pdf print

  1. B

    VBA code for new file names

    I created an excel workbook which contains 2 sheet. In one sheet there is data. From the 1 sheet a bill format is made by giving v lookup. I went for a macro for printing the bills whereas the bill created is replacing the earlier. This is the code. Sub PrintBill2() ' ' PrintBill2 Macro ' '...
  2. A

    Need a Simple call to print a pdf file from Excel VBA Script

    I'm looking for the simplest vba command to print a pdf document. I have the complete path stored in a string variable and all I need is the simplest way to execute the print. Appreciate any help
  3. M

    Macro to Print PDF with cell value name and change in cell value each time with N number of prints

    Hello Friends, I was searching thread for PDF print macro with n number of prints with changes in cell value each time. But couldn't found it. I have file with 2 sheets. First Sheet is with all details of Invoice up to specific no. of rows. And second sheet is with Invoice Format. Want to...
  4. D

    Modifying create PDF code to omit empty pages.

    Hello Everyone, I have been using the following code for a number of projects for a while now and it works very well for my purposes: Option Explicit 'The code below is used by the macros in the other two modules 'Do not change the code in the functions in this module Function...
  5. D

    Print to PDF and have the filename be the contents of a cell

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to VBA (and coding in general), so I'm hoping that this is fairly simple and I'm just out of my depth. I'm using a VBA code from Robert de Bruin's website to print off a specific worksheet in my workbook as a PDF. I've got it working fine, but would like to make a...
  6. M

    Print Macro - print multiple worksheets into 1 pdf based upon cell references

    Using Microsoft excel 2010 - I have 5 worksheets within one file. I am able to combined and print all worksheets into one pdf, however, I'd like to the option to include or exclude any of these 5 worksheets based upon a cell reference for each. If cell is "Yes" for sheet1 then include that...
  7. B

    Save/Output pdf to file root macro + least resource intensive

    Hi there, hoping someone can help. I've been searching and experimenting for weeks with no luck so far. For my work I was tasked with coming up with an electronic system to gather data from the field. I created a spreadsheet form weighing in about 2mb to be run off a touch Tablet with an atom...
  8. B

    Print to PDF in Excel 2003

    :confused: I have read many posts on this and everyone says to goto 3rd party software. I tried to get my IT Dept to install some of the pdf printers and such to no avail. Has no one come up with a code that will print muliple worksheets to a single PDF file? How does Excel 2007 do the...
  9. M

    Print to PDF selction only

    I use the following code to print a worksheet to PDF. Its works well. However I have added a new sheet and i want to do almost the same thing but this new sheet extra stuff on the page that i dont want printed. Only want to print A1 through C59. I know its some sort of active sheet and range...
  10. E

    Printing to PDF - JPG Printing wrong

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me out. A little bit of background: I have a workbook of about 10 worksheets in Excel 2007. I will save different numbers of these worksheets to PDF every month. i.e. there may be no data on one of the worksheets in a specific month, so I will not save...
  11. X

    Print to PDF > new file every time there is a page break?

    Thanks to VoG, I now know how to create an auto page break based on when then the value changes in column 'A' by using Microsoft Visual Basic with the following code: Sub x() Dim lastrow As Long, i As Long lastrow = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row For i = lastrow To 2 Step -1 If...
  12. J

    Print to PDF Macro using Custom File and Folder Name

    Hi all, I've been reading around on the website, and all the threads that I have found have been very useful, but it seems that no-one has asked how to create a macro that allows a custom PDF file name from a cell and a customer folder name, from another cell. I'm running Excel 2010 on Windows...
  13. C

    Print to PDF writer and save with custom file name

    I have been using this print code but now they want me to save it with longer file name Loan #_ document id_ document id _ document id_time stamp.pdf I get the idea of changing the printer but what i dont get is how to get the underlines and how do i tell it to save it with those different...
  14. A

    Save individual word merged documents with a specific merged field name....

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I have a merged word document with more than 200 unique pages created using data from an excel file. I always have to go one by one printing a pdf. I select a specific merged field, CTRL C, CTRL P, printer: pdf, CTRL V for the file name, mouse click next...

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