1. gravanoc

    Page Layout issues between 2010 and modern 365

    I recently completed a very tedious, time-consuming project where I placed textboxes in Excel & aligned them so that they would print their text onto a pre-printed form (CMS-1500). Using a copy of that form and making copies of it to be printed onto, I eventually got it where it needed to be...
  2. gravanoc

    Need tips on using Excel to print onto a pre-printed form

    Later today or tomorrow I'll be stepping out of my comfort zone a little & helping setup a conduit program that, given a certain number of rows, will print one row of data onto a pre-printed form, then onto the next row & next form. This is a picture link of the form: Health Insurance Claims...
  3. R

    Worksheet different look

    Hi all! I have to print on labels, inside a grid. I have created a document for it. It turned out really good, but when i did open it from another windows account on the same computer it was a mess. Whynis that? I had the same issue earlier, but the case was different. I created the document...
  4. P

    Excel 2016 Column width shrinks when copied to another workbook

    Hi. I need a payroll worksheet (Let's call it Ori) copied to another workbook. The column and row width has to be the same for printing purposes. Problem is, column width shrinks when copied over. I've checked page setup and it's the same on both workbooks. Things I have tried:- 1. Make a Copy...
  5. V

    VBA print formatting help

    I have the following code to print a sheet: Sub Print_DB() Dim db As Worksheet Set db = Sheet1 Application.PrintCommunication = False With db.PageSetup .FitToPagesWide = 1 .PaperSize = xlPaperLetter .Orientation = xlLandscape...
  6. S

    Excel - VB code to default to print 1 page

    Hello. Hopefully this is simple. I have a file. text.xls... tab name is sheet1, I want to print just one page. I want it to default to do this everytime. Can I add VB code to do this? Seems like anything I do on the print screen, is not saved the next time I open it up. Thank you.
  7. L

    Drawing with text copied from OneNote (as image) only saves pdf as text, but prints normally...

    Lots of variables here, and not exactly an equation, but I'm hoping someone can help shed light on an issue. We draw diagrams with text numbers in OneNote, and then copy that drawing into an excel workbook as a picture (circle our drawing in OneNote, copy, right click excel, paste as picture)...
  8. W

    Printing multiple worksheets with VBA based on Condition

    Good morning, I'm trying to figure out how to create a macro/button to print 2 worksheets, out of the several worksheets that exist in my workbook, but printing them under some conditions; 1. If cell S19=TRUE, and If cell P13=TRUE, then print 3 pages of each both worksheets. 2. If cell...
  9. E

    How to change a checkbox if checked to an asterisk when printing in excel?

    Is it possible to change a checkbox, if checked, to an asterisk only during printing in excel? But if the checkbox is not checked then it would print normally as an empty checkbox.
  10. T

    Macro which prints my entire workbook (ie all 4 pages together)

    Hi All :) I'm in need of a macro which prints my entire workbook (that is all 4 pages together). I tried using the one below but it seems to print the pages separately .... any help on this would be greatly appreciated Sub PrintAll() Dim sh As Worksheet Dim wb As Workbook Set wb...
  11. D

    Excel Barcode Issues

    I have 2 users both accessing the same Excel file. One user is able view barcodes which look like : The second user sees the following: It's the same file. The barcodes are generated via Excel vba. What they see is how the file prints. The user whose barcode splits is able to capture...
  12. J

    Printing too small

    When I set my printing area. I then go to Page Break Preview and adjust to what I want printed. The resulted output is something like 50%. yet it doesn't cover the whole page. how can i make the percent bigger where it will cover the whole page horizontally?
  13. M

    Macro to print different Worksheets in separate printjobs based on user selection

    I have a workbook with different worksheets. As these have different orientations you can't simply select and print them, as the page orientation is the same on all of them as on the first page. Now I would like to create a macro with which I can print the selected pages (which are not always...
  14. G

    Changing the subtitles stops VBA working and form printing

    Hi, I already have a sheet set up with an embedded form that pulls data from the spreadsheet and prints using a button programmed to print each numbered entry. A second button also saves a pdf copy to the system. However I need to change the subtitles in the spreadsheet and form as they have...
  15. W

    Print on both sides and flip short edge

    Good Afternoon, I have developed a form in Excel and Word have managed to create a User form for the user to select which printer they want the forms sending to. I have however now become stuck with getting it to do duplex printing. I am trying to find but am struggling how you tell both...
  16. D

    Need text box to be invisible when printing

    I have a text box that has default text that disappears when you type in the box. What vba code would make the box invisible when printing if it contains the text "Please type notes here"?
  17. G

    Printing Word Documents based on Excel Sheet

    Hi Bit of a shot in the dark here, but know that this is likely the best possible resource to ask. My department admins have a lot of documents to print every week for various other departments, and printing these out is not only tedious and labour intensive - but open to errors and missed...
  18. R

    Pivot table/graph - mass printing

    Hi all, I have a graph that links to a pivot table. The graph shows data from students. We have 225 students. Is there a way of printing the individual graphs for each student automatically without having to change the filter each time and pressing print 225 times? Many thanks in advance! Russ
  19. D

    printing only certain cells

    I have a spread sheet where i need to print cells a1-p4 and b6-p461 but not A6-a461 any thoughts.....
  20. J

    Check Box Changes Size When Printing

    I've created a expense report with a check box (form control) to indicate if paid for with company credit card. When printing the expense report the check box shrinks to almost unreadable. I do have it custom scaled to print all columns on one page. Is there a way to print without changing the...
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