pivot tables

  1. B

    SUMX Problem - summarising values

    I'm working with some data Where I have a branch, clients in a branch and products with that client. I've managed to get the values in a pivot from measures at product level provided I filter on a client. A soon as clear the client filter all the values become incorrect. Ideally I want to...
  2. K

    Unprotect and Refresh Pivot Tables in a Data Model Where the Data is Being Used in Multiple Tables

    I have multiple pivot tables that are part of a data model that I want to unprotect, refresh, and reprotect. Below is the VBA Code I have so far. It isn't working. Excel gives me a message "That command cannot be performed while a protected sheet contains another PivotTable report based on...
  3. Jyggalag

    What do you guys use pivot tables for?

    Hi all, As far as I know, Pivot Tables are incredibly useful. However, I have never had the chance to actually use them in my work or private life. Does anybody have some simple examples where pivot tables are useful? And what do you guys use them for? Thank you! Kind regards, Jyggalag
  4. wsnyder

    Named Range Calculated Field Pivot Table

    Hi all, Using Excel 365. I would like to use a Named Range that contains a Tax_Rate in a calculated field This way, users can easily change the rate on an Input Sheet if the rate should change. It seems the calculated field does not recognized the Named Range. What are some other options...
  5. M

    Pivot Table - One Part Shipped to Many Locations

    We ship parts to multiple locations. I'm trying to see parts by a specific location (easy), and at the same time see the other locations a specific part ships to. So far all my efforts have been self-defeating because of the initial filtering by location. An easy example: Part Number...
  6. R

    What is the most efficient way to solve this both the problems and are there multiple ways to solve them? Please let me know. Much appreciated!

    I have tried solving the problem Q1 and Q2 and I am getting errors. I have attached the images with this. PS- Q1 and Q2 are the questions. Tab1, Tab2 and Tab3 is the data I have to work on. How do I got about the same? Please help me out. Thanks!
  7. tomsov

    Combining sum result from multiple tables

    Hello, I'm struggling with a combined table result issue as follows and I'm hoping someone can help. I've got 5 seperate sheets, all with named tables that are exactly the same format - the tables refer to customer orders that contain the same data - so order live/dead, order number, part...
  8. O

    do not allow moving/selecting/editing pivot chart but allow the user to use the filters of the pivot chart

    Hello everybody, i have a chart (created from a pivot table) and i want the user to be able to use the filter on the chart but to NOT be able to edit, copy or move the chart. Is this possible??
  9. J

    Grouping Pivot Table and Slicers NOT working

    I have been trying to figure this out all day: I am building a dashboard, and I have everything in a summary tab (in a table) to pull for pivots. The dates do not seem to be recognized as dates when I try to use a pivot to group by date. I have tried text to columns, and formatting cells. I...
  10. A

    Want to Put Text into a Pivot Table instead of numerical data

    Have you ever wanted to put Text into the fields in a Pivot Table instead of Values. Well, I found this link where Bill Jelen shows you how using Power Pivot at the site Strategic Finance. Fairly easy to follow. https://sfmagazine.com/post-entry/ju...a-pivot-table/
  11. S

    VBA function fail w/Pivot tables

    The question I have is why this code simply toggles between showing and hiding the Sales Date pivot field. It’s only supposed to hide the Sales Date pivot field when the cell M11’s value is “Weeks” but it seems like it’s ignoring this second condition of the if statement. M11 is a pivot row...
  12. P

    Pivot Table not being created by VBA Code

    I have been struggling to create a pivot table using the following piece of VBA code, but I cannot find the error. I assigned a watch window to PT2, and I noticed after I set PT2 equal to the PivotCache, PTCache2, PT2 still appears with a value of nothing. The With Block does not work because...
  13. P

    Pivot table only picking up random parts of source data

    Hi I've created a worksheet which has two pivot tables drawing from the same source-data. So the pivot tables - both - are not reflecting the correct data. So I clicked on 'show details' - which of course - brings up another sheet showing the specific filtered data being used. The filtered data...
  14. C

    Pass/Fail rate calculation in pivot table

    I am looking to add a measure for my pivot table that will do a simple pass fail rate calculation. The calculation is =pass/sum(pass, fail) how do I translate that into pivot table language? There are 4 basic criteria I am working with. Inspection ID, Date/time, Eval Area, and Rate Status. The...
  15. S

    Help with Pivot Tables

    I have spreadsheet with the performance data of 50 search engine search terms across multiple ad campaigns in Google and Bing. For each of the data columns below, I would like to create a formula I would use to aggregate the data in a pivot table: 1) Impressions 2) Clicks 3) Click-Through Rate...
  16. C

    Pivot table conditional formatting, from another sheet?

    Hello, I have a table with many rows and columns. Each row represents a course a user still needs to complete. The row will have the user's name, and a bunch of other columns, including a "People.Temporary" column which indicates if the user is a temporary employee. If the user has more than...
  17. MrDB4Excel

    sort two columns, one from each of two sheets

    I have looked and do not find a solution to acquire one column's data, insert it into a new sheet. Then acquire another column's data from a different sheet and enter that into the same column that the first column's data was inserted. This way the data from two columns, each from a different...
  18. D

    Help me Excel Community

    Hey Team, I've developed a dashboard but have come across one error and I am hoping someone out there can help me! By using VBA code, I have columns which allows for multiple items in a drop-down list e.g. column A has the option to select Apple, Orange, Banana. Is there a way to produce a...
  19. S

    "Add Measure" Isn't Coming Up (even after I select "Add Data to Data Model")

    I am trying to have texts in a value field in a pivot table, and my understanding is that creating a Measure (concatenating the text) is the best way to do so. However, I am unable to create a measure when I am in the Pivot Table, as even after I select "Add Data to Data Model" when creating the...
  20. S

    Copy table and paste to next empty row

    Hi I have a pivot table on sheet 1 and would like to paste values to the next empty row on sheet2. I need a macro that will select everything but the header on line 1 and grab the data on the table and paste to the next empty line. Thanks. This is what i have so far, but it writes over the...

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