pivot calculated field

  1. K

    Calculated Field in a pivot table using a Pivot Table Grand Total

    Need help please with a Calculated Field in a pivot table using a Pivot Table Grand Total in the formular. Example: Acme Corp purchased 3 items from ABC Co and received three invoices (A01, A02, A03) form ABC Co for those items. Below is a link to dropbox where I have the pivot table and...
  2. M

    Summarizing Pivot Rows to get Top 10 Overbooked by Budget Type

    Summarizing Pivot Rows to get Top 10 Overbooked by Budget Type</SPAN></SPAN> Hi I am struggling with find the top 10 Overbooked depts. My requirement seems to be easy. I need to find the Top 10 Overbooked where the “ACTUAL HEAD BOOKING + EQUIVALENCE > ASSIGNED BUDGET”</SPAN></SPAN> The...
  3. L

    Pivot Table Question

    I have a column that shows which price is higher for each item (“Price A” or “Price B”). I want to know what percent of the total items Price A has a higher price. This is easy enough to do within the column in excel (I used 1 for Price A and 0 for Price B in an If formula, and then summed the...
  4. P

    How to use pivot table to get a value by multiplying two different datas

    Hi everyone. I am now working on how to use pivot table calculate revenue (by multiplying volume and price) of the company. For now, I have combine two data sheets which are volume sheet and price sheet and hence create a pivot table. But at the column field there it can only show volume or...
  5. L

    Calculated Field - Max # divided by a Sum

    Hello, I am trying to create a calculated field in a pivot table (using Excel 2010), whereby the Max of a given field is divided by the Sum for a different field. My dataset includes a history of projects, with multiple expected timeframes for completion. I am retrieving the maximum amount of...
  6. D

    Calculated Field Error in PivotTable when Filtering from Report Filter

    Seems basic to me but can't figure out why this isn't working! I have a list of auto registrations by dealer and make model etc. I have the report filters for make and model with the dealer name in row and registrations as my values. I want to create a Calculated Field on the market share...
  7. S

    insert calculation in to pivot table results

    <tbody> Count of client Count of attended Count of FTA Sum of Field1 498 327 171 #DIV/0! 741 516 225 #DIV/0! 243 186 57 #DIV/0! 326 218 108 #DIV/0! 609 453 156 #DIV/0! 39 18 21 #DIV/0! 365 292 73 #DIV/0! 2821 2010 811...
  8. G

    Using calculated fields in Pivot Table data grouped by date

    Greetings, I have a Pivot table that has the following fields: creation_date sales_channel The creation_date is a date field as dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm:ss. I want create a pivot table that shows me the average sells made by a sales channel in a month. To do that, I grouped the creation_date by...
  9. N

    Need Pivot Table help

    Hello Need a help in Pivot table. Using the below raw data, i have created Pivot table which shows how many "calls", how many "Made" and "Miss". I also need SLA achived (Made/Miss), can I calculated this(SLA achived) in the pivot table it self. Note: SLA Achived column given below is not part...
  10. A

    Pivot Table Value Filters - expand criteria for calculated fields.

    Pivot Table Help: Microsoft Office 2007 - Hi! I need to filter values from a calculated field. The calculated field is a %, and I need to filter so I only view values greater than or equal to a certain % (65% in this instance). I am viewing 6 months of data, and the filter is using the 6...
  11. T

    Calculated Field in Pivot Table

    I can't figure out how to do a calculated field on individual months when my field is simply "month" and not the individual months: My data looks like this with the months in one column- not seperate columns for each month: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 144pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0...
  12. M

    Pivot Table Calculated Field Help

    I am trying to find out the Rate of Sales for each store this is generally calculated by Value Sales/Number of Weeks Sold which works in a normal sheet. However how I do this in a pivot table baffles me as I cannot get it to produce the correct answer I have my file here...
  13. W

    VBA Code to Automatically Change Caption when Added to Pivot Table

    Hi everybody! First off, I'd like to thank all of you for this incredible forum... it has helped me countless times in my work life!! I have a simple pivot table with a few calculated fields. When I add the calculated fields to the pivot table, two issues occur: The caption is renamed: Sum...
  14. cgeorge4

    ExcelProblem: Pivot Table Calculated Field to Subtract Sales Between Two Periods (not Grand Total)

    Hello anyone, I have clicked on sooooo many posts regarding 'Pivot Table Calculated Fields" - that I'm getting dizzy and I'm not clicking anymore:eeek: I know it's simple what I want - but I'm still not getting the result I need. Below is my pivot table. I need the pivot table to subtract...
  15. M

    Pivot table: Count text to decide rate of sale

    I have a data table with 300000+ rows of data so have decided on a pivot table to solve all my problems...(lol) everything has gone fine until I needed to solve ros (Rate of sale) which is determined by Total Sales / Number of stores a product is sold in. I have been unable, so far to get...
  16. H

    complicated pivot tables

    I'm trying to organize a massive load of data into a pivot table. for some reason, the count is showing up when when i change the setting to average it shows up as an error. i think its the raw data that isnt set up correctly, but if anyone can think of something else, i would appreciate it...
  17. A

    Userinput in calculated pivot field

    Hi there<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> I am using a macro to create a pivottable. In that pivottable I will use a calculated field.<o:p></o:p> The formula for the calculated field goes like this:<o:p></o:p> Pt.CalculatedFields.Add...
  18. N

    PIVOT (Change Column)

    Hello All, I have searched the forum and although I have found material that has helped I still cannot get this to work. I have a Pivot table that I would like to add a change column to, example below; Department June2010 Oct2010 Change (New Column) IT...
  19. P

    Help with a complicated problem in calculating data inside Pivot Tables!

    Hi, I am building an excel database with a lot of data that I will be updating daily. I need to generate charts from it as I update, so I am using pivot tables and charts. I also need the pivot table to organize the data properly. The problem I am facing is that once the data is organized in...
  20. S

    Pivot tables for conditional formatting

    ****** http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">****** name="ProgId" content="Word.Document">****** name="Generator" content="Microsoft Word 12">****** name="Originator" content="Microsoft Word 12"><link rel="File-List"...

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