1. J

    Power Pivot Dax Formula to calculate Population Per Capita Value

    I am trying to calculate the Per Capita utilization of the 311 Non-Emergency Phone System in my home city for each of the 280 defined Neighborhoods in my home city. I have two Power Pivot tables in my data model: The first table consists of 311 Telephone Calls (similar to 911 calls, but...
  2. A

    offset formula question

    Hi, I have a data set where the number of rows change when the data is refreshed. I am trying to count the number of rows in the population ( not including blanks).. I am tired of manually having to update the last cell of the range in the formula every time I refresh. I have dozens of...
  3. M

    Creation of Saudi Arabia Population Map

    Hello, Can someone help me on how to create a MAP in excel on Saudi Arabia and put in the necessary population by region/area. Is there a way of doing this on Excel 2016. Regards
  4. Grizlore

    Populating items in a ComboBox

    Hi All, I am trying to automatically pick up a selectable list of supplier names into a userform ComboBox and i am a little stuck I have several hundred supplier names in a worksheet called "Supplier List" and I would like to be able to select one of these in the Userform. As there is so...
  5. N

    how to compute for the median age of a population?

    <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> single age Under 1 population 30,619 1 29,897 2 31,213 3 31,670 4 31,133 5 31,960 6 31,596 7...
  6. W

    New worksheet per country

    I have a spreadsheet of all the major cities in the world along with the country and city population, so 3 columns (City, country, population) and thousands of rows. I want to stick each country onto it's own worksheet, so copy the rows that are for Canada along with the cities and pop columns...
  7. Deepakchoudhary

    Unique Value of filtered rows in another cell(s)

    Hi, Applying FILTER in a table which included name of retail outlets and their town names. At bottom of table somewhere in a cell for a purpose I want to show "filtered" town name while apply filter on a town ... and my purpose is... I will put a "vlookup" with this to pull data from another...
  8. V

    VBA Random Samling, No Duplication. Inputs: Population Size, Sample Size

    Hello everyone, I performed a small research but could not identify a code for my need. I want to create a sampling file in excel, that will have the population size in cell b2, and the required sample size in cell b5. (The required sample is to be up to 40.) I want to create a macro that...
  9. C

    SUMIFS with multiple criteria on different rows

    Hi everyone, i need help summing the population of birds whose age is greater than 60 weeks, on a row by row basis. The data set is below: <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K L 1 Population Age Eggs Feed Population Age Eggs Feed Population Age Eggs Feed 2 2000 76 110 100 2000 61 100 100 2000...
  10. R

    Comparing Multiple Criteria Across Two Worksheets to Find and Migrate Rows

    I'm trying to find a way to identify instances from my Incoming Volume worksheet, that do not exist on my Working Population worksheet, and copy them over to the Working Population worksheet. I think I'm good on how to copy and paste, but I'm not certain on the best method to go through each...
  11. S

    how to do a filled map of U.S county with population

    I have a set of data for the state of Texas. Column A has unique zipcodes, column B has counties (not unique since multiple zipcodes fall into each county), and column C with a population metric (there are duplicates since data is county population). I want to build a map that fills the...
  12. M

    Conditional Copying and Pasting of a Row

    Hi All, Presume this will be VBA-based - I have the below table (sensitive data, so I've dummied some data into my table structure) <tbody> Digit Type Population Channel Message 1 Message 2 1 Red 0 STOP STOP STOP 2 Blue 1000 Online Hi Goodbye 3 Green 5000 Online Hello See ya 4 Black 0...
  13. M

    ListBox population problem...

    Hi, I'm using the following code to populate a ListBox: LR = Sheet2.Range("D" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row With lbxTest .Clear For i = 1 To LR .AddItem Sheet2.Range("D" & i).Value Next i End With On occasions, column D of Sheet2 will be...
  14. N

    Monetary Unit Sampling (MUS) Sample Size Help

    Hi everyone, For a significant number of hours now I've been trying to calculate the sample size of a population via the MUS method. (It's a very similar way to systematic sampling) At my work we have a data analysis software called "IDEA" which I'm sure some of you have heard of. Within this...
  15. J

    Populating a summary sheet with selective data

    ok, I appreciate the title of this post is not going to attract many viewers... but i've a problem, and it's one that is starting to make my eyes bleed...! so... i guess a brief idea of the situation, and an example will help: I have a day-to-day spreadsheet with a list of clients, and info on...

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