1. E

    how to separate HTML tables from one cell into multiple cells?

    Hi, I have a complicated situation with an unwieldy amount of data. The situation is I have data from my website in excel, each row is a profile (around 100k profiles), that all biographical data is crammed into one data field (or in this case, a cell, since in Excel) in HTML format. The HTML...
  2. C

    Multiple lookup criteria

    Hello there. I need help with a lookup matter. My efforts to use INDEX and MATCH have not worked. A system generated report is received is in columns and looks like this: Ticket ID Type Measure Oct 2019 Overall Result 7004114394 Amount...
  3. S

    EXCEL/VBA QUESTION - how to open outlook and access one email content from inbox and further process using VBA

    hello friends, i wish to do following steps with vba code 1. open an outlook application and then go to subfolder of inbox , open one email with perticular subject and then open csv file attached to it please help me with that rest thing i will manage as there is further process involved...
  4. K

    VBA for deleting cells

    Hello, I am looking for a VBA code that will delete all cells with a value less than 0.01 and shift cells up for column A and then to repeat the process for column C. Thank you in advance for the help. I really appreciate it.
  5. B

    Using Personal.xlsb - referencing active workbook in VBA

    Hello, I have a macro which I saved it under a personal macro workbook as a few of our users would need to run it on a different workbook everyday using a shortcut command. But when I do that, it keeps referenncing to the personal workbook and not the workbook that is being run from. Can you...
  6. T

    Looking for a value in a range and acting if it's not found

    Good morning all! As I am learning VBA I normally try to solve a problem before I break it and then come here for help :rofl: For this one though I'm not sure where to start. Basically, I have 2 worksheets of data. I need to loop through all the rows in one sheet, and find if a specific...
  7. A

    Issue opening excel files via VBA

    Hi Excel gurus. I have an automated process that, among a whole lot of other things, at one point, long story short, it opens some files from a network, copies the content from them and closes them again. This process was working no issues in a local machine where the network servers were...
  8. T

    Excel Automation possible?

    My company uses a lot of excel spreadsheets. We are a manual software testing group which uses approximately 164 excel during our testing cycles. Before every testing cycle begins, we manually update our excel documents to match that cycle’s year references. This process is very time consuming...
  9. C

    Maro to copy data and paste based on cell value

    Hi Team , I have 3 sheets Process, Master & Data Process sheet Cell “C1” has row number Example:”A2” My macro should copy data from Master sheet “A4:L200” and paste it in “Data”sheet based on cell value in Process sheet Cell “C1(in current case its Cell A2) My current code doesn't work-...
  10. B

    Copy from one source file into multiple excel files - All live in one location

    Hello , I have an excel file which is the source document and I have other excel files which are destination files all in one location. - I want VBA to open the source excel and Format the Date in Column C of the source to MM YYYY. - Check if column A has the word 'SIGNAPAY' , - If true then...
  11. kelly mort

    Verify if item exists with a given ID

    Inside column CA, I want to count if the input from a textbox exists with a different ID. Textbox1 is for the ID and Textbox2 is the item name. I am doing this verification during the update process. That's after I have clicked on a listbox to load my textboxes. I don't want same items...
  12. J

    Countif Formula

    Hi all, Looking for formula please In Column C I have 2 options In Process and Awaiting Process In Column D I have 4 options Repaired, Cannot be repaired, Awaiting Part, Log No. Below I have 2 In Process = Repaired, 1 In Process = Cannot be repaired. 2 Awaiting Process = Awaiting Log No...
  13. R

    Paste Link Error in VBA

    Hi guys, I'm a Software Engineer in Excel at work. I've a project where I have to paste links with other cell references (e.g. =TEST7!BG13). Sometimes when I run my code I get a "No link to paste" error. Any idea why? The data to process is always the same. Piece of the code...
  14. B

    Copy Paste data from one source document to multiple excel documents

    Good morning, I have an excel file which is the source document and I have other excel files which are destination files all in one location. - I want VBA to open the source excel and Format the Date in Column C of the source to MM YYYY. - Check if column A has the word 'SIGNAPAY' , - If true...
  15. P

    Auto applying a formula

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet that updates daily that has a combination of entered data and formulas that are applied to that data. I'm looking to see if i can automate some of my process. eg; Column A is a unique identifier that is applied to the data and increments by one for each row. Columns...
  16. M

    Script for applying a macro for all tabs in a sheet

    Please can someone help me 'tweak' this script that I am using to apply a macro to all tabs within a sheet - I would like the process to exclude 'Sheet1' from the process (so that 'Sheet1' remains as is- thank you for your help. Marc Sub Dosomething() Dim xSh As Worksheet...
  17. J

    Excel Power Query Automate Import of File Navigation

    Good morning; I receive a few text files that needs to be imported and parsed. I wanted to automate this process but my company does not allow us to use VB. Is there a way to automate this process, especially the file navigation, using power query (and not VB)? Thanks
  18. T

    Is this process doable or am I in clock cuckoo land?

    I run a team that inherited hugely manual processes from my predecessor. I want to automate these as much as possible. I want to start by removing the manual steps in our Intrastat process. For those outside the EU, this is a statistical reporting requirement in the EU of goods moved between...
  19. J

    Efficiency in copying/pasting multiple columns of formulas into values

    Hi, I'm have multiple columns of long-winded nested IF statements with a few countif conditions and when I try copying/pasting as values in one attempt it is taking at least 1.5 hours for the process to be complete - this gets longer with each month due to the increased number of records...
  20. S

    Is what I want even possible? *Warning - long post*

    This isn't an "how do I do something" post (yet), but an "is it possible" post. I don't want to invest a lot of time and effort into trying to create something if it isn't possible, so I haven't even started creating a database yet. My background with MS Access is as a user, not a creator, so I...

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