1. M

    Price tracking

    I would like to create a spreadsheet that tracks our material costs over time. I would like to have a chart that is easy to select between materials and shows the trend of the pricing (like a dashboard), and possibly something that multiple people in our organization can access. I was thinking...
  2. I

    Raising or discounting the price of inventory against a curve that represents the average temperature in a certain area.

    Hi all. Firstly im new here and English isnt my native tongue so I would like to apologize beforehand if my explanations aren't very clear. Truly appreciate if anyone can help me with the following: I generally have two sets of data: 1.First one is an inventory list of clothes with their...
  3. Q

    vlookup - how do i see/highlight changes made in the table?

    Hello everyone, I have a table with a lot of prices for some products, and from my 2nd excel document i pull data to update those prices with =vlookup function. But it takes a lot of time for me to go from 1-2-3-4-5... and look at the prices and see if any price changed. Is there a way to...
  4. K

    Pull Prices from sheet to another

    Hi all, I have a Price list on a data sheet where if the quantity to order is between 1-5 then theirs is a fixed price. Is there a macro where once for example 2 qty is selected the price for 1-5 is pulled into the quote sheet?
  5. S

    Consolidate multiple sheets

    Hi I am trying to consolidate multiple sheets into 1 tab. I don't know how to use the sumif because 2 of my criteria are in the same column: the customer name and the value name. I don't even know exactly what formula to use...all help would be appreciated. I am trying to consolidate data in...
  6. X

    Maximising Profit

    The price of electricty fluxuates hourly over the course of a year. My goal is to buy electricy for storage from the grid for the asking price at the time and sell it back to the grid at a later time (for a greater price) in order to make a profit. The criteria however is that when selling it...
  7. S

    Formula equivalent of Goal Seek function. How to manipulate margins based on Pricing requirements?

    0 <button class="js-vote-down-btn grid--cell s-btn s-btn__unset c-pointer" title="This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful" aria-pressed="false" aria-label="down vote" data-selected-classes="fc-theme-primary" style="margin: 2px; box-sizing: inherit; font-size...
  8. M

    VLOOKUP using hidden/filtered data

    I have a list of prices, products, customers, etc. that are in categories (Beef, Chicken, etc.) and in subsets (Salisbury, Ground, Raw, etc.). I am using the Aggregate function to determine the lowest price. Then, I use the VLOOKUP function to search that lowest price for who is purchasing...
  9. A

    Simple formula but my brains not working please help

    Hi, as a sideline I make candles and I'm trying to do a spread sheet to work out the cost of each candle. I'm struggling to find the formula to price the scent thst I add as a variable amount. Say for instance I paid £5 for 50g of scent and added it to 700g of wax, what would the price be per...
  10. A

    HELP! formula for OBIEE

    Hi all, I have tried ( I am very new to this) to write a CASE statement where if the product Family= custom and unit list price =0 return NO but the tricky part is everything else with a list price of 0 needs to be YES else NO. No matter how I write the statement the list price of 0 is...
  11. J

    Pricing tool

    Hi i have basic excel knowledge. I am trying to create a prcing tool for selling laptops (for context) so i want a tool where i cant input all my component prices (differnet ram, hdd etc) then i want to enter my basic unit price, then have drop downs, for each component, it will take the cost...
  12. smide

    Return the second to last value - data in two columns

    Hello. In columns A and B (A1:A600 and B1:B600) I have product names and in columns C and D their prices. When product is in column A his price is in column C (same row) and when product is in column B his price is in column D. In column E I have a list of all products (E1:E50). With array...
  13. R

    Searching an array for a match

    I have a array that looks like this: UPC, Date,Price UPC, Date,Price UPC, Date,Price ... UPC, Date,Price UPC, Date,Price UPC, Date,Price UPC can have duplicates (tracking prices over time) The list could be quite long (a few thousand lines?), I'm looking for the fastest way to search the array...
  14. C

    Lookup between a range

    Hi All, I'm wanting to lookup a value from 2 separate cell values one being height and the other width - to find a match in a pricing matrix. If this can be done at all. E.g - 717 x 448 = $36.06 <tbody> <tbody> Qty Height Width Price EA Price Total 2 717 448 3 357 405 3 357 405...
  15. T

    Index/ match and match??

    Hi everyone, Appreciate if you can advise the formula that is applicable for this scenario. 1. Sheet 1 - table 1 This table shows the price of apples at different minimum order qty (MOQ) in Q2 <tbody> Types of apple MOQ 1 Unit price 1 MOQ 2 Unit price 2 MOQ 3 Unit price 3 Apple 1 500...
  16. B

    IF statement for price markup

    Someone please solve this equation. I have a markup equation that I fill down. I'm trying to net no less that 5.00 but I have products with a wide range of total cost. Price = Total cost + Markup percentage. Net = Price - Total cost. That part works great. The following is what i'm trying...
  17. J

    Fill from price list

    I have a sheet where column A is the product and column B is the price. I have a separate sheet with the price list. Column A has a drop box to choose a product from the list in the price list sheet. I'd like to price to automatically fill in Column B based on the value in Column A. I can't...
  18. F

    Formula works on paper, but not in spreadsheet. Error = a specific expression is added to desired result.

    Hello, l am using LibreOffice Calc but l'm hoping it won't affect matters. KEY TO EXPRESSIONS: $AG$3 = PayPal fee percentage $AG$4 = PayPal fixed fee per transaction (e.g. £0.30 per transaction) $AG$6 = eBay Fee Cap $AG$7 = Alternative Payment Gateway fee percentage $AG$8 = Alternative...
  19. A

    Code link optionbutton ,compobox with textbox and cells in sheet

    hi, expert i would help finding code connect the data sheet with optionbutton , compobox and textbox in userform for explanation i have data in sheet1 in columns c,d are two prices price the column b is the brand and userform 2 optionbuttons and compobox1, textbox1 here when i choose the...
  20. Weeble

    If date < = list range, return value

    I have a table with different dates in column A <tbody> a b c d 2017-01-15 Apples 5 2017-02-15 Apples 4 </tbody> I also have a list with different prices depending on the time of date. <tbody> 2017-01-01 25,5 $ 2017-02-01 27,6 $ 2018-01-01 32,4 $ </tbody> I want to make a...

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