pivot calculated field

  1. M

    Custom Calculated Fields mid pivot table

    Hi, I have regular reports that I must send to a client. The report is based off of hundreds of thousands of lines of data. We are able to produce a pivot on this data, and this is what we report on a weekly basis. The historic data updates every week. (e.g. think in January there is a payment...
  2. S

    Calculated Field doesnt allow the use of today() function

    Hi all, I am trying to make a predictive calculation by using this formula yearly/quarterly/monthly Forecast = sum of current revenue / current days past in year * number of days in year However when i use the formula I want it gives me an error saying that the function today() is not supported...
  3. A

    Pivot tbl. calculated field - sum of two "regular" fields but only if Field1 matches certain value?

    Hi all, I have a pretty simple problem - I wish to create a calculated field in my pivot table. This calculated field needs to SUM two fields, that already exist in the data source, but with a little twist. Here is an example which will make this much more clear. Source data: <tbody> Market...
  4. H

    Calculated field in PivotTables

    Hi, First time posting but been following for a while. I have a problem i simply cant figure out how to fix. In my pivot table, i have showed sales as % of grand total, for current year and previuos year, divided into categories and i want to show the difference through a calculated field...
  5. E

    Including Named Range in Calculation Field through VBA

    Hi all, Newbie to the forum here. Wondering if it is possible to include a Named Range within a Calculated Field in my Pivot Table. The Named Range is "Period". Essentially, I require a calculation which looks at the field "Actual Entered Amount" / "Period" * 12. This field would then be...
  6. Z

    % Diff for Grouped Months in a linked Pivot Table

    Hello, I have a pivot table set out as below, with the dates grouped by Month, Qtr and Year. The pivot table is linked from 2 data sources <tbody> QTR4 OCT NOV DEC FC AC %DIFF FC AC %DIFF FC AC %DIF APPLE 100 110 10% 50 100 100% 70 50 -29% ORANGE 20 40 100% 20 20 0%...
  7. K

    Calculated Field in Pivot Table

    So I have a pivot table that sums how many referral were made in a month for which month. Essentially calculating the number of future referrals. Now I need to create a calculated field in my pivot table that subtracts the referrals made in the same month. Below is what my pivot table looks...
  8. J

    Calculating difference between totals in different pivot tables, where some fields do not match

    I have a single table of data that contains a number of different numerical/text fields against a record. They also have a calculated yes/no indicator depending on whether that record meets a particular criteria. I then have a number of pivot tables on another worksheet that calculates the...
  9. P

    Difference between two columns in a pivot table

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help me with an issue I'm having with pivot tables. I have an example below. I have a pivot table with two columns that are "Show values as...% of column total". I'd like to find the difference between those two columns without having to do a calculation outside of...
  10. N

    Formula with "if" "and" between two values "sumifs" data from pivot table

    Hi Mr. Excel, I am stuck on the following formula. =IF(OR(Nmd1>="200",Nmd1<"300"),SUMIFS(A1,Nmd2,'Sheet1'!$A161),"0") Nmd1 & Nmd2 are both named ranges that link to data in a pivot. Example as follows "=+'DATA PULL DOWN FROM SYSTEM'!B4995" This formula works, but I need this to return the...
  11. O

    Pivot Table Custom Calculation

    Hello, I have a pivot table in which I want to have a sum shown as a percentage of subtotals. It is quite simple to do it, however I want to apply filters... and when I apply them the prior calculation is lost. Is there any way to maintain the percentage calculation of subtotals (including all...
  12. M

    Calculating avg(win)/avg(loss) for grouped data in pivot

    Hi there, As shown in the screenshot I am struggling to correctly calculated "Average(winning trade)/Average(losing trade) for grouped data. Could anyone please provide suggestions on what I am doing wrong? My excel sheet for this pivot is located here...
  13. R

    Calculated Field / Column / Item in Pivot Table

    Hello, I need to calucate growth from the single column data in the pivot table. I have Sales Amount data for the year 2014 and 2015 in the single column and year and month details in the different columns. Need to create growth % column from the Sales Amount column. If I had Sales Amount...
  14. A

    Subtract values from pivot tables in pivot table format

    I have two separate pivot tables with same row labels but different report filters. I would like to combine these two pivot tables together and get a the difference in values. Please see below for example, I have the sample table and would like and then I made 2 Pivot Tables based on the data...
  15. D

    Pivot Table Subtotal calculations

    Hello, I am working on creating a report using a pivot and I can't seem to get the subtotal to calculate properly. I have broken out each departments totals by its group and I used a calculated item to create the combined field ( group a + group b + group c + group d). I need to have to...
  16. J

    Removing 0 values from data and legend

    Hi All Well this is my first question in MR EXCEL, hope I can explain better I have made a graph, which is taking a data from a table (please see the file from below link). The problem is; sometime there is no data in a series value, still excel take it as a blank-legend. I tried using NA() in...
  17. J

    COUNTIF As Pivot Calculated Field

    Hi - I am trying to add a calculated field now to my pivot which will essentially output for me the # of rows in my data where the value for # slides in body of report is less than 35. I tried using a COUNTIF formula, but I keep getting an error stating TOO FEW. Not quite sure what that means...
  18. L

    Pivot table calculated fields

    I have a sheet with sales for a couple of months, and I'd like to have a chart show me the sales of months and how the price change per unit has affected its sales. So in other words a typical price/value chart. There's a caveat, though, I don't have the explicit data of when the price change...
  19. S

    On copying pivot table and changing datasource some calculated formulas disappear

    I have 10 datatables on 10 tabs in a workbook, each tab named 1 to 10. Each pulls in the same data types by column, the data in the rows being diffferent. Each datatable will pull in various number of rows of data. As such I created named ranges (data1 for tab 1 data; etc.) and use an offset...
  20. oldeirish

    Help with Pivot Table Data Calculation

    I have data in a Pivot Table that I’m showing Sales by Quarter and Total Sales (Column) and Sales Rep (row). I want to show whether or not the Sales Reps have made the quarterly quota, and whether it’s below or above the quota, and the percentage of the how far away from the budget it is...

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