1. V

    Print specific sheets seperately to printer and PDF

    Is this doable and could someone suggest a script? (Script would need to be seperate) 1. Print sheets seperately without prompt to the default printer: only if the sheet contains the text: "PrixMax" "6po" "Quote" (Then print them, else ignore) 2. Create a PDF per sheet (If sheet contains the...
  2. G

    VBA to Collate & Staple

    Hello All, The printer here at work will collate and staple. Just out of curiosity, is there VBA to insert into my code to collate and staple? Normally, I simply go into the printer properties and set it to do this, then run the code. Thanks
  3. D

    VBA : changing the active printer takes a looong time

    I have a file with more than 600 sheets and I am using a macro to change the active printer : application.ActivePrinter="\\xxx on Ne01:". This single line of code may take up to 90 seconds to execute. Changing the active printer manually takes a second or two. Is there a way to speed up the...
  4. D

    VBA Excel Series Of Prints

    Good afternoon I have a a VBA (EXCEL) which looks across columns and rows then prints a series of sheets accordingly what happens is a preview window pops up I still need the selection of a printer but would like then to print with no interference
  5. I

    Printing to another printer than the default printer

    So I have this excelfile where I print labels to a Zebra printer. Normally I don't have the Zebra printer as default printer because I also print other stuff on a normal printer. Application.ActivePrinter = "Printer2 på Ne2:" I tried this and it works, but our server keeps changing the Ne...
  6. M

    Page Layout not working in Excel 2016

    I have Office 365, using Excel 2016. Page Layout is greyed-out. I rebooted, opened Excel, clicked on the Page Layout icon, and got a message saying "current printer not available". Does anyone have a solution?
  7. J

    Print 1 worksheet from multiple printer trays using VB macro

    I have no coding experience, but hoping this is a really easy fix. Here's what I'd like to do: Print worksheet from multiple printer trays at once (network printer). Right now, I have to hit "print", then do it again, but change the output tray. I print from 4 different trays every time I...
  8. A

    Create Printer Error for testing purposes

    I have written an error handler for a "print" command button. The button prints several reports based upon the form with the "print" button. My code is to generate a VbRetryCancel message box if there is an error at the printer. I need to be able to generate something at the printer that...
  9. T

    Excel Macro Printer Problem

    I have a Time Clock Excel spreadsheet that I wrote so employees can click an icon button to record their times as they clock in and out by via an Excel macro. At the end of the pay period the store manage needs to print the payroll sheet and he is not computer savvy at all, therefore I wrote a...
  10. M

    Selecting another network printer vba - Office 365

    Hello, everything that I can find on this is saying I have the correct code, but is still not working. I recorded the marco to select the printer, so I am assuming that is correct. Any help would be great. This is what I have; Sub CHANGE_PRINTER_ONE() Dim sCurrentPrinter As String...
  11. kelly mort

    Printer name and tray selection with vba code

    I have been on the web for a while now looking for solutions to my problems. I came a bit closer yet I am stacked trying to complete the next steps: Private Declare Function CreateIC Lib "gdi32" Alias "CreateICA" _ (ByVal lpDriverName As String, ByVal lpDeviceName As...
  12. S

    How can i make a workbook print to multiple printers

    Hi All, I have a workbook that will automatically print a worksheet within it when certain conditions are met. The problem I have is that this is a multi-user workbook who work from different pc's. I want the automatic print to print to the printer that is closest to the users pc. The workbook...
  13. J

    VBA to change active printer ?

    Hi, Can it be done with VBA? Set to a specific printer, print then set back to default? I have a template which prints labels with a macro, though I have to currently go: File > Print (Change to "Label Printer") Back out and Run Maceo File > Print (Change to Default) Thanks for any help
  14. L

    Better way to print out?

    Hey guys, Simple code, basically selecting a sheet then selecting a printer from control panel and then forcing it to print whatever it's looking at. Question is how can I avoid the selects? Best just to: Set ws = "SheetXYZ" If Sheets"(SheetXYZ").Range("XYZ") = 1 then...
  15. C

    Uncollate print setting at file start

    Hi all, This is my first post. First, thank you for reading. Second, I'm an average user of Excel, but completely new at macro's and VBA. I've searched around for days looking for an answer to this question, but haven't found anything that works yet. I know its simple enough to click and...
  16. S

    Cancel button not canceling

    Hi all, Because I need to print on other printer than default, I use VBA code to show all available printers, then select needed printer & print: Sub Show_PrintersDialog_and_Print_Cards() Application.Dialogs(xlDialogPrinterSetup).Show Call Print_Cards End Sub The problem is this...
  17. S

    macro to change from Activeprinter to other printer

    Hi all, To change from Activeprinter to other printer (without showing Print Dialog), we use for example macro code: Application.ActivePrinter = "Brother HL-2170W series on Ne04:" Or Application.ActivePrinter = "HP LaserJet P2035n Design on Ne03:" In first code printer name is “ Brother...
  18. Queenofmycastle

    VBA to choose printer

    This is one of my most used VBA formulas. I want to share my file with other offices. Is there a way to have it so that the printer can be changed without knowing VBA? Thanks so much! Sub PrintEntireSetJ6() Dim i As Integer Application.ActivePrinter = "iR-ADV C350 PCL 5c on Ne06:"...
  19. T

    VBA Code to select printer based on cell

    Hello, I am having a very difficult time finding a way to have a macro select the printer to used based on a cell value. Basically I have 2 printers setup & installed on my computer. I am looking for the macro to select "printer A" if cell A9 =1. If cell A9=2 then I want it to select "printer...
  20. P

    Error exporting to PDF

    I get a "Run-time Error 5 - Invalid procedure call or argument" on the ExportAsFixedFormat to PDF. The preceding save to .jpg works so I am stumped. I know the PDF export interacts with my printer settings so maybe that's an issue. The ChartObject height and width are 1000 so could that be a...

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