1. G

    VBA to search & ignore missing WS' then convert to pdf

    Hi Guys thanks for letting me join up I am trying to get a VBA to create a PDF of my worksheets (combined sheets, not separate pdf's). The following works perfectly except when BBB (for example) is not in the excel sheet, how do I get the VBA to ignore missing worksheets and still create a...
  2. O

    VBA - Save sheets whose names are in table to single pdf

    Hello. I want to be able to print sheets whose names are in a table as a pdf and save it to a predetermined location. I found this but I don't know how to proceed. Transfer Excel Table into a VBA array
  3. B

    XML to PDF

    I am using JotForms for data collection of names addresses and a short response. I am able to export those responses to a CSV or XLSX. I need to be able to take the responses exported and import it to a Fillable PDF form that was created. I was thinking the only way to do this easily is using an...
  4. S

    Excel VBA to email multiple ranges as a PDF

    Trying to email as a PDF selected ranges with VBA. Hi I tested using ChatGPT to ask the same question and i got the results below. But the data emailed is not using the slicers that are selected. It emails without slicer sections. I want filtered results. Can anyone help. Sub...
  5. M

    vba to select all pdf files from a folder and save to Onedrive

    Hello again. I have searched this forum and cant find help on my topic. I have a file on a users desktop that will contain a number of pdf files. These files will save to specific folders on Teams ( i have those pathways and have done it with .xlsx and .xlsm files before.) The files have a...
  6. K

    VBA tips for sending daily emails from data in PDF

    Greetings to all, I am a beginer in VBA, looking for your help to use VBA to generate a daily email about daily production report from PDF file. Email containes a table highlighting production plan vs actual production and remarks column as such : Products Daily Actual production (from...
  7. J

    Using VBA to move PDFs with specifications

    Howdy! My team receives a bunch of PDF file work orders by way of email, they are saved to a centralized network file location. I currently use a pair of Excel Power Query workbooks to read all of the saved PDF files and put data in their specific columns (in one), create a complete and clean...
  8. tlc53

    VBA Save All Relevant Report into One Document

    Hi there, I have a spreadsheet with input pages and then various tabs for the respective reports. Not all report pages are required, and some are hidden (not visible) based on the users' selections on the setup page. I have a formulated a drop-down list, which shows the reports available for...
  9. A

    VBA to place images inside a PDF next to specific text???

    I am looking for a solution similar to the following thread VBA to place images inside a PDF??? but instead of adding the image at the bottom of the PDF, is there a way to find a specific text on every page and add the image next to that text? The position of the text to find is different on...
  10. J

    Save outlook attachment without file extensions

    Hi all, Hoping this is a simple fix. I have the below script that I found on another forum that runs as a rule in Outlook to save .pdf email attachments with a timestamp that come from my printer. That part all works fine. The problem I'm having is that it will save the file with the .pdf as...
  11. F

    Using data in a cell to create a PDF in VBA

    Hi Folks I want to call various sheets and ranges for printing to PDF depending on certain factors. I've managed to build a code that places the relevant Sheet and Range information into a cell (cell is at "Sheets "Race Meeting Information").Range("DZ1")") and refer to the cell as "DZ1Range"...
  12. K

    VBA ExportAsFixedFormat - fails when there is no existing file and only succeeds when there is an existing file

    Totally confounded by this error. Sub has been working perfectly for some time and today stopped working out of the blue. Error code is 1004 - "Method "ExportAsFixedFormatType" of object _Worksheet failed." The sub takes a worksheet as a parameter then exports it to a pdf in a specific folder...
  13. S

    Changing code to suit? HELP Plzzz

    Hi, I have been given a new task as I'm the most IT literate in the office. I've done a small bit of VERY basic VB coding/Macros. I've stumbled across a code here and wanted to know how I could edit it and implement it to work for my use case. I need to: Export a PDF to the same location...
  14. IIII

    [VBA]: Delete empty rows from multiple tables and then print the range to pdf

    Hi All, I have this worksheet (see below) that has multiple formatted tables. Users are able to add or remove table rows as needed. What I'm wishing for it to do via VBA is the following: Remove any empty rows from any of the tables Print the whole thing from A2 down to F...the row just after...
  15. J

    Parse PDF File into multiple folders

    I have some base code that I found on this site that will parse a PDF based on a word. I need to expand that to parse a multi-page PDF into multiple folders based on a series of words. The words and corresponding folders are on a Sheet, the code should open the Source PDF, start with page 1...
  16. L

    Create Drop Down Menu in PDF

    Dear all, first point: sorry for the grammar, english isn't my native language. Now my problem: I do have a Excel sheet from which a pdf is created with a macro. There's also a field for signature being added to the pdf. I would like to create 2 drop down menus in the pdf, so u can tell, which...
  17. N

    Printing PDF file as per the counts specified in Excel sheet

    We are non-profit organization, which is sending the question papers of religious exam to various schools based on their enrollment of levels. We need one code, which can print/export to combined PDF based on the parameters given in the excel sheet. Please check the attached excel sheet for...
  18. T

    VBA Put a button in the background on a PDF

    Hello, following discussion on this post: https://www.mrexcel.com/board/threads/vba-to-place-images-inside-a-pdf.1172893/#post-5704893 The code allows me to add a button with an image. But I would like to be able to use the dynamic fields of the PDF. Off the button is in the foreground...
  19. D

    VBA Merge PDF's based on path

    Hello! I need help getting VBA to Merge PDF's based on the path. I've attached a photo. Column A, B, C are file paths as they currently exist. I need VBA to grab and merge all of these columns files and use the Output location in column D as the reference for the new path name and where it...
  20. F

    Combine multiple PDFs and delete the original files VBA

    Hi all -- Trying to automate a PDF export from a spreadsheet that may contain multiple print ranges. My method right now is to save each print range as a file name and add "_PG#" after each page, and then use Acrobat to combine the pdf's into one file and delete the files with "_PG#". My code...

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