1. E


    I have 2 formulas that do what i need them to do separately =IF(COUNTIF(C3:C20, "Critical") = COUNTA(C3:C20), 0, IF(OR(COUNTIF(C3:C20, "N/A") > 0, COUNTIF(C3:C20, "") > 0), 0.79, 0.79 - (COUNTIF(C3:C20, "Critical") - 1) * 0.0465)) =IF(COUNTIF(C3:C20, "Critical") = COUNTA(C3:C20), 0...
  2. L

    Distinct count based on 2 columns in a Pivot Table

    How do I get the distinct count based on 2 columns using a Pivot Table? I did it 2 years ago and can't find my formulas or previous work. Survey response data: Area Responder District School Type Elem Mid Northeast Andy Green School District Washington Elementary School Elem 1 0...
  3. G

    Calculate Potential Profit Per 100 for Sports Betting

    Hello! I am trying to calculate my 'Potential Profit' per $100 in Ranges I20:I22 and I24:I26. When I enter my wager amounts in Ranges F20:F22 and F24:F26, some of the Potential Profit amounts return incorrect values. This problem may relate to either the negative or positive values in D12:J1 or...
  4. R

    Formula for commission structure

    Hi, I would like a formula for a commission structure. Say C5 to C16 are months of the year with sales figures per month for which commission is paid. I would like the formula to work out the commission I would get each month. The end of the formula on months after January will then minus the...
  5. D

    Is there a formula to utilize ratios?

    In column A I have random numbers. Column B is supposed to show the amounts of column A but calculated to not deviate more than a certain percent from the average. The total of column A and the total of column B should equal the same amount. For example A1 is 51, A2 is 53, A3 is 55, and A4 is...
  6. P

    Calculate win/loss percentage based on multiple criteria?

    Hi all! I have a dataset for Australian Football, it contains data for the matches played between teams in a particular league in 2021. So rows 2 and 3 for example contain the data and statistics for the match played between Wangaratta Magpies and Albury in Round 1 of the league. I want to...
  7. E

    TEXT to return "0 / 0%"

    I have a need to return a combination of two figures in a single cell, one non-decimal and another in a percentage. =GETPIVOTDATA("Count of Reviews",'Tester'!$A$46,"Age Band","65+","Time Status","Not Overdue")&" / "&TEXT(GETPIVOTDATA("% Overall Overdue",'Tester'!$A$46,"Age Band","65+","Time...
  8. V

    Scale Percentages Proportionally

    How do you scale two percentages proportionally to sum to 100% For instance, if I have 85% and 4%, how do I adjust those so that they are 94.5% and 5.5% but whatever is actually correct?
  9. S

    Reverse calculate commission and tax on commission

    Hi, I have a situation where I know a final price and the percentage for commission & tax on the commission only. I need to reverse calculate this to get the starting price. Example: If the commission is 15% and the tax on the commission only is 20% and the final value is 118.00 then I need a...
  10. P

    Calc percentage of goal if looking to decrease from actual.

    I've been off work a while and I just want to make sure I'm doing it properly. Goal call hold time is 300 seconds but actual is 660 seconds. I want to calculate progress toward goal of 300 seconds as a percentage. I have 45% as the achievement toward that that correct? Note: in the...
  11. R

    Rank table of Percentages from another table.

    Hello, I want to rank lists of percentages that include ("N/A", Negative and Positive % Values), based on the highest percentage that has to be 1st and lowest percentage (till highest negative percentage) last, if the value is "N/A" return "N/A". The rank should relate to the symbol. I want...
  12. B

    Percentage increase from a negative number to a positive one

    Hi, I'm trying to work out the percentage increase from a negative number (-21) to a positive number (941) but I'm very confused...can anyone help please? Thanks Richard
  13. S

    Help with finding the position of a value as a percentage

    Hi all...I have a query that I'm struggling with, I'm not too sure if I'm going too technical too quickly tbh! I have some values laid out in a table similar to below, I need a formula that can automatically calculate the position of the value in % form. Min Max Value Position % 50 100 75...
  14. F

    Calculated measure in Pivot Table

    Hi! I´ve been trying to get a measure in my pivot table to get the % of reject orders of a partner / Total order order of partner, and that it can change if I use a slicer to change it by day, month, etc. This is an example of the data table which I use: And this is the pivot table which I...
  15. F

    (Simple) Showing Labels in UserForm as percentage format

    I created a userform that displays certain values within row of the active cell, as a quick reference in a lofty spreadsheet. Right now it shows all values as regular numbers (shows "1" instead of "100%"), even if the referenced cell is a percentage. Code below --- i want Label9 to show up as a...
  16. J

    Conditional Formatting Gone Wild

    I am losing my mind over this. I am very well acquainted with Excel; however, this super basic formula is killing me. Have I completely lost it?! We get a task on certain dates (DATE) and depending on the task, it may either have a 75-day suspense or 180-day suspense (STANDARD). To find out...
  17. S

    How to workout the error rate or percentage of a spreadsheet using a specific value as reference?

    I want to be able to calculate the rate/percentage of error. I have 3 sheets: Master, Co-Master and ReDo. Both the Master and Co-Master sheets have a total time column (J) to give the total time a user has taken to complete a task. The ReDo sheet is solely to record issues with the Master or...
  18. N

    Formula to Calculate Shares

    I am trying to calculate the amount of shares I can purchase using the formula below. However, when I use a calculator the amount of shares to buy is different from the excel shares to buy. What am I doing wrong with the formula? Thanks for your help. =(A2*B2)-C2/D2 or =A2*B2-C2/D2 Account...
  19. T

    LTV Maximum Loan

    Hi, this should be really simple but it's hurting my head. I have a known amount of savings (lets say £50,000) and some known LTV percentages from a mortgage company. 70% LTV Interest Only 75% LTV Part & Part 85% LTV Repayment I would like to know the maximum loan amount based on the...
  20. R

    Average on percentage but with different weightings

    Good day. I'm busy with performance reviews for staff but are battling with the following. Section 1 for instance gives me an achieved percentage of 80% and the weighting for this section is 50. Section 2 has a achieved percentage of 40% but the weighting for this section is only 30. Section 3...

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