1. S

    Save as PDF Button

    Hi all, I would like to make a button on each sheet of a workbook which will save the sheet (excluding the button) as a PDF to the desktop. Each sheets starts off as a blank sheet, the blank sheet is copied and data entered, sheet renamed as needed. The data on each sheet will be reviewed...
  2. C

    VBA Create PDF with pages spilling onto one PDF page

    I have a pivot table taking up a single column on a worksheet. The table contains a name and a date in the row field of the pivot table. The purpose is to summarise dates allocated to a person. When I print the table to a PDF it puts on column on each page. Is there way to spill it into 3...
  3. M

    Macro to change one cell on a sheet, save sheet as PDF, then loop back and change that one cell on that sheet and repeat until the end

    Hi all I am in the process of creating performance reports. I am looking to save multiple PDF documents from one sheet however I need one cell to change before each saves to PDF. Excel Document Overview Sheet 1 = Report Template (A1:K34) Sheet 2 = List of Employee's names (B2:B151) Sheet 3 =...
  4. J

    Excel Save to PDF Page Size Issue

    Hi, I have been saving multiple sheets within our companies workbook to pdf since the pandemic started with no issues. When the pdf would open, all of the pages would be the exact same width. It seems an update to either excel or pdf has caused it to where now one of my sheets is about an inch...
  5. N

    Power Query ; imported text data with no spaces

    Hi all, I am new to power query, I'm currently having a problem importing data from PDF files.( i.e. the imported text has skipped all the spacing and output one string) What I get from import: | Description | PLASTERINGANDPAVING;Applyingwhitepaint; NipponPaintZeroTecPaint; | green...
  6. J

    Macro PDF Save from Excel

    Hi I'm trying to create a Macro so from my worksheet by pressing a button it will export it as a PDF but then save it based on 3 cell values C4, C6, C8 (All Values are Text) I'm wanting to save it to a specific file location smb://seacroft_file/Head Office Management/Timesheets Its Excel For...
  7. O

    Print to Single PDF from Data Validation List on Mac

    Hey Everyone, So I've been looking online for this, but nothing seems to work. I have a dropdown list in cell B21 in sheet named CERTDELEGATES that pulls data form another sheet, Delegates. What I need is a macro that will print all the names in that list to a single PDF in the same folder as...
  8. M

    Excel VBA to open a PDF and print as PDF

    I'm using this code that I found in another thread. It opens a pdf file in Adobe Reader and prints it to a PDF. It works great, however, when I run the code, it triggers a dialog window in Adobe Acrobat, where you are suppose to enter the file name and hit save. I would need it to have the file...
  9. C

    VBA in Outlook (Office 365): pull PDF from link in email into a new email

    Hello - I receive an email every day with a link that takes to me to folder. That folder houses a PDF I need to share with colleagues. I've asked that the email contain the PDF rather than the link but have been told it will take some time. Is there a way I can run a macro in Outlook to click...
  10. D

    Export to PDF macro fails on Excel Office 365, not on Pro Plus 2019

    Hi, I have a button inside Excel workbook which exports certain pages to PDF with one click on a button. The Excel version I am using is Professional Pro Plus 2019 and my customers version is the same build, but an Office 365 version. If I hit the button in my version it works, but if my...
  11. M

    Print a PDF file with shell command in VBA

    I am using this command in Excel VBA to print an existing PDF file as PDF Shell """" & "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat Reader DC\Reader\AcroRd32.exe" _ & """/p /h """ & ActiveWorkbook.Path & "\" & Range("A8") & "invoice.pdf" & """" This works great, however I would like to be...
  12. K

    Line thickness problem when printing to pdf

    Hello everyone. As you may have already exprienced yourselfs, excel is not producing nicely looking pds when it comes to linetype and line thickness representation for the borders of the cells. Usually the lines seem too thick, which I could tolerate to some extent, but if the lines are...
  13. P

    Get the number of pages and file names of pdf files using third party application and write it to excel

    Hey I am new member in this forum, i will do my best efforts to be specifc and clear and respect the time of the members.I am a begginer in VBA and need your help. in the last month i search for a solution of a VBA code that can retrieve information about pdf files and write that information...
  14. S

    Excel VBA to print multiple ranges

    Hi, I have a tab in Excel with multiple columns. When I select the vendor with the slicer the range of data changes. Example G:L is 400 rows. and O:T is 352. When I select a different Vendor the number of rows changes. I would like to either print the new range or export as a PDF. The...
  15. H

    Automatically Download PDF Links to Desktop Folder

    Hi, I have code that currently loops through a list of hyperlinks in Excel and batch downloads these links as PDFs. I am having trouble controlling where these downloads ave. Sometimes they save to my desktop, documents, or another file path. Ideally, I would like them to be saved into a...
  16. A

    VBA in Excel to >> update links in word file then save it as PDF

    Hello, I have an Excel file with some data entries (20 different variable cells) these data are copied & pasted special in a Word documents (in different portions) every time i change in the data in the Excel sheet i have to go to the word document and update the links there and then print the...
  17. J

    Macro Help!

    Hi I'm trying to create a Macro so from my worksheet by pressing a button it will export it as a PDF, but then save it based on 3 cell Values, C4, C6 & C8. C4 is a name C6 is a name C8 is a date I'm wanting it to save to a specific file location to: C:\Users\Vector\Google Drive\H_O...
  18. H

    Excel Formatting for "Save As PDF"

    I'm having issues in border formatting to produce a clean looking document after saving as a PDF. I need to use "Save as PDF" due to there being multiple tabs in my work book. This is an excel file that is updated weekly to present at my workplace in order to give updates on how we are tracking...
  19. wsnyder

    Get PDF Page Count

    Hi all, Trying to get page count for all pdf files. My current code at the bottom. Error here : Error message: I set references to all of these libraries I see available that appear to be Adobe related libraries: Acrobat Access 3.0 Type Library Adobe Acrobat Browser Control Type Library 1.0...
  20. D

    How to command folders with Macro or another ways? - auto movement of pdf files that have specific names

    Hi all, In the folder "A" (folder address: \\address1\A) we have some pdf files like below test1.pdf test2.pdf test3.pdf Someone came to here and signed some of the pdf files and save it as (lets assume test1.pdf was signed) adding "signed" to the end of the name. So we have now following...

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