pivot chart

  1. X

    HELP - Dashboard Objects are Randomly Resizing on a Data Refresh!

    Hey everyone, I don't use Excel a lot, so I am quite proud with what I have come up with. Wish I could share it but it has all my financial data and crypto holdings to create a dashboard. Power queries, just trying to solve a different issue at the moment with VBA, the lot! Besides the...
  2. K

    How to add Data label in Stacked column chart of Pivot charts

    Hello friends, I'm tring to make a Pivot chart with stacked column graph. In where, i couldn't add data label for cumulative sum of value in Data label. Where i could only add data label to individual stacks in column graph. It found possible with normal stacked column chart without pivot...
  3. K

    Custom Sort on Pivot Chart

    Hello! I have a simple pivot chart collating some totals for figures in each month of the year. I would like this to display in the month order (Jan-Feb) but I am unable to manipulate the source data so it reflects this. Is there another way to do so? I do not have an option to use the custom...
  4. B

    Excel Pivot Chart add Horizontal and Vertical Lines

    So I have tried a couple of things and ran into a couple of problems. First of all my desired situation: I have a Pivot Chart based on data which contains Dates, Values and Locations. (A2A, A4A etc. are locations). I want to have a legend based on the different locations so I can see which...
  5. G

    PIVOT TABLE + CHART - Pasting Special Values making Pivot Chart Blank

    Hello all, We have one pivot table where we are seeing a recurring issue - this does not happen with any other pivot tables on the tab. I am trying to paste+special values on the pivot table so it removes the link to source data, and will then leave me with a graph. This seems to work for any...
  6. O

    do not allow moving/selecting/editing pivot chart but allow the user to use the filters of the pivot chart

    Hello everybody, i have a chart (created from a pivot table) and i want the user to be able to use the filter on the chart but to NOT be able to edit, copy or move the chart. Is this possible??
  7. D

    Permantly change font size for "data-labels" in a pivot chart

    Hello everyone. This is my first post on the site, so I hope my question is in compliance with the rules; Otherwise I apologize. Anyhow, I'd like to know, if it's possible to permanently alter the font size of the data-labels within a pivot chart: I'm able to temporary alter the text size...
  8. D

    Refresh pivot table and report in protected sheets

    I have sheet-a, it contains pivots only, only allows select locked/unlocked/autofilter, and sheet-b, it contains pivot chart, only allows select locked/unlocked/use pivot table & report, sheet-c contains both pivot and report, only allows select locked/unlocked/use pivot table & report, some...
  9. S

    Pivot Chart not ordering in numerical order

    I have a power query column which has values from 0 to 20 for each month of the year and has USHolidays written in the field for USHolidays which then dumps into a table. When I chart it from the table using Pivot chart the numbers are not in order from 0 to 20 in the horizontal axis. I chart...
  10. W

    Pivot Chart - Two Filters on Same Axis - or Retained Styles

    I've tried a whole lot of different permutations of an admittedly fairly new thing for me in Excel: Pivot Charts. I have monthly data for four different players in TWO categories: Homeruns and Stolen Bases. Can I produce a chart, Pivot, combo, template or otherwise, that can filter: Players...
  11. F

    Counting streaks from an excel table

    Hi I am trying to track the reliability of vehicles within our fleet, every rota we complete an evaluation of the vehicles where they will be tested on various criteria and scored as a pass or fail (with a fail marking a 1 on an excel table). This data would be better understood by our...
  12. A

    Creating an Account Balance chart using a PivotTable from an imported set of Bank data

    Hi Chaps, There are a few old posts around stuff like this but nothing that i can find that seems to get to the crux of what the problem i am having... Bottom line - I want to be able to create a chart showing the balance in my bank account(s) over time Project Outline: - I have bank data...
  13. D

    Bubble Chart: Why is simple so hard?

    I have a very simple table of data... x-axis with "text definers" and y-axis with "text definers", and in the middle data... I just want to show a bubble chart with the x/y axis and the bubbles sized by the middle data. But, I can't define both axis. What am I missing? What can I use to do...
  14. Q

    Custom Filter Groups for Pivot Charts

    I have a dataset with about 25 columns that I would like to visualize in a chart. Because of the large number of columns, having them all show up at once would make the chart too cluttered. Is there a way to create a custom filter for the chart to show predefined columns? For example, "show...
  15. M

    Multiple Pivot Charts With Linked Filter

    I have 3 pivot charts each with their own data source. The tables are all set up the exact same way. They have the exact same layout, just different numbers whether it's referencing a 6 month, 12 month, or 2 year projection. What I am trying to accomplish is I have all 3 pivot charts displayed...
  16. S

    Chart set up

    Hello all, I was wondering if yall could help me with a chart organization problem that I have been having. I am not sure if it is better to set it up my charts as a pivot table or to use an original bar chart. On sheet one, I have in column A = names of employees, column B = Week of (Date)...
  17. W

    VBA to allow use of Expand/Collapse button on Pivot Chart, but Disable all Formatting Selection

    Hi! I have an obscure request. I do this thing where I like to use a pivot chart (with the expand/collapse button) as a fast way to "expand all" or "collapse all" for a related pivot table. Really, all I need is the Expand/Collapse button from the chart, so I always shrink the chart so I can...
  18. P

    custom error bars in pivot chart based on calculated field

    Is it possible to create custom error bars in a pivot chart that are based on a calculated field? I would like to create a bar chart representing PROPORTIONS with error bars that represent the CONFIDENCE INTERVALS. My data contains N items that either can be "failed" (0) or "passed" (1)...
  19. N

    Creating Pivot chart from Macro

    I have written a macro to create a Pivot chart in Excel in one Workbook. If I am running the macro from the same workbook it is adding the pivot chart proper without any error. But if I am running the macro from another workbook, I am getting the Application defined or Object defined error in...
  20. K

    Pivot Chart Color Theme Customization Possible?

    Hey All, Just a quick question I cannot find an article or answer to. I have a table of data represented in pivot tables/charts. It covers several call center metrics in a line graph format (Calls Offered, Calls Answered, Calls Abandoned). I want to set a monochromatic color scheme / year...
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