1. C

    Index Match Multiple Columns - Exact and Approximate

    Greetings, Working on a pricing tool, where the part numbers can have multiple tiers and different number of tiers, based on volume. I've been struggling with trying to index/match the part number in column A (exact) and the volume in column C (approximate based on tier) but either end up with a...
  2. M

    Sorting Find and Assign specified values

    Item Name Fixed Price Lube Oil Qty1: 549, Qty2:999, Qty 3: 1399, Qty 4: 1699, Qty 5: Dcapsules Balancing Figure of Total Order Value, ABCD1Order...
  3. H

    Getting Specific Rates for Certain Cell Conditions (Logistics)

    Hello All, Firstly, I'm glad to be a member on this community and excited to have my first post. Here's my query: So I wanted column F to auto populate the CWT rate for our shipments. This column F would at least show how much cwt the carrier "column E" would charge us for that weight...
  4. C

    Vlookup Indirect and Match function error

    Hi all, I would like the formula to find the pricing across multiple tabs and the problem is the pricing column. The pricing column is situated on a different column letter on each tab. Would it be possible to replace the 1 from the formula to a match function? like the formula below...
  5. L

    Quote Creation Document - Requiring double lookup

    Hi Would anyone be able to help me? I am trying to create a document that will auto populate from an excel sheet with product and pricing, sheet 1 is the quote template, with sheet 2 being the data behind. Sheet 1 - Quote template <tbody> D EFGH I J K 12 Product Desc Qty Unit Price total...
  6. T

    VLOOKUP - Questions

    Hey guys, I'm currently trying to create a "cheat sheet" for some Pricing. Currently, "Sheet1" looks like this. I have each column represented for the Size/Style/Price/Date. <tbody> Size Style Price Date 24 x 42 Harvey 2 42.88 4-12-19 30 x 42 Harvey 2 45.05 4-12-19 42 x 42 Harvey 2 52.58...
  7. B

    Auto Fill cell with information from Table

    Hey, I'm working on a job cost form to price things for my business. On the job cost form I have it set up as follows: <tbody> Size Shape Color Qty Unit Cost 5" Round Red 5 $0.07 11" Round Red 10 $0.15 </tbody> I also have a sheet that has the pricing data from my main supplier. it...
  8. M

    Formula to input product pricing based on multiple factors

    Man I hope I explain this correctly... I use Excel for a purchase order log. Most materials have a set cost & I have a tab in my log with all materials and use VLOOKUP to input the cost of per line item entry based on the item ordered. However, I have 2 products whose prices vary depending on...
  9. D

    Aggregate Function's Array Argument Gives VOLATILE formula result when using concatenation for Named Range

    Need experts help on this after racking brain over and over. I have a data sheet, 'DATA', that contains Product and Pricing detail by row. Each row will have a column for Product Name (ie. Product A, Product B, Product C....etc), and a column for Location, (ie.Location 1, Location 2, Location...
  10. F

    Formula needed for volume discount pricing

    Hi everyone, I own a printing business and there are a TON of variables in print pricing lol. So I need a formula for multi-page booklets (like catalogs) Basically I will put a formula in that will come up with the number of prints it will take to make a multi-page booklet and I need the...
  11. E

    Pricing comparison

    hey; i need your help; i have a sheet containing 500 types of equipment each equipment has 2 or three prices and i need to get from it the min price , average and max prices and returning the supplier name for each value
  12. D

    Send Email and Log Date Sent

    Experts, I am working on a way to use excel to send out an order form on worksheet "Printer Pricing" and am using a drop down list from a second worksheet named "Master Data". The drop down on "Printer Pricing" populates ship to address and other contact information using vlookup referencing...
  13. J

    need help updating new prices

    I'm trying to pull pricing from a separate workbook. Not all part numbers are included in the new pricing, just the updated ones. Closest I've gotten is the formula below but I don't want a blank when false, I want the old but still current price to remain...
  14. Q

    Incorrect value picked up in Vlookup across multiple columns in one formula

    Hi All, I was trying to vlookup my data from a table with 4 columns, when I applied the following formula there were errors in a few of the calculations. IFERROR(VLOOKUP(LEFT(A4007,3),'USPS - Zone & Pricing Chart'!$B$4:$I$34,2,1),IFERROR(VLOOKUP(LEFT(A4007,3),'USPS - Zone & Pricing...
  15. R

    Clear Contents In VB

    Hello all! New to VB and have a question. I'm trying clear contents in one cell once a drop down is selected. I select a drop down that displays pricing in the the "System Pump" and "VFD Pricing " Cells. What I'd like it to do is clear just the contents in (VFD Pricing $) once "NO" is...
  16. P

    Progressive Pricing Formula

    Hope you can help!! I have a progressive pricing formula I need help with, been tearing my hair out Each band gets individual earnings in steps apart from <10 that gets nothing. In the below example customer sells 35 baskets, so will reach the 4th band. Band 1 - Zero Band 2 - 10 * £1.15 =...
  17. H

    Formula Question in Macro

    my end goal is thatevery month you run the macro and get : "**this month** pricing" and"**next month** pricing" I get an #Name error when I run this. =MONTHNAME()&" Price" Selection.Insert Shift:=xlToRight, CopyOrigin:=xlFormatFromLeftOrAbove Range("U1").Select...
  18. R

    Help with a formula

    Could anybody help me out with a formula to work out some tiered pricing. Assume that I have my pricing structure in cells A1:A5 as follows; A1=£250, A2=£200, A3=£150, A4=£100, A5=£50. In cells B1:B5 I have the volume at which that price kicks in; B1=<50, B2=50-80, B3=80-100, B4=100-120...
  19. N

    Weighted Average with Two Weighting Criteria

    Thanks for your help in advance... I have to figure out pricing, using a weighted average. But I have two Weighting Criteria. Dates & Distance (Fractions of a Mile). <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Date of Sale Distance Pricing 11/6/2017 0.12 654.36 7/11/2018 0.21 765.31...
  20. W

    how to updating product tables with new yearly pricing - MS 2013

    Hi all I've been using this guide which gives reasonable instructions to setup a simple invoicing database, which I've done. If i update the the product table with new...

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