print preview

  1. P

    Dynamic Print Range With Print Preview

    New To VBA I wrote a macro to print a specific range on a specific sheet: Sub PrintPreview() If ActiveSheet.Name <> "Sheet2" Then _ Sheets("database").Range("C1:AE12").PrintPreview End Sub However, the table I am attempting to print will have additional rows added (number of columns will...
  2. M

    Print Preview only showing 1st page

    Hello. I have the following bit of code and the print preview (10 total pages) works wonderfully on my laptop, Excel 2010, Windows 7. I have sent the workbook to people running Excel 2013, Windows 7 and also Excel 2016/Windows 10. Oddly, on their computers, the print preview only shows the first...
  3. caringsharingbristolbilly

    PDF no longer fitting on page in Access 2016

    Hi all, Long time no see, how is everyone? :) I've just updated to Access 2016, and one of my reports is no longer publishing to PDF correctly. Everything looks like it has rendered OK, but is too large, and so the text is overrunning and getting cut off on the right hand side of the page...
  4. Z

    Create a copy of Workbook with VBA code

    Hello all, My issue might be easy for some of you since I am not that experienced with Macros. Here is a description of my project. My initial Workbook, called MAINworkbook has one main visible sheet where user launches a userform. (20 other sheets are hidden) Userform has 20 checkboxes...
  5. B

    Macro for spell check when opening print preview

    Hi, I am looking for a macro that will do a spell check on the screen when you open print preview in excel. Thank you
  6. C

    ExportAsFixedFormat cuts off Rows and Columns

    I have a worksheet that I want to convert to PDF using ExportAsFixedFormat. I have a subroutine, PrintSheet, that formats the sheet's margins, header/footer, etc. If I print preview the sheet, everything looks great, but when I use ExportAsFixedFormat, the output PDF cuts off many rows and...
  7. J

    Excel- Print Preview/pre-printed forms/background

    Hi there! I am currently handling a lot of adminstration and certification work for a company. We have invoices, certificates, letterheads etc forms waiting to be printed on. The problem is everyone in the office have different computers and printers. As such, all the excel worksheets keep...
  8. A

    Print preview / Print does not match Page Break Preview...???

    I have just switched to Excel 2010, and I am trying to set up a worksheet to print on 2 pages. I have created this file in Excel 2010, so it is not a conversion from an earlier version of Excel. This is a simple task that I have successfully accomplished, oh, 2,659,393,101 times before (give...
  9. M

    Print Preview

    I have several subs where I create a temporary spreadsheet and display data in a print-preview mode. The user can then print the data or just press escape to continue on. My issue: sometimes the mouse cannot click anything on the screen. The only thing I can do is press the {ESC} key to...
  10. M

    weird gray non-page non-printing area

    I was playing around in print preview, and I decided to add a page to the document. I tried to do this by copying a range, and then pasting it down below the bottom page. Bizarrely, the range does now appear where the new page should be. But the page itself is not there. The range is on a gray...
  11. A

    Shape objects blow up when using print preview with multiple sheets selected

    I have an excel file with a toolbar of shape objects on top. -- removed inline image --- Excel still says the shapes are the same size when checking size and properties. When I reopen the file, even after saving, all the shape objects are their normal size. I'm using Excel 2007 on Windows...
  12. J

    A gazillion pages in print preview

    Hi, I have a workbook with 5 sheets. These sheets generally span 1.5 pages wide and 3 pages long in automatic height & width (scale to fit = 100%). Now, I just did something and the following phenomenon appears: 1) There is no problem with automatic height and length, scale to fit = 100% 2) As...
  13. O

    Stop my macro going to Print Preview PLEASE!

    Hi Guys, My macro, it works SO WELL. Except that I cannibalised parts from all over, and I can't stop it going to Print Preview. I just want it to remain on the view it was on. Because right now, its running sheet 1, going to print preview, I have to close that, then sheet 2, print preview...
  14. M

    Print preview

    Hi I am using following code for print preview of spreadsheet. 'command button to print site survey water worksheet Private Sub cmdPrintSiteSurveyWater_Click() On Error GoTo ErrorLine Dim SiteSurveyWater As Integer ' message box to prompt print out SiteSurveyWater = MsgBox("Do you want to take...
  15. J

    Page Layout view differs from print preview

    Hi, Is there a reason why what you see/the order of things in Page Layout view is not what actually will print? I'm creating a survey form in Excel and encounter the following discrepancy: I type a long text in some cell, say A29. In Page Layout View it stretches to to cell L29 but does not...
  16. G

    Print Preview freezing Excel after BeforePrint VBA run

    Dear All, I am having trouble with Print Preview in a file with a Workbook_BeforePrint event. I have an Excel 2003 workbook that contains VBA code. In Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean) I have code that if conditional formatting is turned on in a range of cells, then: Cancel...
  17. S

    Need to use Print Preview while using BeforePrint Event

    I am using Excel 2007 I have this code in my ThisWorkbook Module: Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean) Sheets("Sheet1").Range("B2,B5,B8,B13").Font.ColorIndex = 2 End Sub I have this code in each Worksheet Module I want to use it for: Private Sub...
  18. C

    How to identify in BeforePrint if choice was Preview or Print?

    I am needing to run a macro AFTER printing. Since there is no AfterPrint, the only way to do this is to trap with Workbook_BeforePrint, cancel the automatic print/preview, code it manually and followup with the macro. (Excel 2003) My problem now is knowing if the user chose Preview or Print...

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