power point

  1. Jyggalag

    Weird power point formatting removing borders?

    Hi all, I am currently facing a weird issue in PowerPoint. When I type text, the border disappears underneath it: It is specifically happening in the cell where it says "test" in bold. Any idea why this is happening? I've looked at my formatting, but cant quite figure out why. Kind...
  2. H

    Search text in powerpoint slides

    Dear All I have to search slides in presentation "400.pptx" which contains a word , lets say "pumping". I have developed user form in power point "Sel_ppt..pptm". IN the user form, user can enter any word and the macro is searching slides in 400.ppt. If there is any slide containining "pumping"...
  3. K

    Excel Chart and Graph to PowerPoint

    Hello All, Trying to see if this is possible. What I have: Excel sheet - Has a cell with data validation (List). Below that I have a graph. Below the graph I have a table that is based on the selection from the List. What I look to do: Take those 3 items mentioned above and insert into a...
  4. J

    Export colapsable pivot table to Power Point

    Hello, Comrades! I've designed a spreadsheet to users input data so it spill some charts. Every month the guy who hired me will grab the charts and send them via email abroad the clients. The main file is a Powerpoint (smh)... That was working fine until someday someone had the brilliant idea...
  5. B

    Copy excel to power point, one slide per row

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, so sorry if i am posting this in the wrong place. I am looking for some help to write a VBA to copy some data in excel to power point slides. <colgroup><col span="10"></colgroup><tbody> Column A Column B Column C Column D Column E Column F Column G...
  6. W

    PowerPoint Chart Copy Closing Mid-Format Procedure

    Programing a procedure which opens a .ppt template and copies in charts and tables from Excel for multiple generation of presentations (a Do Loop) for a new .ppt per record on a specific worksheet. What appears to be an every-other-time/record event, the pasting of an Excel chart is interrupted...
  7. C

    Copying one Cell of text in excel and pasting it into PPT as a textbox

    I have written a code that enters information into one cell, populates an excel template I've made, then creates a PPT file and slide, pastes the template in, creates a new slide and goes onto the next data point in excel to populate the template with the new information. It is doing all of...
  8. T

    Access forms/graphs transfer to Powerpoint

    I am running an Access database that has about 30 charts that I run as a slide show inside of Access. These are just forms that I put graphs on and they are not power point. Recently I had a request to have these transferred/exported some something so that they could be used in a powerpoint...
  9. T

    Export Access Form or Report to Powerpoint

    Is there a way to export a list of forms or reports using VBA to Power point? I currently can export a list of forms to PDF but would like to have the ability to put these over in power point. The forms contain graphs and when I copy the PDFs into power point it makes them fuzzy. Like a bad copy...
  10. F

    Paste values into PowePoint

    Hi, I tried to copy values to PPT but I got error like: Run-time error '-2147188160 (80048240)': Shapes (unknown member): Invalid request. Clipboard is empty or contains data which may not be pased here my code: Dim pp_App As PowerPoint.Application Dim pp_Prest As PowerPoint.Presentation Dim...
  11. G

    Copy embedded tables from Excel to PowerPoint with VBA

    Hey all, On one of the projects I have an excel file and a macro to automaticaly generate 20 PowerPoints with tables imbeded so that they can be updated when the excel numbers change. To do this I call the following Sub: Sub pp_Paste(wb As String, ws As String, Ran As String, nSlide As...
  12. G

    Replacing Linked Objects Source

    I've been using this code for a while now with some bugs every now and then: Sub UpdateSheet() Dim sld As Slide Dim sh As Shape Dim strNms As String Dim intI As Integer Dim strNewPath Dim ExcelFile Dim exl As Object Set exl = CreateObject("Excel.Application")...
  13. T

    Access graph to power point

    I have built several graphs in Access and would like to export them into power point. I have built these using forms and can print these out into reports. Is there a way to export these into a power point presentation or import them into the presentation? This would be great if it could happen...
  14. G

    Link to Excel data embedded in Power Point fails

    I have an excel file embedded in a power point. (Both are 2007 for Windows running under XP). A VBA program extracts certain data and inserts it into text in the Power Point. This is working. I am trying to do something simpler which is to display a block of cells by linking them. If I use...
  15. outlawspeeder

    How to get Application.Speech.Speak to work in power point

    The code below works in Excel. does anyone know how to get it working in power point? Private Sub Workbook_Open() 'This need to go on the excel worksheet for it to work on auto MsgBox "Please turn on speaker" Application.Speech.Speak "Welcome to my software" End Sub
  16. MarkCBB

    Change to late binding and end MS PP

    Hi there VBA pros, I have received pieces of this code from a few places, including Mrexcel.com, and I have been able to thus far edit and adapted it to what I need. However there are a few things I have not been able to figure out. first, I want to change the code to late binding as it will...
  17. MarkCBB

    Move Chart 1 to Silde 2 of Powerpoint

    HI there, Is there some VBA code that can move a chart to a new Power point slide? I create a presentation from scratch everyday and the only thing that changes is the date that is input into the Excel database and thus the charts are different so I copy and paste 10-13 charts into a power...
  18. S

    inserting dxf in power point

    Hello , anyone knows how to insert picture with extension .dxf in power point. i'm using power 2007. i'm able to insert this picture in lower version. please help. thanks.
  19. M

    Embed Excel range into Powerpoint

    First the info. I am using Office 2007. I am trying to embed a range of Excel cells into a powerpoint slide. I have a macro that does the job pretty well but there is a small change that I want but can't figure out. I want the Excel info to be completely embedded in the PP slide so if you...
  20. B

    Excel export to Powerpoint VBA code

    I have a number of charts that I would like to copy and paste into a powerpoint presentation. In order to do this, I need to know how to advance the powerpoint slides with each new copy/paste action. I currently have code that exports the charts to excel after opening the right powerpoint...

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