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  1. S

    Help with Pivot Tables

    I have spreadsheet with the performance data of 50 search engine search terms across multiple ad campaigns in Google and Bing. For each of the data columns below, I would like to create a formula I would use to aggregate the data in a pivot table: 1) Impressions 2) Clicks 3) Click-Through Rate...
  2. C

    Pivot table conditional formatting, from another sheet?

    Hello, I have a table with many rows and columns. Each row represents a course a user still needs to complete. The row will have the user's name, and a bunch of other columns, including a "People.Temporary" column which indicates if the user is a temporary employee. If the user has more than...
  3. M

    sort two columns, one from each of two sheets

    I have looked and do not find a solution to acquire one column's data, insert it into a new sheet. Then acquire another column's data from a different sheet and enter that into the same column that the first column's data was inserted. This way the data from two columns, each from a different...
  4. D

    Help me Excel Community

    Hey Team, I've developed a dashboard but have come across one error and I am hoping someone out there can help me! By using VBA code, I have columns which allows for multiple items in a drop-down list e.g. column A has the option to select Apple, Orange, Banana. Is there a way to produce a...
  5. S

    "Add Measure" Isn't Coming Up (even after I select "Add Data to Data Model")

    I am trying to have texts in a value field in a pivot table, and my understanding is that creating a Measure (concatenating the text) is the best way to do so. However, I am unable to create a measure when I am in the Pivot Table, as even after I select "Add Data to Data Model" when creating the...
  6. S

    Copy table and paste to next empty row

    Hi I have a pivot table on sheet 1 and would like to paste values to the next empty row on sheet2. I need a macro that will select everything but the header on line 1 and grab the data on the table and paste to the next empty line. Thanks. This is what i have so far, but it writes over the...
  7. Tommy2Tables

    Equivalent of Sigma Values for pivot tables in LibreOffice Calc

    We have volunteers who won't spend the money to get Excel. But our training comes from Excel things. For pivot tables, Calc does not have a Sigma Values to set up. What is the work around? Thank you. T2t
  8. B

    Pivot Table Retained Items & Refresh All

    I have a spreadsheet that updates based on a user-entered date range. I'm running into two problems. 1. There are some values I need to exclude from the pivot tables. For example, the number of rows of data will change depending on the date range. I have index match formulas where I set the...
  9. D

    More Table Option - Pivot Table Fields

    Good Afternoon everyone, I’m currently struggling with an excel feature. Whenever a pivot table is created and the pivot table fields open, there is an option under the fields column called ‘more tables’! I’m wondering how can I add that again. I updated my Excel to the most recent (2016) and I...
  10. F

    PIVOT TABLE Values not Matching Worksheet Values

    Work Day values in the Pivot Table do not match the work day values in the worksheet. Some entries in worksheet show less than a full day (e.g: 0.75 of a day vs. 1 day). I tried to use the cell format function the Pivot Table, but that did not work. How do I get Pivot Table to show values < 1...
  11. B

    Pivot Table Filtering

    Hi All, I'm looking for a way (if possible) to allow my filters in a pivot table be based off of an "if" statement or something similar. The data that i'm pulling from is a little complicated to write out... but here goes nothing. I work at a hotel and every night there is a snap shot of what...
  12. C

    VBA Pivot Items

    Hello, I'm trying to automatically set the current year and next year in a pivot table using VBA. This is what I have currently Dim CurrentYear as Variant Dim NextYear as Variant CurrentYear = Year(Now()) NextYear = Year (Now())+1 With ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable1").PivotFields("YR")...
  13. A

    Using Power Query Connections in Pivot Tables

    I use Power Query to massage data from a number of sources. It works great. There are cases where to create the right analysis that I use pivot tables. When I create the pivot table, I select External sources and select the appropriate Query as input. Everything so far works great. The issue...
  14. O

    VBA Code for Pivot Table Sum Field Invalid Qualifier

    Thanks in advance for anyone's suggestions. I will give feedback on any suggested solutions. Why am I getting a "Compile error: Invalid Qualifier" on "xlDataField" within the line: 'Add item to the Data Field to either Count or Sum. In this Case Sum With...
  15. N

    Colour Pivot Filters When Active

    My goal is to highlight the cell when I have a filter active in the pivot table row & column labels. I have found the linked document below which shows me how to accomplish what I'm looking for in regards auto filters. What I would like to do is perform this same action in a way that functions...
  16. J

    Slicer Cache

    Running 2016 Pro Plus. Have a large (about 110,000) row table that has also been loaded into the Data Model (no relationships established). Creating several Pivot Tables from the Data Model. Assumed that a separate PT cache was established for each PT. Created Slicers for each PT (using the...
  17. D

    Expand the area of a pivot table

    Good morning! I have created a pivot table (round of applause for me please!) I have added additional columns to the raw data but the data is not showing in the pivot after refreshing. I believe this is because the initial area of the pivot doesn't include my last column. Could you tell me...
  18. W

    Combining Fields in Pivot Chart

    I am trying to graph the frequency of a series of cap rates but want to also show the average age of properties that have that cap rate. For example, the chart will show there are 3 properties with a 6.5% cap rate, 6 properties with a 6.75% cap rate etc. but I also want to see the average age...
  19. A

    Trouble populating Excel Userform ComboBoxes with Pivot Table Fields.

    I am using Excel 2016 and I have a userform (ComReport) that when clicked the user has two combo boxes to choose what they want to filter, Year & Quarter. Unfortunately I have not been able to get the combo boxes to fill. I have searched online and tried different tweaks of pretty much the same...
  20. S

    Calculated items in pivot table are changing on their own

    I have 3 calculated items in a pivot table - each just sums 3 or 4 other items from the field. Some of the items are summed in multiple calculated items. For example: 'Subtotal1' = 'Item 1' + 'Item 2' + 'Item 3' and 'Subtotal2' = 'Item 3' + 'Item 4' + 'Item 5' Twice now the formulas seem to...

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