but I allow it for 10 top ups across the top, its a simple entry sheet...
  6. A

    How to pull data based on today's date from a monthly payment schedule in excel?

    I am new to this forum so hopefully I am going about this the right way. In excel I have a payment schedule for a loan with several vertical columns. The far left column is a list of payment dates that are arranged one month apart, ex: 03/01/2016, 04/01/2016, 05/01/2016, and so on down the...
  7. B

    Payment Plan with Unequal Payment Annuities

    Hi, I require some help on the following problem, please: Problem: We have granted some customers special payment terms whereby they are allowed to pay off their debt in 13 unequal instalments on the last day of every month. I need Excel to show to me on any given day the total payment due per...
  8. R

    Calculate Payment date based on same day of month - allow for weekends and holidays

    I'm working on a personal cashflow statement and am stuck on how to write a formula which will allow me to calculate the payment date for each future payment based on the following criteria 1. I know the first payment date - C6 (14-Sep-12 - a Friday) 2. The next payment date will be calculated...
  9. N

    Loan Payment Plan

    I have several loans that I want to pay off in order of smallest to largest. When the smallest is paid off I want to take that payment and add it to the next one and so on. I figured out the end date of the first loan and I want a formula that would make normal payments until the first one is...
  10. A

    Loan Payment calculation

    Hi Team, I was going through your videos and had a small query, that needed some answers. Hope you could help. Query : 1) if employees are paying loan amount with different yearly interest rates with every new request, whereas the fixed amount is 35,000, and the amount to be paid to the...
  11. R

    Learning Do-Until Loops

    Hi there! I'm trying to learn how to use VBA's Do-Until looping function to assist me in getting a payment rollback feature to work. I have a very simple workbook created that calculates a monthly payment based on the standard set of PMT Arguments. What I'm trying to do is get an input box...
  12. D

    Filtering content from one spreadsheet to show it in another

    I am creating an Excel spreadsheet designed to manage my company's accounts. Spreadsheet 1 is used like a bank statement to show payments going in and out of the company's bank account. Spreadsheet 2 is used as a cash flow chart. The sheet sis divided into left and right. Columns on the left...
  13. D

    Calculating payments-multiple disbursements

    I am giving a loan with a large initial disbursement, and then once certain contingencies are met, there are other disbursements. Payments won't start until next year, and then will be quarterly. (The assumption is that all the disbursements will happen before payments start.) I am trying to...
  14. S

    comparison of loans

    I would like to compare multiple loans with and without balloon payments. The common is loan amount $500,000. # compounding periods/yr, and balloon pmt option $100,000. EX: <table style="border-collapse: collapse; width: 764pt;" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="1014"><col...
  15. M

    Calculating Interest and Principal Payments in 365 day year

    Does anyone know how to adjust the IPMT and PPMT formulas to account for a 365 day year versus a 360 day year? Or is there another way for this to be done?

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