1. J

    Get email address and subject from cell

    Hi, I have the code below how can I modify it to get the email address and the subject with payment amount from the cell and add signature. Sub Send_Range() ' Select the range of cells on the active worksheet. ActiveSheet.Range("A1:D15").Select ' Show the envelope on the...
  2. T

    Look for matches in two columns and return list of contents of a third column

    Hi, I have the following spreadsheet, which lists all payments made under client accounts by date. (Please excuse the horrible layout). <tbody> A B C D E 1 Row number Client Name Payment Date Payment Amount True or False 2 2 Dominic Holden 20/04/2018 £6.58 TRUE 3 3 Gary Baines...
  3. D

    VBA to insert row when the date in column c increases in only highlighted selection of data

    Hi All, I have data in columns A to K and row 1 has headings. Column C is Payment Date. I have varying numbers of rows each day. My code so far sorts by column K and then it finds the first instance of text "ZAD -" in column K. It then inserts a row above the first instance of "ZAD -". It...
  4. J

    Dynamic cash flow calculation based on payment terms

    Hi, I am trying to model my in- and outgoing cash flow and want to have them dynamically change when I change the payment terms. Any ideas? Thanks! <colgroup><col width="184" style="width: 138pt;"><col width="128" style="width: 96pt;"><col width="87" span="9" style="width...
  5. D

    VBA for exporting Excel worksheets to PDF

    Hi guys I have an Excel workbook that is saved in a folder. What I would like to do is have a VBA routine that loops through all the worksheets that are called 'Payment 1' 'Payment 2' to 'Payment z', export to PDF and save the individual sheets/ PDFs in the same folder as the Excel workbooks...
  6. M

    Creating a log of check payments

    On the Payments tab in column O I have dollar amounts of payments received in cash and checks. In column Q there are payment types of either "Cash" or a numeric value for the check number. I would like to have a Summary tab that pulls over the check payments based on what is designated as...
  7. A

    unable to add data using sumifs

    I am unable to get sum total for the following dataset: the columns are as follows: NO. PAYMENT AMOUNT INTEREST PRINCIPAL (D11:D1054) DATE WHEN PAYMENT IS DUE (I11:I1054) MY FOLLOWING FORMULA FAILS AND I AM OUT OF LUCK! =SUMIFS(D11:D1054,I11:I1054,"YEAR(2017)") I AM TRYING TO CALCULATE...
  8. J

    Help referencing most recent payment date

    Hello All, Thanks in advance for whatever help comes my way. I have been doing a lot of research on how to return the date of a most recent payment, unfortunately, my situation seems to be a little different than what the videos out there are showing. Bottom line, I have a running daily...
  9. C


    How do i insert a lookup function to display the amount of a down payment for a first client based on membership type
  10. T

    Amortization Schedule for Auto Loan

    I am trying to create a amortization schedule for an auto loan where the monthly payment changes based on the previous payment. I found a template that creates a amortization schedule but the payment is fixed throughout the schedule. My first payment when I first started paying was $360 for 60...
  11. K

    Monthly Loan Payment Using Compound Interest

    I need to create a loan amortization schedule using Access. My challenge comes as we are using compound interest and I need to determine the monthly payments. I am able to get the total to be repaid using the formula: =[LoanAmount]*((1+[InterestRate]/[CompoundType)^([LoanTerm]*CompoundType))...
  12. D

    Excel Formula to Return Value based on date and contract legnth

    I'm struggling with what I thought would be a simple formula. In column E of a spreadsheet, I have a the years contracts begin. In column G, I have the number of years the contract will last and column I has the annual payment amount. On a second spreadsheet, I have 5 years in columns G thru...
  13. T

    Automate goal seek in two separate worksheets?

    Hi, I have a model that takes inputs to calculate the estimated cost of a new building. A second output is the estimated monthly payment to finance that cost. This output is based on one of two financing options, which a user selects from a drop down menu. The calculations for that monthly...
  14. O

    Send an email with Headers and selected cells in the body- VBA

    Hi Guys! I looked everywhere and couldn't find the answer I was looking for. I need to create a macro which will send an e-mail from excel sheet. The subject should contain pre-determined text, the current date and values(numbers) from two cells. The body should have a header(range A2:L2) and a...
  15. M

    Montly payment required to reach $16,000 in 15 years

    I know I've done this a hundred times, but it must be late. Need formula to produce the required monthly payment to reach $16,000. 15 yrs x 12 payments Earning 8.2% annually Thanks!! Mike
  16. smurphy208

    IF Statement-Multiple Criteria to Change Results in a Column

    Hello- I have a customer transaction spreadsheet that I export out of QuickBooks and it looks mostly like this: <tbody> Column A -Customer Name Column B-Type Column F-Amount 01-ABC Invoice 50.00 Payment 50.00 Invoice 100.00 Invoice 50.00 Payment 50.00 </tbody> I'm...
  17. S

    Promoting first row as headers (Power Query) - Minor issue

    Hi there I am using Power Query to import some standard customer payment reports (csv format) and then clean them up further. The customer payment reports would be in the following format: The first 6 rows would describe the payment file in general (eg. Payment reference #:, date of deposit...
  18. K

    Excel Timesheet minimum hours

    Hi, Sorry bit of a newbie here!! I am making up a new timesheet for one of the departments in my company. Employees in this department get a guranteed payment of 6 hours per day, even if they dont work 6 hours that day so i have used the formula...
  19. S

    Variable Rate Amortization with Lump Sum payment

    Hi!! Need some help. I have an amortization table for a loan. The rate can be variable with the option for lump sum payments. When a lump sum payment is made, I need the payments to stay the same with the end result being the loan is just paid off faster. Here is my calculation...
  20. I

    Not Sure What to Use - Please Help

    I'm a strict novice with Excel, but love what I can do and have so much to learn. I love this site as a learning tool. Here's my issue: I want to return a different mathematical equation based upon which selection an end user selects from a drop down validation list. In more detail, I...

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