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    Probability for a Money Machine

    My company has ordered a money machine (a device that looks like a phone booth that blows cash around while you try to catch it) for employee incentives. I am trying to figure out the probability of someone capturing more than x amount of dollars per attempt. We are going to be blowing 200...
  2. K

    OH! The probability

    So I have a small issue with reading and greatly need help with a problem I am having and trying to get it to proof on my College homework. I get the actual math behind it but trying to get the right formulas in Excel to work has been a major issue. So the problem goes like this. You are...
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    Hi, I'm quite new to excel and I need to find the probability of 3 different criteria. My criteria is finding the 'females' who live in 'london' and earn a net wage of 'greater than or equal to £495' can ANYONE help me with the command or formula I need to input to get the answer as I am loosing...
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    Hi, I'm quite new to excel and I need to find the probability of 3 different criteria. My criteria is finding the 'females' who live in 'london' and earn a net wage of 'greater than or equal to £495' can ANYONE help me with the command or formula I need to input to get the answer as I am loosing...
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    Mortality Expectation Calculation

    I have a mortality table for 100 people, and I'm trying to calculate the expected deaths each year for 20 years. This requires me to calculate the probability of one death and multiply by 1, then calculate the probability of two deaths and multiply by 2, and so on up to 100. The setup of the...
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    Cash Flow Projection Probabilty

    I have a years worth of Cash Flow projections for Capital projects that are based on the start and end dates of construction. Each month i have been tracking the actual's compared to what the projections were and creating a chart based on the projections and actual's. now i am being tasked...
  7. B

    RAND gives #n/a

    hi, in excel I have <tbody> Sex Probability Cumulative Prob M 80% 80% F 20% 100% </tbody> These are in a sheet called probability of Client and run from cells E1 to G3. In another worksheet i have put the below formula in. Most of the time the result is #n/a with the occasional 'M'...
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    Probability Sequence Until Success

    Suppose I have success rate probabilities based on years of experience and I am looking to generate random simulations indication what year success is achieved. If not in year one, move to year two, and so forth until success. Year Success Rate 1 5% 2 15% 3...
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    Probability formula needed

    Hi everyone, I need an efficient formula that I can copy to about 1000 rows. The formula calculates the chances of reaching 60 years old based on the person's current age, using the following table (1st column is age, 2nd column is probability): <30 20% 30-39 15% 40-44 10% 45-49...
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    Calculate the probability of each number in 3 columns

    Hi, Is there anyone who can help me figure out the probability of each number on the different A-B-C so that it will be like the answer to the right. Preferably with VBA. <colgroup><col span="5"><col span="3"><col><col><col span="3"></colgroup><tbody> Match % % % Probability % A...
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    Random Probability in excel

    If a company owns 15 locations across the country. They want to add new systems in each locations. Some locations require more than 1 system. Some of these locations are located in the South, NE, W and Midwest. the systems installed are as below: South - 10 systems NE- 1 systems West - 5...
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    Score Prediction in Excel

    Hello, I was recommended to this forum by a friend who spoke very highly of it, so I hope I've landed in the right place! I am looking to put together an excel sheet to predict the scores, win probability and cover probability of american football. I would like to do this for other sports as...
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    Stats Probability Help

    In the final match a boxer is facing another boxer and is expected to win 48% of the time. In reality they win 80% of the time. What is the probability of that occurring in 10 matches? 2) In the very next match (in a different tournament), the boxer who won the previous match only wins 40% of...
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    Probability on Excel

    <colgroup><col><col span="6"></colgroup><tbody> 1.1 The average number of deer seen per hour 3.6. Calculate the probability of observing 0, 1, 2, …. 10+ below Number of Deer Seen 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10+ How would i solve this on excel? </tbody>
  15. N

    Impossible: 4 or 5 columns permutation with limit of 11 in VBA Excel

    What I am looking for is impossible permutation combination I have been on this for sometime and cant seems to wrap a Excel vba around it. here goes. I have 5 columns each have a list of names( max limit of names per column is 50) First column a list of fruits Second column a list of...
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    Standard Deviation & Probability

    Hi, I can calculate the probability of the mean occurring using the NORM.DIST function, ie 50% probability of being the mean, 28% probability of being the mean +1,etc. What I need to get though is what mean value (mean +1, mean +1.1 etc) is for a given probability %. For example at...
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    Static Randomisation Probability

    Hi, I have the following formula working out a random Yes / No based on some probability. In B23 I have the following code (it sits in a table) =IF(A23="","",INDEX($A$2:$A$3,COUNTIF($C$2:$C$3,"<="&RAND())+1)) However as more data gets added below A23, it recalculates. What I'm looking for...
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    Assign random probability to chart elements

    Hi everyone, total noob here. I hope don't miss anything, in that case i apologize. I have this task: assign a random probability to a table of items. For example: i have a table composed by 10 elements Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 .. Item 10 To each one i should assign a probability, aka, a...
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    Probability Formula?

    There are 3 balls in a bag, one red, two blue. Therefore, there is a 33.33% (Cell A1) chance of picking the red ball, and a 66.66% (Cell A2) of picking a blue ball. Would there be a formula to calculate the probability in a 'Best of X' race? So for instance, what would be the probability of...
  20. E

    Horse Racing - Win Probability/Place Probability

    Hi All, I am looking for assistance for a mathematical formula to be able to turn my assessed win betting prices (win %) into place betting probabilities. The below should explain the equation a little further. <tbody> W% 2nd % 3rd % Horse 1 35 Horse 2 15 Horse 3 13 Horse 4 10...

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