1. A

    exel 2002 total accumulated payments

    i need to know what is the toal of monthly payments i have made i have forgotten how to include a spreadsheet on this forum post! thanks all <colgroup><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:2560;width:68pt" width="90"> <col...
  2. apgmin

    Loan amortisation

    When we give a loan to a friend, the payments are at most erratic, some months they repay the exact emi, some months they skip all together and some months the pay excess. now most of the loan amortisation tables show the month of payment, emi amount, principal deducted, interest deducted and...
  3. K

    VBA Help on Inventory Sheet

    Need some more help on a VBA that was previously written with the help of forums members here. I have an inventory workbook with multiple tabs. Currently I am working on an upgrade to the macro that records payments received onto the invoice tab. Basically, the macro looks at the payment info...
  4. R

    IF with 2 conditions and 3 possible answers

    I have a spreadsheet with a list of loans. I want to calculate the number of months that a loan interest payment is late if it's not yet reached maturity, or the number of months interest was unpaid if the maturity date has already passed. And, if there's nothing late, then leave the cell...
  5. L

    Excel Formula to Calculate Values

    I have a Excel Document with two tabs. The first tab is a commission log where I calculate the amount of commission payable and the date it was then paid to the person. I then have a second tab for the statistics so it counts how many orders were generated in a particular month (formula...
  6. K

    Payment Date Calculation Formula

    <tbody> Payment start Payment End Frequency Paid Date Amount Current Period Payment Start Current Period payment end 08/07/16 07/07/36 3 Months FDOP 250000 01/08/07 13/03/20 1 Month LDOP 77978 01/12/15 30/11/25 12 Month FDOP 200000 </tbody> Hello IF i have...
  7. S

    VBA copy worksheets into one if a condition is met

    Hello, VBA to merge two worksheets into a new worksheet based on criteria. Input Sheets : APA, BANK, GA Output Sheets: APA PAYMENT & GA PAYMENT I want to do the following: Copy all data from APA sheet and paste to APA Payment Copy data that contains "APA" in Column B from BANK sheet and...
  8. G

    Weighted Average Loan Payment Formula

    Hi everyone, I'm attempting to create a formula that calculates a "paid-to date" for a loan that has multiple principal balances. I want to be able to plug in a payment amount and have a formula in the Interest Paid-to column determine the paid-to date by applying the payment to the loan with...
  9. R

    conditional formatting for cell A1 based on value in cell A3

    Hello! Requesting help for Conditional Formatting. Example in table below shows desired results. CAPITAL ONE is paid off in bottom table. When excel sees the a value higher than zero in the PAYOFF AMOUNT column I want the CREDITOR and PAYOFF AMOUNT cells to display with a red font...
  10. B

    VBA IRR on Amortization Tabl

    I'm looking for a way to use VBA to calculate the IRR of the cashflows of an amortization table without actually needing an amortization table in my workbook, but rather just the loan attributes. I currently use the following function to calculate the cumulative interest paid given the...
  11. J

    Formula to calculate payments

    I have a formula to calculate payment in 30 days, =PMT(cell# with percentage rate /12, cell# wit term, - cell# of amount financed) BUT I can not figure out the formula for a 45 day to payment, can anyone help? THANK YOU
  12. M

    Combining data from 100 tabs into one

    is it possible to combine data from 100 tabs into one - these are all receipts from 100 customers, so each has a date invoice number payment numbers, amount on each tab i want to get all the data into one tab so i make analysis?
  13. danhendo888

    How to retrieve two dates for one invoice number

    <tbody> Invoice Number Payment Date 1001 7/01/2019 1001 7/25/2019 </tbody> Hello, I have instances where a customer will pay one invoice split into multiple payments. E.g. Half of invoice 1001 was paid on 1 July. Other half was paid on 25 July. In this example, I want to be able to...
  14. A

    Setting Up Threshold Limit Excel Formula

    Hi All, currently I have problem to solve this issue regarding setting up formula for case below. As you can see, I have a payment threshold of $1500, while the original data that I have is only the column #number & #payment made. I want to have a formula that can generate the value in column...
  15. C

    Manual Sales Report Help

    Hi All, I have a bit of a challenge... I use this retail software that spits out these awful csv reports that don't provide the information I need -- unfortunately it lumps all sales together, whether they are actual sales or comps. I want to create a formula or formulas to isolate all items...
  16. S

    Cannot get multiple criteria search to work. Ok, its been a whilesince retirement and I am REALLY rust but I just can't get either the lookup ormatch to work in the sheet linked below. I am working on a rental trackingsheet that I need to...
  17. R

    Time Value of Money

    Hi, I need help on calculation FV. I need to know the FV of a $1M investment that pays out 5% interest on a monthly basis. PV $1m Number of years 5 Interest Rate 5% Payment $ this is where i don't know what to fill out FV ? Thanks
  18. M

    EOM formula

    Hello, I am sorting my accounting spreadsheet and using the formula IF(J4="30EOM",EOMONTH(C4,0)+30) which works, the problem I have is adding more If variables for this file, most customers are 30 days EOM, but some are 45 EOM, some are just 30 days, some are 60 days. If I can get the first...
  19. O

    VBA to produce the same page "x" amount of times

    In Word, I've created a template for a payment coupon book. So far I've written some code to load an input box/user form upon opening the word file. The user inputs stuff like name, payment date, payment amount, etc. After hitting submit, the user input is automatically entered into the template...
  20. K

    Bulk Search Keywords and Return to Values

    Hi pros, Could I please get your 2 cents on this? I have a set of data which contains some keywords that can be used as parameters to do some search, my idea is to use my keywords list to check if any of them are in the data list, is yes then return to a value. To be precise, if A2:A20 is...

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