print area

  1. G

    Still no solution after 1 Year - Please Help

    So the short version is: I have a tool that makes signs for items. The paper it prints on is divided into 8 signs. (8.5x11 Sheet) I have tried every different option to get it to print properly and I cannot. Each page should have 8 signs. I keep getting overlap or width issues. ("A1:BM99")...
  2. IIII

    VBA: Print to pdf with custom or dynamic print area

    Hi All - I currently have a code that prints one of my worksheets to pdf just fine however, I've run into a new problem. I've now noticed that sometimes the data that needs to be printed overlaps the print areas and is either not captured or it prints in a mess across multiple pages breaking up...
  3. N

    How to set several dynamic print areas and create macro to save them in PDF format

    I am trying to automate one of my spreasheets. I have an idea but because I have never used macros before, I don't know how to do it. I have a file (Excel 2010 at the moment) "sales statements generator". On one tab it has 500 statements to various customers, one under another, (formulas in...
  4. O

    Print area ignored when printing to PDF on a virtual machine

    I think I've found a bug in Excel, related to the print area. When I print to PDF on a VM that I don't have an open window to (using python to control Excel), the print area is ignored. Has anyone else experienced this, and has a workaround? Apologies for cross-posting to Stack Overflow, but...
  5. S

    Printing code ignores some data/pages

    Hello, I have this simple code Sub Printout() Sheets("Breakdowns").Select Range("A1", Range("A1").End(xlDown).End(xlToRight)).Select Selection.Printout And I am not sure why this code doesn't work properly. It somehow misses middle rows, but prints all other from start to end.
  6. B

    Force print area - does not change when hiding cells??? Help

    Hi All, I need some help with this one please. I have a spreadsheet that is a schedule, it lists week by week until the end of the year, this helps us plan out future works but we only send 2 weeks worth to a client. once the current week is over, we 'hide' the week, which in turn moves the new...
  7. M

    Pivot Table Print Area

    I have a pivot table that I have created a slicer for in order to select the data I want displayed. I created this pivot table as an attendance sheet for meetings. The pivot table grabs data from a spreadsheet containing all our employees. The person printing the attendance sheet would select...
  8. L

    Maintain a Print Area even when rows or columns are deleted

    I am looking to set up a Print Area on a sheet that will remain even when I delete columns. Currently my print area is A1:G24 and when I delete columns A and B, my print area becomes A1:E24. I would like to set up the print area so when columns within that range are deleted, the data that moves...
  9. C

    Macro needed for Formatting Print Area, Margins etc

    Can someone please help me with possibly an advanced macro. I process a bunch of different reports with different sizes, sometimes single tabs, sometimes multiple tabs, different rows or columns of data and different formatting etc. But every report I send has a few formatting requirements and I...
  10. J

    Printing after using "Page Break View"

    For some reason, when I try to change the number of columns that will appear when I print using "Page Break View" I'm now getting only every single cell highlighted -- a mass of squares -- and only half the page is shown when I hit print. This has happened in the past, and I don't remember how...
  11. M

    Dynamic Print Range (+ Inserting a text box)

    I'm trying to create a dynamic print range from A2, to F2, and extending to the last line with text. I've tried this code, and just can't seem to get it. Sub printFigure2() Dim ws2 As Worksheet Set ws2 = Worksheets("Figure 2-2") With ws2 .ResetAllPageBreaks With .PageSetup .PrintArea =...
  12. A

    Dynamic print area based on date

    Hello all, In my Excel I have a range of dates. This calendar consists of quite some cells. What I want is to automatically set the print area based on today's date including the range of two days before and two days after and always print the first column. For example if this is my sheet...
  13. E

    excel vba printpage are different values then on userform

    hi all when i print my userform listbox the values of 1 column change to a different value can someone tell me what i did wrong ? screenshot of what i want to print code of printing Private Sub OUprint1() Me.Hide Dim rng As Range, wks As Worksheet, ListData() '...
  14. Toadstool

    Avoid Excel Print blank pages

    I'm looking for a function/formula or 1-off change solution to stop Excel printing blank pages. I have 100 rows of data and formulae, in case there is that many data entries to make, but most of the time there will be 10 or 12 data entries which should fit one page, the other rows returning...
  15. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Setup where to insert Page break - Excel 2010

    Hi guys, Stuck on a code and can't seem to get it to work, hoping someone has come across this in the past or knows how to do this. I have a Set Print Area script that loops thru sheet in a newly added workbook and sets print area and some formatting and I added a line that inserts a page...
  16. B

    Retriving print zoom value

    I'm using Excel 2016 with Microsoft office 365. I need to retreive the pagesetup.zoom value for a area fitted into one page wide by one page tall. Some Introduction Before printing a worksheet, I want to run a page setup macro that will adjust the print zoom value to make sure the printed...
  17. U

    Publish as PDF - Blank sheets

    Writing a macro which publishes the content of a table as a .pdf, but the formatting goes off and most annoying the resulting pdf files include 100+ blank pages after the table... this really slows the whole job down; I've included the relevant code below...
  18. L

    Select Entire Sheet except print area

    Hi, I am looking for a macro or a solution to select the entire work sheet except the print area. Thanks, LenPL
  19. P

    mm grid, column width, row height

    1) Is there any excel 2013 template out there with which it is possible to print a millimeter grid on an A4-sheet of paper? 2) Is it possible in that grid from question 1 to match an (x,y) position on the excel screen with an (x,y) position on an A4-sheet of paper? 3) Can the column width and...
  20. S

    Printing a worksheet in Portrait and Landscape

    Hi, I have a worksheet where I want to print Cells A1:M36 in Portrait orientation but then also print cells A38:A69 in landscape orientation. I cant seem to be able to do this through normal measures so would anyone have some code I can use to do this instead? thanks in advance

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