1. D

    Excel Barcode Issues

    I have 2 users both accessing the same Excel file. One user is able view barcodes which look like : The second user sees the following: It's the same file. The barcodes are generated via Excel vba. What they see is how the file prints. The user whose barcode splits is able to capture...
  2. J

    Printing too small

    When I set my printing area. I then go to Page Break Preview and adjust to what I want printed. The resulted output is something like 50%. yet it doesn't cover the whole page. how can i make the percent bigger where it will cover the whole page horizontally?
  3. M

    Macro to print different Worksheets in separate printjobs based on user selection

    I have a workbook with different worksheets. As these have different orientations you can't simply select and print them, as the page orientation is the same on all of them as on the first page. Now I would like to create a macro with which I can print the selected pages (which are not always...
  4. G

    Changing the subtitles stops VBA working and form printing

    Hi, I already have a sheet set up with an embedded form that pulls data from the spreadsheet and prints using a button programmed to print each numbered entry. A second button also saves a pdf copy to the system. However I need to change the subtitles in the spreadsheet and form as they have...
  5. W

    Print on both sides and flip short edge

    Good Afternoon, I have developed a form in Excel and Word have managed to create a User form for the user to select which printer they want the forms sending to. I have however now become stuck with getting it to do duplex printing. I am trying to find but am struggling how you tell both...
  6. D

    Need text box to be invisible when printing

    I have a text box that has default text that disappears when you type in the box. What vba code would make the box invisible when printing if it contains the text "Please type notes here"?
  7. G

    Printing Word Documents based on Excel Sheet

    Hi Bit of a shot in the dark here, but know that this is likely the best possible resource to ask. My department admins have a lot of documents to print every week for various other departments, and printing these out is not only tedious and labour intensive - but open to errors and missed...
  8. R

    Pivot table/graph - mass printing

    Hi all, I have a graph that links to a pivot table. The graph shows data from students. We have 225 students. Is there a way of printing the individual graphs for each student automatically without having to change the filter each time and pressing print 225 times? Many thanks in advance! Russ
  9. D

    printing only certain cells

    I have a spread sheet where i need to print cells a1-p4 and b6-p461 but not A6-a461 any thoughts.....
  10. J

    Check Box Changes Size When Printing

    I've created a expense report with a check box (form control) to indicate if paid for with company credit card. When printing the expense report the check box shrinks to almost unreadable. I do have it custom scaled to print all columns on one page. Is there a way to print without changing the...
  11. C

    Multiple sheet printing based on cell value in each sheet

    Hi All, despite much searching and trials I almost have what I need but cannot work out the last bit. I have 7 sheets as part of a training course session for each day of the week and two other sheets that have various stats on them drawn from the formula on the Monday to Friday sheets. The...
  12. L

    I want to Print the userform

    I am finding confused for printing the userform. Please help for creating excel VBA code for printing userforms.
  13. S

    Excel not printing the cell content

    Hi My computer is printing the spreadsheet only (cell only), leaving out the contents. It is printing the cells only but not the contents. How do I fix it? Stan
  14. M

    Watermark hides cells when printing sheet

    Hi, I've googled, searched forum, but haven't found any solution for it. In excel 2010 I've put a washed out watermark for an invoice behind a table with contents, looks fine, but when printing the image, already in print preview the image of watermark comes forward and therefore covers the...
  15. L

    Maintain a Print Area even when rows or columns are deleted

    I am looking to set up a Print Area on a sheet that will remain even when I delete columns. Currently my print area is A1:G24 and when I delete columns A and B, my print area becomes A1:E24. I would like to set up the print area so when columns within that range are deleted, the data that moves...
  16. H

    VBA to skip empty rows before printing

    Hello, i am working on a sheet the generates a report in a friendly format and prints it the way this works is by having a unhidden area that the user generates information for some of this information is copied over to a hidden area which is the area that is printed when running the macro...
  17. S

    How to put auto page break while printing

    <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> 1000 3/25/2019 Monday 08:14:53 16:43:05 08:28:12 08:28:12 1000 3/26/2019 Tuesday 08:16:12 17:04:13 08:48:01 08:48:01 1000 3/27/2019 Wednesday 08:25:33 -- -- -- 1012 3/2/2019 Saturday...
  18. J

    Conditional Printing

    Lets say, for example I have a spreadsheet with data in column B-K, and the potential for data in row 1-100. Is there a way, using some sort of flag to tell Excel only to print rows that contain said flag in Column "A"? Alternatively, I know a complete spreadsheet is 10 pages long, if data is...
  19. R

    Printing Dictionary Values

    Hi I can print Dictionary values to the immediate window by running the code below, but I wanted to know how I print "all" the Dictionary values into an Excel sheet? Public Sub DictionaryExamples() Dim exampleValues As Variant Dim i As Long Dim aKey As String Dim aValue As...
  20. T

    stop VBA code if condition not found

    Looking in column C I am using autofilter to find duplicates then print out sheet, will need to continue printing until condition not found <ActiveSheet.Range("$B$13:B" & Cells(Rows.Count, 3).End(xlUp).Row).AutoFilter Field:=2, Criteria1:="A1" ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut...

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