pivot table refresh

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    Multiple Pivot Table refreshes in one workbook

    I have a workbook with multiple Pivot Tables sharing the same Pivot cache across multiple worksheets and inworksheets. The VBA code I found doesn't work. Is there a solution that would automatically refresh the Pivot Tables once the data source has bee updated? Thanks Frank
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    Autorefresh pivot table on cell change

    I have a pivot table (Pivottable2) which I want to refresh any time the value in cell B3 is changed. I have used the code below but appears that I am doing something wrong. The name of the macro to refresh the pivot table is "refresht" Any help greatly appreciated Private Sub...
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    Pivot Table Refresh in a loop

    In Excel 2013 - I have a spreadsheet with 6 pivot tables which are working fine. The problem is when I select and print them, then happen to click on the contents of any of them, they all seem to go into a refresh mode and looping. Escape does not help. I have to get our IT guy to kill my...
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    The screen gets crazy and doesn't refresh properly and the calculation method turns manual

    Hi all I am in a big (at least for me) project for a NGO upgrading a tool to forecast. To make everything simpler I basically collate data from 600 tables in different sheets as I explained in this post...
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    Update Pivot table and create new columns

    Hi all, I have successfully managed to automatically update my pivot table, so far so good. However on a different sheet (call i XYZ) I have a summary of different groups for different months Group Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 mONTH 4 A 1 2 3...
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    Refresh one pivot table at a time

    Hi! I have a Table with an ODBC connection and from that table, I have multiple sheets with "Pivot tables" (with their respective "Dynamic Chart"). What I want is to change the query and then refresh just one Pivot table at time, but when I refresh one Pivot table all the “Pivot tables"...
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    Macro to automate extraction of Pivot table data?!

    I have a question about Pivot Table data....i.e. the data behind the Pivot. Is there a macro to automate the extraction of the data behind it? Basically I have a report in the form of a very large pivot table with all the Pivot filters hidden. However, the source data has been DELETED. Is there...
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    Pivot Tables

    Hi, I have a Pivot Table that is adjusted based on a couple of input fields. The user can choose the start and end dates and the input data is amended accordingly, which is then reflected in the Pivot Table. I have calculation set to Automatic, which means the data is updated immediately...

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