1. A

    Auto Update Sheets in Scheduler file

    Hi Enclosed is the Scheduler file. I request you to kindly help me with the following by way of a macros. 1)I have added a scheduler till 25-Jun-24--30-Jun-24. 2)However I request a macros where the same worksheet mentioned above is created but with the first working day(Monday) to the last...
  2. M

    Help needed taking my Excel project prioritization tool to the next level. Novice needing advice.

    Hello there, I am attempting to create a project planning and management tool for our workplace. What this entails is obtaining "work hours", an "in date", and an "out date" for each project. The program will divide the number of working hours over each business day that a project may be worked...
  3. I

    Besides Matching, it needs to fill up value with criteria and priority

    First of all, thank you very much if you can help me solve the below Excel formula. :) As you can see there are 2 sets of data. First we need to match the part number, second, we need to insert the commit number (G2) into the fulfilled QTY (D2). Now, here's the first issue I'm having, as you...
  4. A

    VLOOKUP and return complete row but with certain conditions

    Hi, I am new to the forums and I need some help please I have several rows where a specific Event ID (Column A) occurs multiple times. What I want to do is have all the key information on just 1 row without having the Event ID being displayed on multiple rows. As shown in the attached image...
  5. W

    Auto renumber a queue

    Hi all, I have a list of items with a priority order with 1 being the highest priority. Sometimes, the priority will change and 1 will become 3. Is there a way to auto renumber the cells so that when a priority changes (for example: #1 becomes #3 ), the list will automatically shift and...
  6. S

    Using a lookup table to populate a column in Source Table.

    Hi Here is what I am trying to achieve: I have a Table1 on Sheet1 in my workbook. I am trying to get a macro setup that looks up against Table2 (located on Sheet2 in my workbook) using the STATE and TYPE columns When the criteria matches the PRIORITY Value is copied from Table2 into the...
  7. E

    Priority Formula help

    Hello All, I am trying to create a survey that results in a priority. Here's the detail. I have 10 questions, each answer is to be entered as a number (0 = no, 1 = not sure/maybe and 2 = yes) After answering them all, I have the total in a cell, lets call it B13, which will be anything from 0...
  8. S

    Assigning Heading to New Column

    Hi, I export some date from project that is in the following format. What I want to do is take the priority number of the heading and assign it to a new column <tbody> A B C 1 Project Name Priority 2 C1 Priority 1 3 C1 Task 7 1 4 C1 Task 9 1 5 C1 Task 12 1 6 C1 Priority 2 7 C1...
  9. C

    Priority in excel formula

    I have a table on "Sheet2" where you input a letter and state where it goes in "Sheet1"; A1, A2, A3 etc. in the first column and the letter goes in the second column. This table accepts duplicates and would look like this: <tbody> A1 Z A2 Z A3 X A1 X A2 X </tbody> I would like this...
  10. B

    Task Duration dependant on priorities

    <tbody> Priority Start Finish Duration (days) 1 =today() +10 days 10 4 10 5 10 3 10 7 10 </tbody> Populate Start / Finish columns based on Priority (including...
  11. T

    Make Certain Rows Automatically Appear in Other Tabs?!

    My spreadsheet has five key columns (B, D, G, H, AA) among a bunch of other hidden columns. "Unique ID", "Location", "Value", "Date", and "Priority". When I copy and paste raw data into the first four columns, the hidden spreadsheet formulae do their thing and for each item on each row, the...
  12. T

    Nested IF/AND not running

    I am trying to compare a date against NOW() and AND it with a statys field (Complete or In progress), depending on the result a priority field is populated. What am I doing wrong with the statement??? =IF(((AND(NOW()<>E5,F5="Complete")), "NONE", "HIGH"), IF((AND(NOW()<E5,F5="In progress"))...
  13. C

    Allocation based on priority tier

    I'm working to create an allocation model to quickly determine whether or not an order can be supported when compared to the available inventory. For example, I have 3 customers, each in their own tier (1,2,3). Tier 1 customers will have priority and first dibs at the available inventory, then...
  14. S

    Off-shelf-satisfaction: comparing two data sets - need help.

    hi all. another day, another question from me - sorry.I have two very similar datasets, each on a separate worksheet in the same workbook. 'Dataset A' contains details of high priority/urgent orders (on a scale of 1 - 3: 1 = highest priority, 2 = high priority, 3 = urgent) placed by a single...
  15. S

    VBA to Populate Stats from one sheet to another

    I need to auto populate another sheet, when a button is clicked to do the following please Main data is on a sheet called "Master" Data needs to populate on sheet called "Priority" If there is data on the "Master" sheet in column AC (from Row 3 downwards to row 500) I want the following to...
  16. S

    place text in row for all matching instances in range

    here's what I'm trying to accomplish: if any of the same ID number in column B have Type 1 and Type 2 in column c, mark all rows associated with that same ID number with "priority" in column A i have =IF(AND(B3=B4,C3<>C4),"PRIORITY","") in column A and have been trying to use it as a helper...
  17. NotASuperGenius

    Help with Eisenhower Matrix xls

    Good evening friends. I am working on a spreadsheet that includes "initiatives" that have been bucketed into a pseudo-Eisenhower Matrics (Do first, Do next, Do later, Delete). The spreadsheet layout is something like below (Initiatives in column A, Priority in column J and E.Sort in column N). I...
  18. M

    Copy a sheet, rename it, or delete it based on cell value.

    I need your expertise with the following scenario. Start out with only two (2) sheets named Master and Sheet2. Code and calculations will reside on the sheet named Master. Cell B13 = sum of cells B3 through B12 If the value of cell B13 changes then run a code to do the following…. If cell B3 = 1...
  19. M


    Hello Guys. I have a table as follows Priority Required Time 1 10 mins 2 2 hours 3 48 Hours Then on a separate Tab, cell R2 = I am checking the value of cell K2 (what Priority 1,2,or 3), once determine, then checks...
  20. B

    Trying to assign ABC priority based on size of discrepancy

    I'm tracking down some discrepancies and am attempting to prioritize them as ABC or D. I thought this would be simple but... My criteria is that if a cell value is more than 1000 or less than -1000 it would be classified as an A priority If >500 and < 1000 or <-500 and >-1000 is a B If >100...

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