percentage formula

  1. C

    Finding Percentage Drop

    I need a formula that will show the "Header" that correlates with the first time a value drops by at least 90%. In the example below, in the Yellow column, it should say "Q4 2015". Please help! This data package is huge. I need a formula to apply or I may spend the next 10 years doing it...
  2. S

    proprtionality genuis required

    <tbody> on tue wed thu fri sat sumn total available F <colgroup><col width="64" style="width: 48pt;" span="8"><tbody> F 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 G 54 54 54 54...
  3. M

    Percentage to exceed 100

    Hello All, I have seen multiple articles to limit percentage values to 100%, I need mine to exceed this. Here's what I have in place... ' = E9/B9 ' Thank You!
  4. L

    get value from total and percentage

    OK, so I've googled and I can only find formulas for working out the percentage based on a total and a value where I need to work out the unknown value based on the percentage and the total for example, where the total and percentages are known but the value of the percentage is unknown...
  5. P

    Multiple questions about Excel project timeline, % formulas, refresh timeline

    Hello, I am working on an Excel project that lists the timeline for certain tasks. I have most of the design created but need help with the advanced formulas that will make it dynamic and work correctly. I would greatly appreciate it and thank you for your time in helping me. I will list my...
  6. D

    How to calculate percentage if we have different rows for same resource

    Hi, Can someone please help in identifying the percentage formula. Table is below: 1st Criteria Here if we are taking out the percentage of different resources then they are the sum of their unique (Actuals / NAH) For Eg: If we require the percentage, then it should be the sum of A. Actual of...
  7. B

    Nesting IF AND OR all together

    HI, I have a question card with 5 questions 1,2,3,4,5 going down column A1, A2, A3, A4, A5. I would like to work out the percentage of the score where the answers can be from 1-5 in column B next to its respective question number. BUT the questions can also be answered 0 if not applicable and i...
  8. O

    Formula to change cell color when stock price is within 10% of 52 week high/low

    In cell F4, I have the current stock price. In cell J4, I have the 52 week high price. In cell L4 I have the 52 week low price. Are there formulas I can use to change the cell color as follows: 1) Change the color of the value in F4: *if that price is within 10% of the value in cell J4, to...
  9. N

    Help!!! Percentage excel question

    I have to upgrade a pricing sheet, increasing all numbers by 4%. I want to know how to add the percentage to each number and have that same cell equal the TOTAL. Already know how to copy, paste special, the value, then multiply but that only gives me the 4% increase number in that cell, I need...
  10. B

    Creating a measure to calculate percentage of total that updates with slicer selection

    I bet there is a simple formula for this, but I'm new to power pivot and DAX and I can't get this to work how I would like. I created a power pivot table with the Row Label "Activity" and the values "Activity Total" and "Activity Count". Activity total is the dollars associated with the Activity...
  11. Q

    Percentage calculations - please help

    <tbody> Items Yes No NA Banana 1 0 0 Apple 0 1 0 Orange 0 0 1 Mango 1 0 0 Grapes 0 1 0 </tbody> So here is what i want. 1. I have list of items with me. If that particular item is available with me that means it will come under "Yes" and its value i have given as...
  12. Wickidgemini

    Work Completion Percentage

    Hello!! I am struggling on how to get a percentage done for work completed. All my attempts are not giving me the percentage result I am needing and I know it can be done, I just can not find the correct formula. Here is what I am needing. I need the percentage in the "Activity Complete %" in...
  13. kramtronix

    Tricky Percentage Formula

    I have two pieces of data: Winning percentage, and number of wins. For example, 40% and 112 wins. I need a formula that will yeild the total number of loses based on what is given. Ready. Set. GO!
  14. R

    How can I compare two range of data and view percentage difference

    Hi, I want to look at our shop vs website sales and see if we have any products that sell in store and not online. I've seperated the sales into two different sheets (one shop, one web) with the same format as pasted below. Can I use a formula to compare the volume of products that appear in...
  15. T

    Calculating a percentage with Fuzzy Values

    Hi Folks - need your help here. I am building a localization report that calculates the percentage of consumption. Problem is that either one of the values to be caluculated may be larger than the other. Here's an example - we have 357 folks engaged in Chinese training, but only 33 in...
  16. H

    Negative % Increase Calculation

    Hello, I need to calculate the % of actual figures Vs target. The way I am doing this is: = Actual / Target So in simple terms if Actual is 150, Target is 100 then the 150% is the result of the formula. How do I make a generic formula that takes into account negatives. For example...
  17. L

    Percentage formula help

    I need a percentage formula for column C. Also, I need the formula to show 0%, if the column B = 0 but it show error #DIV/0!. I have two column with data Column A and Column B. Columns A (Number of Cars arrive for Service) 1 4 0 2 3 Columns B (Number of Cars Serviced on-time) 1 0 0 1 2 Thank...
  18. pedie

    Please expliain this formula for me..thanks alot!

    Some days back i ask a question on percentage increase & decrease trend calculations....and i think i got something i needed... however i need to know how it works: link is below. formula; =IF(B1="","",(B2-B1)/B1) Please tell me why we put =if(b1="",""? instead of directly inputing...

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